39 Yo 5'9" 140lbs 5 Children Peri-Areola Breast Lift Saline and Extended Abdominoplasty W Internal Corset - Houston, TX

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I have worked very hard over the last year to lose...

I have worked very hard over the last year to lose and keep off over 100 lbs. I work out 7 days a week and run 5-6 days a week. My breasts were of course the first place I lost fat : ( So after nursing the last 2 of my children combined with the weight loss my breasts are deflated and sagging. I have some excess skin around my breasts. I look in the mirror and what I see is not how I feel on the inside. I don't regret sacrificing my body for my children. I am so glad there are procedures to help a Mom get her body back. I met with my PS today for a consult. He is very easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. I never felt pressured into anything. I knew I wanted to go with saline implants because I just feel more comfortable having saline in my body. If the implants did rupture I would feel safer having salt water in my body. I thought about it long and hard and my priority was how would I feel about having silicone or saline inside of me knowing silicone may feel better. I would just sleep better at night with saline. Since I am thin with not much breast tissue and very active he decided on a 300cc implant that can be filled to 350cc. Placed sub muscularly. I am happy with that size I think they will look beautiful. He said what is great about saline implants is that he can adjust them during surgery to get the desired look I am wishing for. I also don't need a full breast lift just need a small amount of skin removed, YAY!! I knew he was the right surgeon for me and went ahead and put a deposit down to reserve my surgery date! I am beyond happy! All of my hard work will finally be seen. I am having a TT as well hoping to show off my six pack! I have had 3 c-sections. 22 days til my surgery!

Current pics

Wanted to add current pictures of my breasts.

Saline decision

Just to add to why I am choosing saline instead of the very popular silicone. I have lost sleep over the decision. It's not from an economical standpoint that I made my choice. Yes saline is less expensive. I thought initially I wanted silicone and was set on that until I started to do more research on them. I came across a few articles that state the silicone actually does turn into a more liquid state once inside the body and if there is a rupture some of the sticky silicone does ooze out into the pocket surrounding the implant making it very difficult to remove. Also if a silicone implant ruptures you will not know right away. It may take weeks, months or longer before there are symptoms of a rupture. Now that just doesn't sit well with me. Also the only real way to know if a silicone implant has ruptured is to have an MRI done. #1 they in themselves pose a health danger if you have too many #2 they are very expensive, insurance will not cover the cost. If there is a problem I want to know right away and get it fixed. If a saline implant ruptures your breast will deflate and your body will absorb the saline and it will be excreted through your urine. Now the reason I have lost sleep over the decision is because I am thin with very little breast tissue. From what I have researched it is more likely a saline implant can be felt if there is not enough original breast tissue to cover it. Also I was concerned with rippling. But after seeing multiple before and after pics of women with thin/not much breast tissue getting similar size saline implants as me and they look great ....I feel much more at ease as to how they will look. Apparently if they get overfilled that reduces the chance of rippling. I'm sure I will have some when I bend over in some directions but silicone can ripple as well. Plus I still keep going back to not feeling comfortable with silicone in my body.

Mommy tummy

As you can see I have really bad diastastis and droopy skin. My 3rd child was 11 lbs at birth and was a c-section! Last 2 of my boys were c-sections as well both 8 lbs 5 oz. so yeah I had some big babies that stretched out those abdominal muscles. Dr. Steely said he can repair the muscles with an internal corset and basically all that skin form just above my navel and down will be gone! Plus he thinks my uterus is sticking out.... I have a rather hard bulge down near the bottom of all skin. My scar will be from hip to hip so I imagine it will be a big one but that's ok. I'm just so excited and relieved to get rid of the bulge and excess skin. No matter how much core, ab work and running I do it wil never go away on its own. I don't need lipo on my hips thank goodness.

In my VSX knock out tights

So here is my current state of affairs...:) I posted a pic of my tummy at relaxed state and then one sucking in. I'm really hoping list TT I will look a bit better than me sucking in like I really want a flat abdomen and be able to show off my ab muscles.

