I've Waited for So Long for This! It's Finally Happening - Houston, TX

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I'm close to my 30s and I'm finally in a position...

I'm close to my 30s and I'm finally in a position to go ahead and get the procedure done. I've done my homework and researched all there is to the breast augmentation process. I'm a few weeks from going under the knife and I'm very nervous and very happy.
I'm looking to go from a 32-A to a full C. The surgeon suggested 375-400cc and in going for the 400cc, silicone, under muscle and possibly the moderate or moderate plus profile.

Pre-Op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment today. I'm very surprised as to how calm I am about all of this and what I'm going to go through. The appointment was very Informational. We discussed the supplements and medicines I should stop using. I was also told to stop pre-workout drinks and teas. We did a final trial of the implants and I decided for 400cc and a high profile look. If surgery goes as planned, I should look proportionate and not too obvious...which is what I want to achieve at this moment. I can't believe how close I am to finally doing this!!

Preparing for BA surgery!

I have gotten my meds and pharmacy items to have after surgery. I haven't been nervous since I booked my surgery. I think now that I'm closer I'm feeling it, but I'm also very excited. I still need to buy surgical soap and a zip-up sweater.

Tomorrow is the day!

I haven't felt nervous yet! Everything at home is ready: food, meds, relaxing spot, and clothes. I feel prepared especially because I have a great support group. Wish me luck!

Surgery was successful

Today, I finally did it and I couldn't be more excited. I feel great, yes some discomfort and a bit of pain but nothing compared to what I read from others. I have great help at home and that makes it a million times easier.

Registration to the hospital was a bit of a mess, good thing I got there early enough. I would suggest that if it can be done before the surgery..do it! After that, some lab work to ensure blood work comes out good for surgery. Then you get prepped and marked for surgery and then you're asleep!

I'm very glad all went well, and I hope this means it's going to be a great recovery.

Good luck to everyone!


Recovery has been great, but it wouldn't have happened without the amazing help of family. Today I'm able to shower by myself and move around more. The day of and the next 2 days I did nothing but relax and get some rest. I feel this was very important as today I'm feeling much better. Swelling and tightness is still there but very manageable.

My PS has been great and made me feel more calm about the procedure. Can't wait to work with him and see the results.

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