I Lost 2-3” from my Tummy with Liposuction

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I had tumescent liposuction in my love handles and...

I had tumescent liposuction in my love handles and stomach six months ago. I had the consultation on a Friday afternoon and two weeks to the day I went back for the procedure. Tumescent can be done under local anesthetic. I opted for this because of some health problems I reported to my doctor. He felt better doing it under these conditions. If you’re frightened of surgery I wouldn’t recommend this! I’ve had a hysterectomy and also heart surgery while I was younger so it’s old hat to me but most people would be frightened by the idea of being awake for such a procedure. I took medication overnight and in the operating room I was numbed with about 18-24 shots all over the area to be suctioned. Then I could feel the tube going in and out and I could tell absolutely everything he was doing.

I had researched liposuction thoroughly so I felt kinda proud to understand the procedure while I was on the table! I was groggy but definitely aware... just not in excruciating pain... although it did hurt at times. The whole thing took maybe an hour (I forgot to check the clock) and then I was sent home. I felt numb and groggy for about the next 24 hours before the fog cleared and I felt normal again. T

he pain started at that point but I do feel like I skipped the worst of it by using local anesthetic. I am now happy with my stomach and my love handles are almost completely gone. I’ve lost 2-3” (depending on my time of month) and am very pleased with this. I would recommend tumescent liposuction to anyone who can put up with being awake for the procedure because it is worth it!

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