Had my pre op today

I met with Dr Steely this morning. Paid my balance... its a done deal now!!! We discussed the procedure again. Going with 300cc saline filled to 350cc!! With the peri areola lift. We discussed my TT. He said I should get great results! He took photos and I had to let my tummy loose which was actually difficult, I'm so used to holding my tummy in. Went to check out the hospital and pay their fees and anesthesiology as well. I have to arrive at 5:30 surgery scheduled for 7:30. Am now doing some shopping getting ready. Buying 2 Soma lounge bras in medium they should fit post augmentation. Then off to Relax the Back to get a wedge pillow. And a big stop at Walgreens for all the other goodies. Am super excited!!

Relax the Back

So we have a specialty back store in Houston. I knew they would have some type of wedge pillow. I tried 2 different brands and the store brand was much softer more comfortable for me. I'm a side sleeper so sleeping on my back is going to be a challenge. I need all the help I can get. I have a heating pad to put on my back as well. Apparently the sales lady said if you are going to be in a reclining position in bed your legs need a wedge as well to take the stress off the lower back. She is right there is a big difference with and without the leg wedge.

Question about bras

I'm having a peri areola lift with implants. I am wondering what others experiences have been with this.? Should I just expect to keep the nipples exposed for a time? Or wear a soft sport/lounge bra? I am concerned about the nipples being sore and tender. What's yall's experience? Thanks so much for any advice.

Had a deep moment....

So maybe I thought about this new body too deeply yesterday ;) but it's kind of like saying goodbye to an old part of you in a physical manner. Half the skin on my belly is going bye bye!! Like being reborn with new beautiful breasts and a new awesome abdomen. I feel like I get a second chance...it's pretty emotional... at least for me. I get the sense this is going to be a big confidence booster for me and life is going to open up. Ok just wanted to share that deep thought. Anyone else feel the same? Or maybe I'm just sleep deprived and babbling :-)

Post surgical garment

Put in a call to my PS yesterday about post surgery garments. She told me they will put me in a sports bra to go home with and I'm to wear that for a few weeks until PS says to graduate to underwire. The sports bra is a Champion brand. For my TT, I of course will be sent home in a garment which I will wear for a while then graduate to spanx. So I went over to Target and bought a Champions sports bra. I'm guessing a medium size. 34 is my band size.
On another note I have been looking at Dr Steely's before and afters of periareola lifts and augmentations and I just couldn't be more pleased!!! I mean I knew he was highly recommended and skilled, but I just had to go over the pics again as I saw some other pics of frightening periareola lifts with poor results from other PS. He does an excellent job! I just can't wait.


I have a good dry shampoo (Macadamia) for those extended days of not shampooing. I get super oily hair quickly, it drives me crazy. Also I got a Bubba 32oz water container with lid/straw from Target to stay up on my water intake. Therassage heating pad for my back. Cute socks on clearance from none other than Target. Lots of front button pj tops/bottoms. But I've read best just to keep the bottoms off for a few days as it's just too painful to pull pants down after TT. Also thinking I might want to get disposable pads for my bed to not ruin sheets. Not sure what to expect in the case of leakage of fluids but better safe than sorry.

Blood work

I went and got my blood work done today. I have had my fair share of needle poking so I just relax and take a deep breath and not tense up when they stick me....that's what I tell myself over and over. I really don't like it....heck who does?!! Anyways the technician I got had 20 yrs of experience and it showed, I hardly felt a thing. I told her how impressed I was and wished she could do my iv for my surgery :) That's really my biggest pain fear right now is getting the iv. Because I have had some inexperienced techs blow my vein and that hurts like blank, looked like a murder scene!!! Some miss my vein because it jumps others just jab it in and :0 I have nice big veins so don't know why it's difficult. Here's to hoping I get an experienced tech.
I had a wonderful shopping excursion and Lush today. I figured I won't be able to take my usual nightly baths for a loooong time post op so better enjoy them now! I made sure to get moisturizing bath bombs and bubble bath. I love their Olive Branch shower gel which has antiseptic qualities so that will be good.
I use Origins Precipitation body lotion it is doing a wonderful job at keeping my skin soft.
I have been super focused on my running and exercising daily. And eating lots of protein. I have cut down on my sugar/salt intake. I really want good results and a good recovery so I'm doing what I can to obtain that. Trying to stay positive about recovery :-) I just need to maintain those good habits post surgery...

