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I'm a young healthy woman with cellulite who has...

I'm a young healthy woman with cellulite who has grown tired of covering up every inch of her legs. I'm not expecting a miracle cure, but hoping for enough of an improvement to modify my lifestyle. I'm in the healthcare industry myself so have always been very hesitant to spend big bucks on empty promises. I just figured that I'm only getting older and the science behind this makes sense, so why not? Had my consult today and my procedure is scheduled for next week. I'll update the rest of my experience then.

For now I'll leave my provider info blank, but overall I was very impressed by his professionalism and genuine nature. His office staff, especially the main young woman who helped me through this whole thing, were all kind and made me feel comfortable.

Had the procedure done yesterday afternoon and wow...

Had the procedure done yesterday afternoon and wow did the initial numbing hurt! The post-procedure discomfort was a little unnerving as well, but after I got over my hesitation to taking Vicodin (had some GI issues in the past) it was just fine. Now I'm in recovery mode. Went to work this morning and spent all day on my feet, which is probably why I'm experiencing some impressive lower leg swelling. Now I'm just going to take it easy all weekend. I'll start posting my before and during pics after my first follow up.

Had my first follow up appointment today, which...

Had my first follow up appointment today, which went fine. It was actually a quick follow up for suture removal and photos. I didn't see the doctor or my "before" pictures for comparison. I was told he wants to see us a few weeks out when the swelling and bruising has gone down. Thought that was a little odd, but I guess the norm for a relatively minimally invasive procedure. I still think it is too early for anyone to judge if there has been improvement because swelling probably distorts the skin architecture creating a false smooth appearance. Honestly, I'll echo the rest of the recent sentiment on this board and say that I will be pretty disappointed if I don't see at least a significant improvement, one that enables me to be more comfortable showing off a bit more leg, and I'm starting to doubt that will happen. This procedure probably works best for the individuals with a select number of deep depressions, not for those of us with diffuse rippling...the kind that (if lucky) disappears slightly in good lighting and returns with avengence in others (overhead, fluorescent, over or under lighting). We are probably the same population a bit obsessed with our personal cellulite...refusing to take off our cover ups until the last second before getting in a pool and refusing to get out without a towel to cover up immediately afterward. Err...or is that just me?

PS: I have a few photos, but my bum is exposed without any type of cover-up. Can those be posted?

Well, I'm going to say that I see no appreciable...

Well, I'm going to say that I see no appreciable difference and if there is some minimal improvement it is certainly not enough to justify spending so much money on the procedure. I would say I'm completely disatisfied with the results, but will wait until the 3 month mark to hit the "Not Worth It" button and reveal my MD. The times I do think it might be better is right after taking the garment off (yes I'm still wearing it), which makes me think that lymphedema plays a role in the appearance and the compression is what actually helps. There are a few areas on my legs that look worse and I plan on addressing that with my surgeon. I've been taking my own photos to chart the progress. On an upside the discomfort is almost completely resolved, except when plopping down too hard on the toilet. Someone else said this and I agree that the pain is just like a sunburn. I would strongly suggest waiting if you are considering Cellulaze at this time. And please be sure your surgeon has enough experience, which I'm afraid may have played a role in my results.

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