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Hi. I'm 44 and had ultherapy done back in July....

Hi. I'm 44 and had ultherapy done back in July. Just the upper face and below the eye for a brow lift. Took Xanax and one Vicodin before hand. The pain was okay with a few exceptions...(they gave me a stress ball to squeeze) Had 3 passes of the wand on the same areas. After the first pass ( the strongest) the pain was minimal. The pain for me felt like an electrical zapping. Only mild rednenss in my cheeks afterwards. I had muscle soreness and tingling on my scalp when I touched certain areas of my forehead, like when washing my face etc. It took about 4 weeks for all symptoms to finally heal. So far I haven't noticed any improvements but will wait and see. Glad I gave it a try though.

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It's been almost a year now and nothing came from it:( I actually forgot I had it done. No lingering effects from it either. Will probably try botox in the future. I consider it a waste of money at this point.
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