Out and about

I am trying to get out and about as much as possible before surgery. I am not spending as much time in my bedroom as I will be in there for a few days straight. I am feeling ready now both mentally and physically. Real Self has been such a wonderful source of information and support. I am super excited about getting my new body. I even dreamed about my new breasts the other night, was a good dream :)

Homemade mosisturizer

I decided to make my own moisturizer. I am using as you can see Shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and almond oil. I have been putting this on my breasts and abdomen morning and night for the past 3 days and I can feel a big difference in the softness and smoothness of my skin. I am hoping this will help. I am going to add extra Virginia olive oil to my next batch.

4 days to go!

It's getting closer. 3 day weekend here for my kiddos so that will keep me super busy. I'm trying not to read too many negative reviews on recovery from TT, and BA, it gets depressing. Last night I started to have doubts for the first time :( about what I was about to do to my body. But this morning I woke up feeling positive and strong. I pushed those negative thoughts away and ran 3 miles, worked out and am staying strong mentally. Sure recovery is going to be long and tough both physically and mentally, it's a major challenge. I know the eventual long term outcome is worth it. It's like when I first started my weight loss journey if I focused on the pain and small daily/weekly changes in my body I would not have kept going. Determination and knowing that down the road I would reach my goals if I just never gave up kept me going. Stay strong ladies!! We will look amazing :)

24 Hrs to go YAY!!

I'm posting some more pre op pics I took this morning. I am feeling kind of overly excited inside but trying to stay calm and relaxed.

Home from surgery

At home resting not much pain at all, just achy. Feels like I've done a thousand push-ups! 1 drain. Haven't been able to see the new girls but from what u can see through the sports bra they look amazing! Surgery went very well. I'll update with more details later. I'm going to rest now. Thank you for all the well wishes!

Breast pic

Just posting pic of my breasts will write more later. Doing well though pain tolerable. Very very happy!!

Day of surgery


Thank you for the well wishes! According to Dr Steely the surgery went stunningly :) so that's encouraging. The iv went in with very little pain thank goodness. My pre op/post op nurses were fantastic couldn't have asked for better. Last thing I remember was being wheeled on my bed into the o.r. And lined up next to the surgical bed thinking ok I have to get over there and that was the last thing I remember. When I woke up I did not have any pain it just felt like I had done a 1000 push ups! I remember smiling, couldn't stop smiling I was so happy! Was very very drowsy and dizzy. My blood pressure was high which kept me in recovery longer. Dr Steely thought I might need lipo so the medicine they gave me for that apparently raises the blood pressure. But I did not need lipo. So he was not concerned about the high bp. I did feel a bit nauseous so they gave me anti nausea meds and that fixed that. They gave me some bp medicine and it came right down and I was able to go home. At this point the pain was still good like a 4/5. I have to walk hunched over big time!! I have been able to urinate regularly getting up and down from the toilet hasn't been too bad. Last night the pain hit me, all the pain meds they gave me in the or wore off. Pain was a 10 for sure. Dr Steely called last night said I could take a Norco every 3 hours so my pain is under better control. I did get some decent sleep last night. My drain has been putting out just under 25cc every few hours. I have no nausea YAY!!! I am now eating some chicken broth and light breakfast. I ate broth and jello last night. Of course no bm can't even fathom that right now. My pain is around 4 after the Norco then as I approach the 3rd hour it's up to 7/8. I am now able to walk a little less hunched over. My breast feel tight and I sometimes get that tingling feeling in my nipples like when my milk would come in when I was nursing my babies. I have a lot of muscular pain in my chest.
LOVE LOVE LOVE my new breasts!!! They are soooo much bigger than I thought they would be. Could be swelling but still I'm over the moon about them.... just beautiful. Even my mother's first comment was "oh they are beautifu!" With a big smile. I have not checked on any incisions yet will do later. My binder is actually comfortable no complaints there. Sports bra is too. Very happy with my experience so glad I did it. I just can't wait to see my flat stomach. I will continue to update. Thank you all again for your support its really made a difference connecting with women who are going through the same thing in life.


