I Am Happy with my Results and Busy Living a Younger Life

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I had a full face-lift this year and am very happy...

I had a full face-lift this year and am very happy with my results. I went with normal expectations, which sounds reasonable but the number of people I meet who are angry that their surgeon couldn’t make their 60-year-old face look 18 again surprises me. I can see that the clock has turned back but I was never expecting results like those. I believe that’s helped me cope with the post-op healing. I had some small problems with my face-lift but nothing disastrous. I am not completely satisfied with the scars I have; some of the scar tissue is bumpy and not flat to my head. But I consider these minor issues and can report that I am happy with my results! I can tell I have had work done and I look younger without looking like my face has been stretched out. I would say I am living like mid-1990s me, before my first divorce when I was happy. I will gladly beckon in this time in my life again. I am fully healed now, physically and mentally, and ready to move on and meet the world with my younger look. I believe this is the place one should be after a face-lift, even if it wasn’t perfect. You must move on! Like most people I have found new things I want to change about my face but I am going to leave them be. One could stay on this roller coaster forever I imagine and never be pleased with the way they look!
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