Lots of Matting After Radiofrequency Ablation - Houston, TX

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I had radiofrequency ablation on my left leg in...

I had radiofrequency ablation on my left leg in October 2014. These dark spots formed near an area where a large varicose vein sat. They have not gone away. I still have numb and tingling sensations in this same area. Should I still be feeling discomfort? The vein specialist who conducted the treatment said the spots were hyper-pigmentation, but based on research and photos I've seen, I am sure they are matting. It's been over 8 months and the spots are still there. Also, this doctor used Vein Gogh on my upper thighs to treat some spider veins and created large scars! I am afraid to go back to him for help or concerns. What are my options to get rid of matting?
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