Vi Peel Clogged and Ruined my Skin Texture - Houston, TX

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So I got on Differin because of my clogged pores,...

So I got on Differin because of my clogged pores, and three months into the treatment, my skin was 100% clear. No clogs, no pimples, no bumps. All I had left was the scarring caused during the initial purging process from the Differin. To speed up the scar reduction process, I decided to get a ViPeel. I had never gotten a peel before, and my peel options were limited because I have tan/brown skin (indian decent) so the Vi peel seemed like a good option.

A week after the procedure, when the peel finished peeling, my skin looked amazing for about two days. However, after that, my skin got extremely dry and it looked like it did when you’re about to peel… and that’s exactly what happened. I went through a second peeling stage. This time however, after peeling, my skin was bumpy. I had little bumps (clogged pores) all over my forehead, cheeks, and nose. I waited a week and I went back on the Differin to get rid of the bumps, however, I feel the Differin has stopped working.

It is now two months after the peel and my pores are constantly clogged with stringy white stuff. I’ve used the Differin consistently but my skin is not changing. I don’t know what is going on because Differin worked so wonderfully on my skin prior to the peel but is not doing anything right now. Whenever I take the stringy white stuff out the pores, it is pointless because it clogs again the next day.

I don’t know what to do. I regret getting this peel because it ruined my skin texture. My skin is dry and bumpy and clogged. I don’t want to get another peel because my skin is extremely sensitive and obviously does not respond well to peels. Could it be the dry skin? Could it be my skin is damaged permanently?

Has anyone else experienced this after a peel? or from any exfoliating procedure. Please help.
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