I Love my Do-it-yourself At-home Glycolic Peels!

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I'm very fair skinned and sunburn easily. With...

I'm very fair skinned and sunburn easily. With all sunburns I've suffered--especially as a kid because my stepmother thought frequent sunbathing/sunburning would result in a "base tan" that would eventually keep me from burning any more....NOT TRUE!!!--I concluded that I would start aging fairly rapidly if I didn't start dealing with my skin early (in my twenties). I started with a DIY 10% glycolic peel. With consistent use--like, a couple times a week for a year--my skin looked so much better: clearer, milkier skin tone (no more blotches) and reduction in mild wrinkles on my forehead (the result of all those sun burns I was subjected to). Over time, the 10% peel started losing its effectiveness, so I graduated to a stronger [professional] chemical peel and couldn't be happier with the results. My skin looks better now at age 29 than it did at 24! In fact, when I'm in public with my younger sisters (who are also "burners"), people think I'm the youngest sister (I'm the oldest!). Professional peels are definitely better than the DIY stuff, but my experience with the at-home products was still so good that I'm more than happy to recommend them. Finally, I ALWAYS wear an SPF 15 everyday, regardless if I expect to be outside or not. The combination of chemical peels and daily sunscreen makes all the difference in the world.
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