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I am having such an amazing recovery - Winter Park, FL, Orlando, FL

Breast Implants

missfit_vi100, Orlando, FL

Doctor Review

2 Oct 2016

1 day ago

I am having such an amazing recovery - Winter Park, FL - Orlando, FL

I just had a silicon breast augmentation surgery under the muscle October 28th and it's now at the end of 3 days later and I already am healing exceptionally well. Day 1 of course was the roughest but definitely bareable. Day by day the I'm feeling much better. I'm not in absolutely any pain anymore. So I'm not on any pain meds. Still just tight and stiff but that's getting better too. I'm taking the antibiotics and some regular anti-inflammatory (post workout) muscle repair supplements via Herbalife and on a high protein diet as well. I'm am very excited that I am healing so fast!!! The size is perfect and I just can't wait for them to "drop and fluff." The staff was amazing, Dr Joseph was even more amazing. Everything was perfect! This experience was way better than expected!!!