What a Nighmare - Houston, TX

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I'm a Aesthetician and get to try all the new...

I'm a Aesthetician and get to try all the new machines. The procedure was a piece of cake about three days later the sharp "pens and needle" pains went from a 3 to max 10, the pain comes and goes every few seconds to few minutes. Its a total nightmare. Non invasion, back to work the next day, well I was back to work the next day until day three I've been in bed for two days and now have to go see my regular doctor tomorrow to give me something for the pain. I will never do CS ever again in my life. I'm 30 and in good health. Sad thing is I have to promote this. I will let everyone know about the possible side effects. Even though it was free of charge I sure as hell wouldn't of paid for it. If I see results in 6 weeks that blow my socks off I wouldn't do it again even if someone paid me!!!

side note: a zeltiq rep trained me and a co worker how to do this so i know it was done right. im sure most people don't experience this but please be aware its not as simple and easy. i know people do more then one area in a day. thank god i only did one !

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