Per my Doctors orders I took a shower this morning. I timed it well, had some breakfast took my pain med and had some coffee :) It went really well. I was nervous about taking all the gauze off and seeing what was under there. But it really isn't that bad to look at not bloody or too gross. I ran hot water over the gauze and that helped them to come off easily. I washed with Hibiclens and Dial feeling fresh and super clean. I have a flat stomach!!! So so happy about that! No more excess skin or pot belly. Not much pain while standing. My incisions look good. Very happy about their locations. TT incision down low and areoles looking good. Love my breasts they are hard and kind of awkward looking now but I know over time they will get softer and have a beautiful shape. Pectoral muscles very sore to touch. I can take my sports bra off over the head no problem. It's a size small, gives good compression. My binder is fantastic I feel secure. My belly button looks good. I feel great after taking a shower it was nice to be up and out of bed. I've been drinking lots of water as my Doctor said that is key during recovery. My drain comes out on Tuesday next week. It has really not been a problem so far. It is placed centered above my pubic area. So far no back pain just my bottom hurts LOL from sitting upright in bed. Well I'm off to the restroom again and then take a nap.

Day 2 post op

I had a very rough day yesterday after my shower. Pain was bad and I had slight nausea no vomitting. Last night went well pain is down. I slept in between pain med doses so that was good. Feeling good this morning I think I will feel my best in the mornings. I will shower again today and try to move around a bit more. I am still in love with my new body! Whenever I'm feeling a lot of pain I just look down at my beautiful breasts and smile, it's totally worth it! I have small inframammary incisions they don't hurt too much. My drainage output is slowing down. My nurse told me to continue to walk hunched over and that's fine with me :) my thighs are very swollen guess that's from fluids and lying in bed. I am starting to drink fresh lemon juice in my water hopefully that helps with the swelling. Happy healing to all!! We can do this!

Post Op Day 3

Good Morning! What a difference between day 1 and today!! No real pain just tightness in my abdomen and breasts and muscle pain... oh and my bottom hurts :-) but I was up this morning ate a usual breakfast: egg whites, Bulgarian yogurt, Ezekiel bread and banana, with coffee. I ate it slowly. Still no bm but taking Mira lax each night for 2 nights now. I do have some gas and movement in my bowels. Took a shower washed my hair. My incisions look normal. Love love love my new body! I have the usual swelling as expected. I think my thigh swelling was coming from elevating my legs in the wedge pillow which I'm not going to use as much. I have some sores on my abdomen from the tape I was using to secure the gauze... discontinued the use of that. My drain is fine not a bother. I'm still taking my Norco although I think I'm going to taper off today as I really feel I don't need it every 3 hours. Thanks to my new surgery friend who is looking amazing herself :-) I am standing much much straighter. She has been an inspiration to me to stay positive! As have all of you other great strong ladies!! So I have made an effort to get up and walk around downstairs and in my back yard. The Texas sunshine feels great. I'm going to start to move some more today just little bit of walking and standing but I will listen to my body when it's tired and sore I will rest. My breast are doing great! Love them! They are not sitting too high like I thought they would be initially. They are pretty hard still but I've noticed they have settled a bit. I'm in bed now resting. Kind of hoping for a smoothie king for lunch ;)

