Thin with a Flat Booty :(. Looking at Dr. Mcadoo

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My but is so flat and shapeless :(. Any dolls here...

My but is so flat and shapeless :(. Any dolls here in the same boat? I'm 5"4 127 and really want a BBL. Not really sure if I can maintain a heavier weight for 4-7 weeks. I do have a gut and some back fat though so maybe there's some hope. Anybody here looking for a sx partner? I've noticed a lot of the surgeons offer buddy discounts.

Flat ass girls with no meat

Sooo I've been looking all around and I have found two other doctors I'm interested in hearing back from. Dr. B and Dr. Mcadoo. They seem to work on petite frames better than Cortes who is here in Houston. Pretty sure I'm coming to Miami soon

What the flatness :(

Eating everything in sight is harder than I thought it would be. Especially when you re use to eating like a bird.

Contacted Dr. Blinski

The doctor said NO. Awwlll man. He says I'm to skinny and need to gain 10lbs. How the hell am I supposed to do that. I swear I eat like a bird. Even when I try to force feed myself it's useless. I have a hard time eating a whole burger. Hmmmm, I'm still determined to try.
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