19 Years Old- Severe Crowding - Houston, TX

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Currently, I have had 2 teeth removed, and had my...

Currently, I have had 2 teeth removed, and had my impressions taken a few days ago. Being from Houston, I anticipate that the travel time will not be so long. It is a bit scary considering I currently have a 1 cm gap in my bottom teeth. Sophomore year of college starts in a month, and I at least want to have the molds in my mouth to show for it. I'll keep this blog updated on my progress since no one else seems to have blogged about clear correct with such crowding.

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I have been using the trays for about 6 months now. I do really appreciate the progress I am making although it is a slow process. I believe that 2 weeks is too much time to be spent on each tray, but what do I know.
Ashandra Batiste

My Dentist is extremely friendly and caring. So far, I am completely confident in her recommendations and work.

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