PO day 4

I went ahead and took a Fleet saline enema this morning after no success with miralax for 2 days. It worked right away. I really kept a light diet before surgery and after so really I wasn't too concerned but I took care of it. I took it very easy today as yesterday I was up quite a bit. Not much new to report. I did notice the steri tape covering my left hip incision slipped exposing the incision and it has oozed blood. I have bandaged it up. I'm going to wait til my PS checks on it before I push myself to stand up straighter. I see him on Tuesday. My drain will come out then which by now I'm ready for it to be gone. I'm slowly getting use to my new very tight stomach and muscle position. I'm happy with my belly button it's still red but not infected. I'm really starting to miss my daily run and workouts. Can't wait til I'm cleared to walk around my neighborhood. So just for kicks and giggles I measured my breasts and I come out with a 32DD!!!! So I'm aware I still have swelling and they will change but still...Uhhhh that's like Amazing! Can you even imagine how much I love them, just check out my before pics and yeah you'll understand. I really was hopeful for a full C cup but DD I'll take it and leave it... thank you very much Dr Steely! :-) he really listened and took note of what I wanted. Not only am I happy about their size but how they look, already they have a natural but perky look. And they are only going to get better! They are softening up a bit. Thanks so much ladies for the support and kind words they do not go unnoticed! :-) I'll post pics tomorrow


I debated whether to post the pic of my abdomen as I have some sores from tape I used to secured gauze. But maybe someone will benefit and if they have sensitive skin like I do stay away from any kind of medical tape! But as you can see other than those sores everything is going great! Minimal bruising, no infections. Took the pics after my shower. Check my flat stomach out!!! So so happy :-) of course I'm utterly in love with my breasts!

1 week PO

Had my first post op check up with Dr Steely yesterday. It was so good to see him, very comforting. He took my drain out, fixed up my steri strip tape. His nurse showed me how to massage my breasts 3 times a day. I go in next week for an endermologie massage which is part of my MM. He said my muscle separation wasn't huge and that I will get great results! I am to keep my binder/ sports bra at all times except for showering of course. I can feel free to start trying to stand straighter as my body allows. I am now off the Norco, thank goodness. I'm taking Motrin. I am allowed to drive YAY! Not much pain this morning just muscle aches in my chest/abs/back. I can sleep now without the wedge so just 2 pillows under my head which was a nice change last night. Not allowed to sleep on my side yet. I had a good BM this morning without the need of an enema, my insides feel a whole lot better. My breasts are softening up a bit more, I'm still in love with them :) All in all after that appointment I feel so much better! With the drain out I feel more free to move. I actually dreamed of running the other night... I can't wait til that 6 weeks mark! Happy healing ladies it really does get better every day!

1 week PO pics

Really happy with how my belly button is turning out. And my sores are getting better. No more gauze, I am wearing a cami under my compression garment.

Almost 2 weeks post op

Hi Ladies! I'm doing well here. I had a massage today done by Dr Steely's nurse, Cindy, she is awesome, so nice. The massage is part of my MM, to help with any swelling. I have been feeling pretty normal these past few days. I'm off all pain meds. I have been walking a mile a day for past 3 days. My energy level feels fairly normal. I have muscular pain and my breasts are sore in a muscular sense. In the morning I am the most sore. I still have to sleep in my back. I have regained the feeling in my right nipple not the left one yet. I am able to stand straight now without having to force myself, yay! My stomach still feels tight but not as much. I do not have feeling down near my TT incision but that's expected. I do get super itchy after I take my compression garment off....trying.... not...to...itch :-) I am still in love with my breasts! And still measuring a 32DD...OMG! But I think I could do 34 D. My stomach is FLAT y'all! I'm over the moon! Words can not describe how happy I am about my results. These procedures are so worth it, best decision I have made for myself!! And I have a sexy waist ;-) if I may say so. I really don't see much swelling but I have been diligent with my lemon juice water and my strict diet. I see Dr Steely on Monday to get some sutures out and discuss going for a bra fitting yippee! I got my official Mentor card for my beautiful implants today. Both are 300cc overfilled to 350cc. I have another massage scheduled for next Thursday. I have to wait the full 6 weeks before doing any high impact exercise. I thought I could get away with resuming my squats ( because my thighs needs it) but alas I can't :( oh well patience patience. Happy healing to all the lovely ladies!!

