Turbinate Reduction, Septoplasty, Cartilage Graft and Rhinoplasty! - Houston, TX

Ok this is a pretty long review so kick back a bit...

Ok this is a pretty long review so kick back a bit and ENJOY! :)
After not being able to breathe for years it seems that my problem is getting worse, and so are my migraines. At night when I lay down my turbinates swell so bad that it's almost impossible to breathe! If I lay on one side the other side swells and vice versa, so tossing and turning all night and sleeping almost sitting up with lots of pillows basically sucks! Waking up with a headache everyday and feeling totally exhausted everyday of my life is not living and very depressing. After careful consideration and LOTS of research, I finally decided to do something about it and started looking online for facial cosmetic surgeons as I have also decided to have rhinoplasty as well. Hey they are already gonna be in there, might as well! Lol.

So after looking online and on this site (super helpful btw) I first decided to have a consult with Dr. funk in Houston, Texas. I am from Corpus Christi and was going by reviews and such from what I've read and obviously seeing his work online as well. Now remember my first and main priority is my breathing! The aesthetic part is second and probably wouldn't be having it done if I already didn't need to have my breathing issues addressed! But since I am paying a good chunk of cash for the rhinoplasty of course I want to make sure that I found a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon to address both of my issues at once and do a great job at both.

Everybody at Dr. Funks office was super nice and helpful as was he. I went in and told him my main concern was my breathing issues. He looked in my nose and told me he really didn't see that my turbinates were swollen and wasn't sure if it would help me to breathe much better after surgery. He said it might be a little better but not much. Then we quickly moved on to discussing my rhinoplasty and what I wanted. We went to his office and he started to basically draw or photoshop what I would want my nose to look like. But the whole time I was thinking, wait going to fast and what about my BREATHING??!! He was having a really hard time with his allergies as well that day or maybe my perfume aggravated him?? Lol not sure but I felt super uncomfortable and after a few more minutes then my pictures (before/after) were printed and I was sent to the patient coordinators office to discuss price and all. Again, everyone super nice there. I got home that evening feeling like that was really a waste of $225 for the consultation fee. Yes, the consolation fee is $225! Lol. I remember sitting at home thinking maybe I just shouldn't get the surgery, maybe nothing and no one can help me, maybe my turbinates were fine that day and it's not his fault, maybe this and maybe that!

After being miserable the next few nights as expected, I got back on Internet and started searching again. I kept coming across a name I had seen before and read great reviews on Dr Fred Bressler and saw some of his work online and figured I'll give it a shot! Had a bit of trouble getting into the right parking area and it was a very busy day on Fannin St. and I was just frustrated and going up to his office I remember telling myself... I must find something I won't like about this Dr. OR his staff or, anything, just ANYTHING! Lol. All because I was having a bad day and got a bit lost and all my fault! Ha Ha. I was like I will find something wrong with him or staff cuz I never wanna come to this busy area in Houston AGAIN!!
He He :)
I get up to his office and Jay the receptionist was super sweet and nice and if I lived in Houston we would probably be BFF's! Ha Ha. I was like darn it, I like the receptionist! Ok but I'm sure the Dr. will give me something not to like about him. (I'm a super picky person about people in general, so imagine with someone who's gonna work on my FACE!). Lol.
So I meet Dr. Bressler, I talk to him, he listened to all my concerns, saw that my turbinates were super swollen, saw how my right nostril collapses when I breathe hard, noticed I had a nasal bone spur(think that's what it's called) saw my septum was a bit crooked and was SUPER thorough with me! I was immediately in love with this Dr. that I knew I was gonna have to work on me and my breathing issues! I was like NO, NO! I wanted to hate this place, this Dr. and his staff!!! Bahahaaaa :) LOL. He spent quite a bit of time with me, was super through, listened to everything I said and how I wanted my nose, looked at pictures I took him, etc...
His nurse Carol and the other nurse there(can't remember her name sorry) were super sweet and helpful. When I was sitting talking with Dr Bressler I literally felt like I was talking and joking like with a friend! It was like omg, he is super cool and like a normal fun person and super down to earth! I instantly felt at ease and felt like I could be my joking talkative self with him cuz he seemed the same. Not like some Drs that are only business and that's it! That's always been uncomfortable for me cuz I'm really talkative and always joking so I was just instantly in love with him and even though he was a bit more expensive than Dr. Funk, I made up my mind that Dr. Bressler is who I wanted to work on my nose!! I got home that evening super excited and was like YES! He can help me and he saw my turbinate issue and all my other breathing issues!! I was super excited!! Very different from what I felt like after my other consult. I had one more consult with Dr. Bressler yesterday just to finalize things and I will be going in for my surgery next Wednesday Aug. 3. Super excited But a bit nervous as well. I will post pics as soon as I have surgery and let you know how it went and so on.

Ok sorry this review was extremely long, but this site and all its members that have posted their stories and reviews have helped me a lot so just thought I might be able to help someone as well.
Also again, not at all bashing Dr. Funk or anyone for that matter, just felt he wasn't able to help me, that's all. Everyone has different situations and experiences and just sharing mine is all. :)

Before Pics!

These are a few before pics just showing how my nose flares out quite a bit when I smile which is what I don't like. As far as the side profile, doesn't really bother me but would like a bit of a slope to give it a more feminine look and feel.

