Hoping To Have Boobs Soon - Houston, TX

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Im 18 yrs old and 5ft tall and im 130 lb. Ive...

Im 18 yrs old and 5ft tall and im 130 lb. Ive always wanted a breast augmentation since I was 15. Its in my future to have this done. Im doin it for myself and no one else. Its like the one thing ive always wanted. I know im young and I have a long time to think about this but its what ive wanted for years.

I just wish my family was more supportive :( My older sister has like double d size boobs so I would exspect her to think im "crazy". And I assume my mom just sees me still like the little girl I was in 7th grade. I just wish they would incourage me instead of tell me they hate my choice im makin. Because at the end of the day its still my choice I dont need there approval.

Im hoping my second oldest sister will go with me. We both got lucky with having size A boobs. I want to be a C cup but natural not like fake to where they take over my look. I also want it under the muscle and also get a brazilian butt lift because I could work out all the time but the fat always goes to my stomach and no where else. Leaving me with a muffin top and a flat (and I mean real flat) :(

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