I pulled a no no

So I went into Victoria Secret yesterday looking for some high leg briefs and shorties, as they sit higher on my waist than my current VS hip huggers which sit right on my incision. And well "somehow" I got measured for a bra ;-) even though I'm nowhere near cleared for regular bras. But I measured 32 DD but the 34 D bra was a perfect fit. Gosh my breasts looked beautiful in the bra. Heck, they look fab without a bra ;-) My breasts made the bra look awesome not the bra making them look great... as it was before. I would buy the prettiest bras before just to make me feel better about the sad state of my breasts. So I resisted buying a bra yesterday and the sales ladies were all encouraging me NOT to buy any bras now, surprise surprise. I see my PS tomorrow I'm looking forward to it. Still feeling pretty good. I have less abdominal muscular pain. Still itchy all over my trunk especially at night. I took a Benadryl which helped. I switched moisturizers to Origins Drink up intensive overnight mask. It's a small miracle worker. Does wonders for my face and now my abdominal area.

Sutures out cleared for bras!!

I saw Dr Steely today. He took my sutures out from under my breasts and belly button. Did not hurt just felt weird. He replaced the tape around my areolas. I got to see those incisions and they look so clean and I really think they will heal nicely, he was very pleased. He took the steri strips off my TT incision. All is looking great. I am to begin the Mederma cream twice a day. I do have silicone strips as well. He told me to burn my compression garment if I want to LOL!! I am now cleared for high waist Spanx. I still have to sleep on my back for 1 more week. I am officially cleared for bras! For now only supportive underwire ones, no push ups. I need to wear the bra to sleep in or my sport bra. He recommended 2 places to go for a professional fitting, Top Drawer or Nordstrom. I went to Nordstrom first. There is such a HUGE difference in getting professionally fitted for bras. VS can't even compare. I measure officially 32 DD. Apparently the support comes from the band so I really need to stick with the 32. She showed me how to position my breasts and what to look for and how it should feel. She stayed with me in the dressing Ron to make sure I was well adjusted for each bra. I chose a Natori in Dove Grey, and a Chantelle Depuis in Black (the Chantelle is a 34 D because the lace band runs tight) they are both quite comfortable. I'm really happy to be out of the sports bra, I can really see my true shape through my tops ;-) which is fabulous! I go in on Thursday for my last massage. I will see Dr Steely in 2 weeks to discuss working out again yay!!

Oh la la vive la France

After my Endermologie massage with Cindy I headed over to Top Drawer Lingerie yesterday. What a fantastic experience! I measured again 32 DD, that will stay my size but my shape will change. I think it's interesting that I got 350 cc saline implants under the muscle and I still came out at a DD considering what I started with!! So so happy I didn't push to go any bigger! I tried on many gorgeous bras. It was just so hard to walk away from many of them but they will be there in the future ;-) I knew I needed a t-shirt, strapless, Demi, and plunge bras. I just had to get some lace Demi ones they are my favorites! Why cover up my beauties?? LOL... I really like Simone Perele bras, they are beautiful and comfortable. Really every bra I bought is comfortable, the strapless is a bit tight but that's ok it will stretch a bit as I wear it. The French know how to design an exquisite bra! It's a whole new ball game caring for these bras. I always hand wash all my bras but now I am to only wear 1 bra for maximum 2 days in a row then wash or else the lace gets stretched and will not perform well. I also bought a maximum support sport bra for running by Panache. It does not compress the breasts, the cups firmly hold them in place. When I start running again in just a couple more weeks I'll write a review on how well it performs. I plan on getting either a Nike or Under Armour running bra to compare it to.
I walked 3 miles today it felt so good! I picked up the pace and don't feel sore at all. I really can't complain about anything I feel pretty good! I decided to go with the silicone strips for my scar therapy.

