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5 Oct 2016

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I was referred to Aguirre specialty care from a gynecologist after they performed a tumor removal on my right labia. When I consulted with Dr. Aguirre explained to me in detail about what he would be doing during surgery, drew pictures and introduced me to some of his staff. I was surprised that EVERYONE was so welcoming and helpful. I was confident in his work that I didn't look for another doctor and I HAD to get my surgery done by Dr. Aguirre. Dr. Aguirre performed a "Labiaplasty" and " Clitoral glans reduction". Brandy and Jackie were very helpful before, during, after my surgery. Both ladies helped my thru my anxiety. They held my hand and message my legs . Thru surgery Dr. Aguirre cracked a couple jokes and we ALL got to get to know each-other. Recovery was fast! Brandy and Jackie called to check up on me thru out the week which is nice of them to do that to make sure I was healing properly. Dr.Aguirre did such a good job! He gave me my CONFIDENCE BACK!!!! Even Dr. Aguirre and brandy noticed that I seemed a lot happier when I would come in for pre-op appointments . Now I love my body, it sounds dumb but I was extremely self- conscious about my bottom that I had suffered from depression and had not been sexually active for 2 years. Now, I feel like a completely different person. It's all thanks to Dr. Aguirre and his staff (especially Brandy) I couldn't thank you enough from making me as happy as I'm now. I HIGHLY recommend Aguirre Specialty Care!