Getting There! Tummy Tuck on July 1, 2010

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Hi everyone! I had tummy tuck july 1,2010. After...

Hi everyone! I had tummy tuck july 1,2010. After seeing it in 24 hours i was amazed how flat my stomach is-- that is with the swelling.My pain was not that bad-- i was off the pain med after 2 days. My doctor took off my Jp drain after 9 days. And OMG i was in so much pain i could not walk for 2 days! the left side healed fine and the right side were still open up to this day-- it's been 2 1/2 weeks. after some days, fluids were coming out from the hole--- i took out like 20cc of bloody fluids but no odor. so i scheduled to see my doctor and he told me i develop CELLULITIS. I was so upset n depressed. he put me on atibiotic. he stuck a strerile q tip on the sit to drain me more and ouch it hurts sooo bad. its been 3 days now and feel better. just an info cellulitis is a bacterial infection-- so a piece of advice make sure to take care of your sites especially on the Jp drain sites coz bacteria can enter there! now Im crossing my finger that my other site will close pretty soon! does anyone had this problem before? im getting frustrated--- its taking forver to close up! thanx and goodluck to those whos gonna have a TT soon

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