About 3 1/2 months post op

It's a been a while since I last updated. My recovery has gone very well. I feel back to 100%. I am running 6 days a week and returned to full working out. I will say doing full sit ups is a challenge as my ab muscles are still healing it will take up to a year for them to fully heal. Full push ups mostly are a no go for me so I stick to knees down seems to get the job done in toning my arms and back. I thought I could go with just 1 sports bra for running but no... I have to double up to get minimal movement. I don't have any soreness in my breasts when I run now. I did for a while. My scars are healing nicely. I'm a red head with thin fair skin. Having said that my Doctor is pleased with the scars thus far. I'm using silicone strips. For a while the incisions around my areolas were "spitting" the stitches out causing small holes but my Dr assured me it's not a problem and they will heal with antibiotic ointment. And they did heal. I am still very happy with my implants. I still measure 32 DD. I learned recently that going big like much bigger in size you run a higher risk of your body rejecting the implant and developing capsular constricture. I love the way my breasts look in a bikini top. As far as my new stomach goes I am beyond happy! I was a little concerned for a while about the swelling but now that I have been working out focusing on my abs and eating very healthy I have no swelling and my stomach is pretty much flat. I still have numbness below my belly button. I get full quickly like I can only eat small amounts at a time or else my stomach feels tight and awkward. At the end of the day it's not as flat as in the morning but that's because my stomach and intestines are full of food and water. So I've accepted that. It took me a while to get over why my stomach had a bulge at the end of the day....don't compare yourself to supermodels or Victoria secret models post op, trust me they don't eat/drink before photo shoots. Also those poor female celebs get unwanted attention from papparrazi for having a baby bump when all they did was eat a decent meal!
I still wear a light weight sports bra at night. I don't wear spanx anymore during the day yay!
All is going well, I am so in love with my new body. It's a positive life changer for sure. I go in for another post op appointment around August.


Update: So I like the way my breasts look they are pretty and youthful looking....but they are firm to hold and I definitely have rippling under the breasts from the implants :( I can feel the actual implant edges. Dr Steely did tell me this would happen but I guess I didn't fully understand the concept and I had made up my mind that saline was a better choice for me. So I just overlooked the feel of the implant. I do wish they were bigger as I am tall and have a wide chest to accommodate larger implants. I suppose I can always have them changed out down the road. And yes I will choose silicone next time, sorry to say. I do have ongoing pain in my right breast, sometimes it's hardly noticeable others it's there. I still can not do full push ups, I get sharp pains in my right breast. My right implant slips almost into my armpit when I lay flat, not a sexy look.... my left breast looks natural when lying flat. The implants just do not feel natural and soft on me. I have thin skin apparently so this is why I can feel the implant. My stomach is still nice and flat. The incision is healing. I still have numbness across my abdomen.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Steely is very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable during our initial consultation. All of my questions were answered. The time spent with me in the exam room was average for a doctor. We agreed pre op I did not need liposuction. Yet immediately after my procedure while I was in the recovery room Dr Steely told me he gave me extra fluid in case I needed lipo. This extra fluid caused my blood pressure to rise to a very high level immediately post op. I had to be monitored longer than normal. The swelling I had from the extra fluid was enormous and uncomfortable. This was all unnecessary as we had already discussed not needing/doing lipo. He definitely firmly steered me toward smaller implants than I originally wanted. He said because I am a runner and slim He was not going to go above 350cc. He said any bigger and I would look top heavy and most likely need a breast lift down the road. I agreed to this logic. He did say he could get my breasts much closer together than they ended up being. Post op, I do wish my breasts were bigger and closer together as I have a wide chest, am tall and I have wide hips. More time needed to be spent pre op making sure my proportions were balanced. The incision under my left breast is much longer than the right one. I have ongoing pain in my right breast. My right breast implant slides almost into my armpit when I lay flat on my back making the right side of my chest look awkwardly flat. Whereas my left breast looks natural when lying down. I can feel the edges of the implants under my breasts when standing up, which I was made aware of pre op. I also have a lot of rippling around the implants when I bend over or flex. The saline implants are firm to the touch, I do not have soft breasts. My areolas are not as pretty as they use to be. You can definitely see the scar around the edges. This is an alternative to a full lift with a scar running vertically under the areolas. I am happy with my tummy tuck although the incision on one side of my hip is higher than the other. The scar is healing nicely. I have had no complications with my TT healing. My new belly button is aesthetically pretty and placed in a nice position. Pre op Dr Steely did tell me he would remove more skin than was actually removed. I am guessing my skin could not be stretched as far as he initially thought. His office staff are friendly and professional. They are always happy to answer any questions I have. The office environment is clean and nicely decorated.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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