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Englewood Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had my first rhinoplasty done in 2012 by a different doctor. It was to correct my deviated septum and my broken nose (from multiple previous breaks). I was shown pictures of how it would have looked when was finished and the explained how much my ability to breathe would improve. When the cast came off, it looked nothing like the picture and as if I almost never had the surgery done at all. I was told to just give it time and it would change and look better. As the time went by I noticed I was not breathing better and nothing had looked different. So 6 months later when I went back, I explained to her these issues. She had told me that I had a new deviated septum on the other side and that there was no change in looks. I was extremely upset and disappointed. When it finally came time to try and correct it, I found Dr. Tobias. He made me feel so comfortable from the start. He noticed all the changes I wanted done without me even having to say them. He approached my nose with such a natural look, avoiding looking like I had a nose job. I booked and went into surgery as soon as I could have. When the surgery was done I was half the amount of pain I was the first time. He did such an excellent job. I went back a week later and got the cast off. I was beyond thrilled. As he took it off, I was looking in the mirror when I saw my nose and how great it looked. My nose looked 1000x times better!! It was straight and slim and looked extremely natural. I can breathe better and sleep better as well. I keep getting compliments on how great and natural it looks. When I compare before and after pictures, however, to me it looks like an amazing, brand new nose. I can not express how thankful I am for Dr. Tobias work. He really goes above and beyond and extremely dedicated to his job and efforts he puts into every surgery he does. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Tobias.

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