How Soon After Chin Implant Prodedure Can It Be Removed or Changed? - Union City, CA

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I had a chin implant 9 days ago to fix a weak chin...

I had a chin implant 9 days ago to fix a weak chin. I also had my nose done at the same time. I feel that the 5-6mm implant is too big for me and is distorting my face. I have a very fine bone structure and even though my chin is now inline with where the lower lip meets skin I still think it's way too much. I look like a male version of myself. 3-4 mm probably would have been perfect.

I've been told over and over that it's too early to tell but I don't think that the swelling will really go down that much more - it's almost completely gone - and I'm feeling very unhappy with the results.

How soon can I have the implant either removed or replaced with a smaller one? I don't want to wait a couple months because I am also on the verge of 40 and would like to have another baby very soon! I was hoping to just have this procedure done and have it behind me.

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