37 Year Old, 2 Kids 100+lb Weight Loss - Huntsville, AL

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I'm having Breast lift with implants, body...

I'm having Breast lift with implants, body lift and liposuction to get my body back and removal of breast ducts. I have been having milk still during my monthly and now some blood along with it. Since I will be losing breast tissue it was a good time to get my makeover.
I'm very nervous about the 8 hour procedure. Reading everyone's experiences have been so helpful. My pre op is March 10th so hoping to finally decide upon implant size at that time. I'm currently a flabby 36D and would love to be a DD. I'm think no less than 425cc but we shall see.

The pain, the torture....

I'm on day 5 post op and the pain is horrific! I have 4 drains that stretch and burn whenever I move. I'm making sure I move every 2 hours minimum with crying the entire time until I sit back down. Boobs look good but sooooo very sore too. At this point I'd love to sleep more than 2 hours and get the pain under control. What was I thinking???

18 days post op

I'm getting around better but wear out very quickly. I still have lots of swelling and the drains are down to 25cc - will be in until 15cc for 3 days. My skin is peeling and itching now which I assume is from the sterile scrub before surgery. My stomach is very very flat which is amazing! The only thing that worries me is that I'm more boxy now instead of hourglass.
My breasts are very sore and firm. Implants have dropped a tad. The swelling below armpits is the most uncomfortable at this point. Can't wait to see what size I end up being especially since the doctor placed bigger than expected.

7 week update

Swelling is going down finally-but I'm not happy with anything right now. My stomach still has loose skin below my belly button and my breasts are still a square shape. They've also developed a purple hue below my nipples ending at incisions.
I think my expectations were too high but so far the results aren't what was explained to me.
Still having muscle spasms and get tired very quickly. On the plus side my scars are looking pretty good. We have started the silicone strips to help the healing.
I'm also worried that too big of an implant was placed. We had discussed 475cc-545cc and somehow I ended up with 590cc. I did have pictures of my dream boobs- here's hoping as they settle they will actually look close to that.

Frustration setting in

Breasts are not looking how I wanted and stomach/thighs are needing revision. Everything looks better and no more raw skin but for the $ put out I expected more. I'm depressed and cry all the time. I have a scheduled revision but the 1st opening was in late September- which means I'll continue hating myself for another 2.5 months. Then have more recovery time with dealing with my extreme swelling issues.

Love Dr Alison and all his nurses are AMAZING! I can't say enough about how comforting and understanding his nurses are.

Only downside is how far in advance he is booked out and some of the office staff are not very friendly-as in they act like you are bothering them with paperwork.

Crying everyday still

My breasts look nothing how I wanted. Still sagging and implant moves into armpit when laying down. At this point I'll be saving for a revision to be done ASAP if they don't improve.

Implant falling

Well now that the swelling has gone down a lot the implants are falling under my armpits when laying down. I look deformed. Got an appointment for PS to evaluate in 2 weeks. I'm not happy one bit. I thought I was going to the best surgeons in my area but it's one thing after another going wrong. I'm so depressed and cry daily. I feel like all this pain and $ have been a waste. Hopefully he will be able to fix the breasts at time of other revision. We shall see.

Revision moved up

Had pre-op appointment and everything will be corrected! Woohoo! They also had a cancellation so I've been moved up to the beginning of September. They were very understanding and helpful. We are praying that I have no further issues after this surgery.

Revision surgery last week

I'm on day 6 since breast revision along with scar tissue removal in breast and on hips. So far this has been far worse than the previous surgery. No numbing medicine this time so I feel every little twinge. I finally got the nerve to take a shower and it was so painful that my husband said I passed out at one point. Now I'm all drugged up in the recliner praying that I stop trembling soon.

Much better results.

I'm so much happier with my results after the breast plication and excess skin removal on stomach. The breast surgery was very painful this go around but worth my perky breasts.
Huntsville Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. Suggested Body lift after I just wanted a tummy tuck to remove skin that hangs over pubic area. He said the results would be better since weight loss. He suggested smaller implants than I expected (250-300cc)-but his nurse heard what I wanted and in came the 375+ sizers. I want the high and perky.

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