Straightening my Teeth... Again.

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I had braces as a teen and 10 years later my teeth...

I had braces as a teen and 10 years later my teeth needed some work (wear your retainers!) I didn't feel like wasting 5000+ on traditional braces so decided to give SmileDirectClub a try.

9/1/16- Sent in pictures for smile assessment which were approved the same day.
9/2/16- Ordered impression kit
9/5/16- Notification of shipping
9/9/16- Recieved impressions and did them the same day. I was sure I screwed them up and it was much more difficult than I thought it would be.
9/10/16- Dropped impressions in the mail
9/15/16- Notification they received my impressions.
9/17/16- Impressions approved (I was very surprised I was positive I screwed them up!)
9/21/16- Plan is ready to view. I ordered my aligners the same day.
10/20/16- Received my aligners! They went in very easy and weren't too uncomfortable. I have to say don't be a hero and LISTEN to what everyone says about putting them in at night lol. I put them in as soon as I received them and it wasn't awful but could have been avoided. Putting them in before bed takes away the pain you feel when you first switch.
11/5/16- Switched to tray 2.

*will update as I go and add more details/pictures when I have more time*

Tray 3/10

I switched to tray 3 almost a week ago. I did the switch right before bed so there was very little discomfort. This is the first time I can actually see the change. Slowly but surely my teeth are shifting. I'm excited for trays 4 and 5. That's when a huge change with the teeth that bother me the most happens.


I'm now on tray 5 so I'm half way done! I'm loving my results so far. If the treatment was done now I'd be content! The process has just flown by. I promise to update pictures soon! It's a busy time of the year :)

Over half way

I'm on tray 6 now so I only have 4 left! Nothing new to report everything is going smoothly :) here's some pictures (excuse the quality!) the top is before and the bottom is now.
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