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I had ulterapy done for the second time ten days...

I had ulterapy done for the second time ten days ago (first time in March 2011). The first time I experienced minor pain and minimal downtime, but did see a bit improvement. The second time was a nightmare. I was not advised beforehand that this would be a much more aggresive treatment with significant downtime. The nurse shot my face up with lidocaine so the pain would be bearable. I had a bad reaction to this drug, but managed to finish the procedure. The worst part is that I experienced nerve damage. Certain facial muscles seem to be paralyzed and my lower lip is now uneven. The doctor assures me that this will heal and go away, which I hope is the case. I would NEVER recommend this treatment. The pain and the risk factor are much more than promoted. Stay away from it.

My nerve damage is mostly gone, although the area...

My nerve damage is mostly gone, although the area under my chin is still a little numb. I also have two indented scars. One is next to the left side of my lower lip and the other is on the left side of my forehead. I can cover the one on my forehead with bangs but the one next to my lip is a problem. I very much regret getting the procedure and basically feel that I paid a lot money for someone to damage my face. I don't usually post reviews, but sincerely wish for others not to make my mistake.
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