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I was afraid because I had lipo done years ago,...

I was afraid because I had lipo done years ago, but relocated shortly thereafter and never attended any follow treatment, thus my swollen stomach. It was something I was just prepared to live with. The uneven bulge showed in a dress I wanted to wear and I decided to do something about it. Smart lipo. I am a few hours out from my recovery. Some parts of the procedure I remember and others I don't.

I just awaked an hour and 1/2 ago to a sleeping Home. I remember being awake and having conversations and then waking up in a different room.

I to the doctors office for 1 o'clock and left around 5 I think. I don't know who I got into my house or bed (good I had everything ready before I left hoe). I haven't seen myself but it feels better. I can't wait to see myself. I made sure the doctor knew my priorities and that i was looking for a painless procedure. So much for that last one, the numbing process was tough to endure an I have a fairly High pain threshold. I also remember the laser. Nothing compared to the. Numb pores. I don't remember the suction at all.

I am glad that I had told the doctor my priorities me areas for him to concentrate on 1) stomach, 2) thighs, 3) bra roll. So far so good?!!

Okay. One week out and the results so far are...

Okay. One week out and the results so far are great. I still have some swelling, especially around my ankles. I am having to keep my feet up this weekend, but my waist is shrinking and the curves look great. The backroll area has not really hurt and no real drainage from there. The inner thighs are still ablittle sore and they drained the longest. I have also started using a massager and I am really seeing that accelerate the results. One week spot went well.
Dr James Kern

He gave basic conversations, explained the procedure, but not a lot of his opinion or other patients experiences. If I had not done my research, I would not have been ready for the numbing process. Everything else went well. The nurses were great I just wish I remembered more if what happened I the OR room. Also no pain in the first 8 hours of recovery. A very little instability as I walk around my house Checking out what while I was asleep and see them so peaceful, Almost no pain

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