Evening right after surgery

Got to hospital this morning with a horrible migraine since i hadn't slept the night before due to not being able to breathe which has been the issue for quite some time now. They gave me my migraine meds together with my anesthesia (from what i remember) and boom i was out! Next thing i know Im in recovery! Yaaaay! It's DONE!!
This is at hotel a couple of hours after surgery. Bit of swelling starting to show and a little Bruising. I have only a bit of pain since I threw up my pain meds in the recovery room and about to take one now that I am back in hotel.

Day after Surgery!

This is the day after surgery. Just left Dr Bressler's office to take packing out, and on way home. Didn't hurt at all taking packing out, but i think i was still clenching on to Dr's jacket waiting for the sudden pain! LOL No pain! Geez i love this Dr and Staff! Insert Thumbs up emoji here! :)
Starting to swell a bit more, but not too bad, and no pain. Took a pain med really early this morning, haven't taken one since. I'll take one tonight to assure that i don't feel any pain, just in case. Scaring myself just looking at my pics!! Ha Ha! I look like an Avatar character! Yikes! Bahahaaaaa :)

2 Days after surgery!

A little more swelling this morning, but since then has gone down a bunch. Put your ice pack on!! No pain, and been changing out my dressing through out the day. Today has probably been the worst day, and I mean just being super uncomfortable is all. I'm ready to breathe through my NOSE!! LOL

a few more before pics and what i am hoping for

Here are a few more pics of what my nose looks like from the front and profile, and what i am hoping for it to look like or close to when all the swelling goes down.

Today on way to get splint off

At home before leaving an In car on way to Houston to get tapes changed out and splint removed!
Got into office quickly as usual, and Dr Bressler cleaned my nose and did what he needed to do to my nose with absolutely no pain at all. When he removed everything and before replacing with new tape, OMG! I couldn't believe i was soon in love with my NOSE!!!! He NAILED IT!!! I knew it was going to be super swollen and such, but i was not prepared for loving it as soon as all the stuff came off!! I am literally in awe that it looks just like what I told him i wanted and looks exactly like all the pictures i told him i wanted!! I literally wanted to cry of how happy I was and still am!!

a couple of morphed pics from the office

Here are a couple of pics that Dr. Bresslers nurse morphed in the office computer on my first consult.
When i got home i kept thinking i wanted more of a change and even though these look great, i wanted a little more of a drastic change, so when i went back to my second consult i gave Dr. Bressler tons of pics of what i really wanted. Knowing it would be quite a change i really didn't care, as long as it was a BETTER change! LOL

I had a fight with my Doctor!

He WON! babahahaaaaaa :)

Last tape comes off ! Yaaaay!!

little video
So my appt is tomorrow and the last piece of tape that he placed on Monday, is about to come off. I'm super excited and from the little bit I saw on Monday i just know that I already love my nose and wish it was already 8months down the road to see it's final outcome and shape!
Here are a few pics I took today. Looking good and feeling good. So ready for tape to come off! And to visit my new friends at the office!

Tape off today!

Hey guys, so tape came off today, and of course my nose is super swollen as expected and even tho i look awful, i feel great because i have

2 day take off!

Little video just for fun
Feeling great, with a little pain here and there probably because my nose is actually working and it's not used to doing that! LOL

about 2 weeks post

Hey guys, so here's a few pictures a few weeks post surgery. I think about 2 1/2 weeks or so.
My right nostril is a little swollen but obviously that's gonna happen,(especially since that was the lazy one that never worked, and now it's working big time! LOL My right turbinate was horrible and now it's doing its job! Actually most of the top and a bit on sides of my Schnoz is swollen! LOL but OMG! My Dr Bressler nailed it I can already tell!! It's looking thin and soo pretty, even with the swelling that's there! I cannot wait for this journey to be over to see the final result! I can't wait to show off my new thin gorgeous nose! Ha Ha ;) But I must admit that I will really miss going Dr. Bresslers office, so maybe I'll find something else Dr. Bressler can to do to my face!
Ha Ha :)

post op about 2 1/2 weeks

Here are a few pics. sorry, a couple of them are sideways not sure why, and wasn't able to rotate them!? Also sorry for the quality of the pics, not really great lighting and i'm not that great at selfies, let alone profile selfies! Ha Ha

About a month and a few days since my surgery

Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

There is NO better! My doctor is the best! After tons of research and consult before him, etc.. Leaving his office, I knew i did not need anymore consults because HE is the only one I would trust with what i needed to have done! He did an excellent job and after years of not breathing I feel like i have a new lease on life!! I have a better quality of life, and it's all because of his great work! His staff is awesome, friendly and always helpful. I have never been excited to go to any doctors appointments in my life and I actually love going here! I know it takes almost a year down the road to see the final result but i can already tell that I love my new nose and most importantly that I can BREATHE!!!! I love Dr. Bressler and have already recommended him to a few people! He seriously gave me a new lease on life being able to sleep all night without feeling like i am suffocating and not being able to breathe! I wake up refreshed and energized now, instead of exhausted and moody and depressed just wanting to stay in bed all day and do NOTHING! Life was really passing me by while all my friends were living their lives! He is the best at what he does and when i hear some of the horror stories on this site and other sites I thank GOD that he pointed me to the right doctor ! Just 1 consult with him, and i promise you, you won't have to look any further! A++++++ all the way!!

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