Kybella -1 Week Later - Houston, TX

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Not sure if I will undergo the 2nd treatment. this...

Not sure if I will undergo the 2nd treatment. this hurt like hell and I still have jaw pain and numbness. no one prepared me for the bull frog neck or bruising so I was a upset about that.I am still taking OTC meds to help with tenderness. I had to work afterwards and was avoiding people since it looked like I had taken a hit to my neck. I did use an ice pack faithfully for a few days because that really helped with the swelling. I also am on the high end of my weight which has always made a difference in my neck. I asked the medical provider if I should wait until after my diet and was told no. In hindsight, that was stupid of me because my neck has always reduced from diet and I feel like I have wasted my money.

57 Yr Old Kybella- Not Sure Yet -47 Days Post

Thi is my 2nd post. the first was one week later and i was not sure if worth it. Now it has been almost 47 days and i can see some improvement. The first 30 days my chin looked so saggy that it was hard to look at myself. Right now i am bothered by the fact that i still have numbness under the chin. i will not do a 2nd treatment if the numbness does not go away. If i do this again, i will also wait for scarf weather. I deal with the public almost every day and it was hard to have unexplained bruises on my neck as well as my bullfrog swelling which seemed to last forever. We will see what it looks like when i hit 60 days post procedure.

Kybella 7 months post

I want to say my double chin looks better. I do not regret doing the procedure since i know that some fat has "left the building"! What i have noticed (and probably due to my age of 57) is that my neck seems to have more crepey (sp) skin than before. I am using neocutis on my neck daily
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