Hurt a Lot More Than I Had Expected

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Just had my first ipl treatment for facial veins...

just had my first ipl treatment for facial veins today. I had read the "rubber band snapping on the skin" description of how it feels on many different sites. This hurt worse than the tattoo I have around my ankle. My little protective metal glasses were filled with tears, mascara was everywhere! The nurse was very sweet, she let me rest and wipe tears away. She said she knows it hurts, that she has it done too. It's like blowing out a match and putting it on your skin. That really doesn't sound too bad.. but think of doing that on your sensitive skin. Like the edge of your nose where those little veins are, ouch! Results are still pending, I look like I've been crying for a couple of days. I can see some veins are much smaller, some look like they may blister. I did not realize that I would be getting specific spot treatments. I think I should have just had a photofacial ... maybe if it weren't so precise it wouldn't be so bad. I know I won't be wearing mascara next time. Yes there will be a next time, I paid $299 for 2 treatments
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