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Finally counting down the next 34 days. I have...

Finally counting down the next 34 days. I have been wanting breast since the eighth grade when all my friends enjoyed sports bras during our track meets and I stuffed my bra with shoulder pads. I am 23 years old and a divorced mommy of two. Finally I have balanced enough funds to have this procedure done and not have to feel extremely bad about the amount it will cost me. I am from Denver, CO originally and when I was 19 I met with Dr. Murphy of Murphy plastic surgery. A month before my DOS I found out I was pregnant with my son and completely lost my deposit as I moved to Houston and didn't reschedule. At the time it didn't bother me because my ex was completely against the idea and I was breastfeeding so I kind of inherited titties by default :).
Fast forward to now I have gone to my a few consultations in Houston and decided to go with Dr. Evan Feldman of Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery. I loved the honesty hegave in my consultation which I feel all the other possible surgeons and a prior surgeons in Colorado failed to do. He stated at my small frame the absolute biggest he would go is 375cc-400ccs. Other surgeons pretty much let me decide (ironically that was the biggest I would have gone with). He was also realistic in explaining my goals, and thorough with providing safety information in the decision of saline vs. silicone. As well as incision decisions and scar healing. As a matter of fact he was so thorough I had only one question left to ask him on my list of 20+ questions.
So here I am I have set my surgery for January the 2nd going with 375/400cc Silicone Dual Plane crease incision.

Here are my stats by the way:

23 years old
105lbs (hoping to gain about 5lbs by surgery)
Texas Plastic Surgeon

He is the absolute most thorough doctor I have met. He is completely honest and forthright. Dr. Feldman and his staff make Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery a reassuring and easy going environment especially with the amount of knowledge provided.

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