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I had my first rhinoplasty with dr.perry, I...

I had my first rhinoplasty with dr.perry, I thought we were on the same page but obviously not, He promised me if I wasnt happy we would do a revision. The plan was to bring in the bridge and remve the bump, and reduce the tip, a year later my nose looks only 1centimeter smaller in the tip area I still have a bump and still sticks out alot. I was so unhappy about it and I told him my concerns , He told me he didnt see anything wrong with it and totaly dismissed my concerns. He had the audacity to tell me " why worry about that lets work on something else, didnt you want a breast aug"?? WOW!! at the end he told me to go to someone else
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Only reason I went to him was because he was cheaper than the other 2 docs ive seen.

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