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I am 49 and have 3 kids. I am 5'4" weighabout...

I am 49 and have 3 kids. I am 5'4" weighabout 137lbs. Look most of us here, I look good every where but my midsection. I eat healthy and workout no less than 5 times a week and do serious ab work with very little results. I have never had a flat stomach even pre-kids but still look good in a bikini until about 12 years ago when i had a full hysterectomy. It seemed like over night I had gained 15 ilbs and had this weird roll under my breasts and a huge roll around my hips. I struggled to lose the weight and seem to be in a battle all of the time to keep is between 134 - 138 which I can live with but the flabby belly that feels like it should hit the floor when I bend over and seems to triple in size when I sit down is so depressining. Especially when work at it all of the time!

After 8 years of dreaming about getting a TT it is finally happening and I am so excited I can hardly control myself. I am having it done in Huntington Beach, CA and will be at wonderful sister's house for the 2 weeks. My waist is now 28" and according to a consultation from a different PS,I should lose about 2"from my waist and 2.5"from my hip area. I can;t wait to wear a bikini again, sit down without being so self concious and to feel comfortable naked. I don't have the words to express how much this means to me and how I am looking forward to feeling better about myself.

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I found Dr. Tavoussi via my sister. She had indepth knowledge of him when through her former job with a hospital. His office staff has been awesome to work with and gone out of there way to help me. I live in Wyoming and they have made this happen. Dr. Tavoussi has a lot of patients that come out of state. I looked at several other PS but he had pics of a woman close to my age and her before looked so much like me now that I obsessed on it because her after was incredible. I don't have before and after yet; I am trying to get the nerve to take and post. I have a hard enough time looking at the flabby belly myself so I am working up to the pictures ;-) Reading different experiences has been such support and so informative.

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