Hyperpigmentation Pearl

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The results of this treatment would look very good...

The results of this treatment would look very good if the Doctor would have gone to my eyelids as most of my skin looks much better. The Doctor instead stopped a centimeter below and left dark marks here. Most of my skin healed within 10 days and looked much better, but I still have these dark areas under my eyes 5 months later. This area was also much more red and scabbed after the treatment.

I did this so I'd look younger. Most of my skin does look better but overall I look much older because these dark areas look like bags under my eyes and are very noticable. This is causing me much distress because I would like to go out with girls but they think I'm much older than I am.

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The doctor stopped about a centimeter below the eyeline and left dark areas here that look like shodows of bags under my eyes. The written directions were very unclear and full of spelling errors, and I had to call to clarify these. The area became very inflammed and I called the Doctor the following Sunday and she texted me that she was unavailable and I wasn't seen until the following Wednesday. I was shocked and appaled by how unprofessionally I was treated and how poorly the procedure was performed. I'm not out to get anyone and wont name names, but be sure to see before and after photos and also make sure they go to the lashline when performing this procedure. Sorry I don't have photos, I have been waiting 3 weeks for them to mail these to me and still haven't recieved them.

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