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I had the Zeltiq procedure done 3 days ago in Hunt...

I had the Zeltiq procedure done 3 days ago in Hunt Valley, MD. The area that I had treated was the upper abdomain. I have fat pockets underneath my breasts that I just hate. I didn't want to do anything invasive so I thought I would try the cool sculpting. I am a 55 year old post menopausal woman who is trying to lose those rolls of fat from my abdomain area. I thought I would try one area at a time to see how it would work.

Upon arrival they gave me some not so cute paper underwear and took me for my photoshoot. The doctor came in and marked the areas to be done. They then put a very cold cloth on one side and attached me to, what I call, the shop vac. They used the small tip and so they did the sides separately. One hour per side. I did not find it to be uncomfortable at all. I feel asleep for the first hour and watched a movie and talked on the phone for the second hour. I didn't think it hurt to remove either and before I know it I was driving home.

Imagine putting a vaccuum on your skin for an hour, that is what it is like. When it's done you have a hicky!!

I do have some bruising and numbness in the treated area. It feels like the dentist gave me a shot of novocaine and it has begun to wear off. Sort of tingley. It is not my favorite feeling but if I felt nothing, I would think that it wasn't working.

Now we wait and see what happens. If it works then it's on to the lower abdomain, if not, I just wasted $1000.00. They do suggest 2 treatments for a better result but we will see. I know now what my husband can get me for my birthday and christmas, valentine's day, etc.

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