42yo Mom of Two. 2 C-sections. I Want my Tummy Back!

I have been obsessing about weather to do this....

I have been obsessing about weather to do this. After seeing my best friends results and also my providers, I decided to go for it. I am a fitness and spinning instructor and lead a very active lifestyle but couldn't shake the belly fat. I felt I was a good candidate because I am within five pounds of my ideal weight (5'5, 137 lb, athletic build). I will continue to check in with pictures weekly. The pictures helped me make my decision so I hope to help someone else!

Also to add...I am post menopausal. Went through it every early. (40yo). This contributed to my mounting belly fat I believe.

Four days out. So far so good.

It's been a long week! Swelling is on and off. Stomach still sore when touched but I have been able to teach my spin classes and weight classes. Avoiding sit ups as they hurt. The hardest part of this for me will be the WAITING to see if it worked for me. I'll check in on Monday with one week photos.

One week out....still swollen

Seven days out and I KNOW nothing is supposed to happen lol. Yesterday I had these weird shock feelings on my stomach. Not painful, just weird. I still have swelling and I still feel like I have been punched in the stomach. I do think the swelling has subsided a lot. Here are some pics. I would like to add that my skin looks way more loose than before and I pray it will tighten up.

Heading into week three...

Not really seeing anything yet. Maybe slight difference in upper abs. Weight is the same and no inches off yet. Hope this is the week I start to see changes.

One more week three update with pics

Okay I did a side by side week one vs. week three. Swelling is completely gone. Week one on the left. Week three on the right.

3 1/2 week update

So over the last couple days I have lost an inch off my upper abs (31 down to 30)and an inch off my lower abs ( 35 down to 34) right below my belly button which is my biggest problem area) my swelling went away after week one so this is definitely a change post swelling.

Just going to keep in trucking and see how the next couple weeks go. Starting to feel more Encouraged for sure

Heading into week five. Complete regression.

Well although I have LOST three pounds, any progress I thought I saw is gone. Snapped this today by my pool. I am trying not to panic but it's hard not to. I certainly never thought I would get bigger before I got smaller. Honestly don't know what to think. I am holding any final judgement until the three month mark. My best friend had it done and looked today and was pretty shocked. She saw major major progress at week four.
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