24 Year Old No Kids 34b Bra Size 425cc HP silicone - Houston, TX

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So I have wanted to do this for years now, I have...

So I have wanted to do this for years now, I have always felt insecure about my breasts. I've been doing my research on PS in my area. 2015 will be the year I go through with it but I wanted to start my journey a few days earlier. My main concern is the anesthesia and not waking up :( I guess its natural to fear the unknown. I've never had any surgery's. I'm 5'2 and weigh 118 lbs. Tan skin tone (for future scar reporting) . I am a gym rat and am also worried about not being able to work out for a few weeks. I'm planning on getting silicone implants under the muscle at no less than 400cc ( I'm planing on 450cc) Also I like side boob! So I was planning on mod+ profile, unless my PS recommends another profile would give me better results. My wish boobs will be added.

PS search!!

OK so based on reviews, before and afters I think I have narrowed my search for surgeons down to 3. Dr John lomonaco, Dr Paul Vitenas and Dr Evan Feldman. Has anyone had work done by any of these surgeons? Did you have any issues? I'm planning on having consultations with all 3 and comparing who I feel more comfortable with. All are board certified and very talented from what I have seen and heard online. Any advice?


I hate when boobs look like some one put a straw in to the skin an blew, That bubble shape. I want to avoid this look as much as possible. All of these have that bubble top that I don't want.

up comming consultations!!!

OK so I have a week off of work the second week of February and have already contacted a few doctors. I'm trying to get them booked on the same day that way everything stays fresh in my head and I can compare how each one made me feel along with their recommendations. I have my questions ready and will be taking notes on each one as well.. I figured that if I'm going to be passed out butt naked on a table with someone cutting into me I need to be able to trust them. I'll let you guys know how it goes and my thought process during each one. BTW I'm bringing my husband with me. He fully supported my choice in getting the procedure and its always nice to have a second opinion in case I need it.

... OK

So I have two consultations set up, my first is on 2-16 with Dr. Feldman. Second is 2-19 with Dr. Vitenas. I can't wait to get this done. For awhile I have been debating on placing a before pic... But I'm extremely self conscious about how they look.. I lift weights and my muscles over power my small breasts, I want to feel feminine. I went from a 34c to a 34b. I love lifting and I know its the reason my breasts shrank but its something that's part of who I am now. So here I go .. These are my tiny boobies, that hopefully one of these doctors can fix.

Super excited!

So tomorrow I have my consultation with Dr. Feldman and I can't wait to get his input on achieving my desired look. I'm posting some more wish pics so I can show him from my real self page. I was thinking about 400cc-500cc HP implants through the areola. Chances are I will go with the largest size suggested to get my look. I can't wait!!!

Feldman consultation

I went signed some papers. And spoke with the surgeon. He uses the same anesthesialogist each time he is board certified and only does breast surgery. He answered my questions and did the measurements. My bwd is 12. And then I got to size them. He recommend 400cc - 425cc high profile silicone implants. To get the look I want . so I would go with 425. But I have another consultation to go to before I decide on who I want.


Here I'm modeling the HP silicone 425cc implant. That's the largest that was recommend by Dr. Feldman. I like how it balances out my lower half. I don't think it looks ridiculously large and they didn't feel heavy.

2nd consultation

Just got done, it was a bit different with Dr. Vitenas. He prefers to use mod + and with my bwd of 12 that ment kinda small implants 286cc was what was recommend. Idk if I want to spend that much for a look I can get with a semi padded bra. Every thing else was pretty much the same. This consultant was more the doctor choosing. My last one I got measured and was shown the implants that would fit and was able to try all of them until I found the look I wanted.

pic 425


Hey guys, I realized something. I feel really guilty about spending so much money on my self on a surgery that's not required. I don't like spending money on myself. Anyone out there feel this way at any point of there augmentation? I really want this, for me .. That sounds so selfish. Idk. Its not like I have kids or am taking care of anyone.. I'm young and have saved up more than enough for the procedure. I just can't shake this guilt.


After my consultations I have chosen to have my procedure done with Dr.Feldman and the 425cc high profile silicone implants. All im waiting for now is my work place to finalize my vacation weeks before I set my date and time. I can't wait :)

the time for change is now.

My deposit is down and my surgery set for may 19th !!! Now the longgggg count down begins. Thanks guys! It helped knowing the size I liked was also liked by other women. BTW my hubby agrees with my choice. That's always a plus.


Its like time is going by soooo slowly. I can't wait to toss my padded bras and push ups! After I put down my deposit, its like times standing still. I just want to get it over with and have my new boobies. I have already looked at everything boob job related online, the good the bad the ugly, surgerys and reviews. I have had dreams about this stuff. Is anyone else going through this too? If so what do you do to take your mind off it? Thanks

my photos

My 425cc high profile silicone pics taken during my consultation.


I know my surgerys still a long ways away but I'm already debating on going from a 425cc to a 450cc high profile silicone implant. I don't think there will be a noticeable difference between the two but I am going under the muscle. I'm sure that once I bring it up in my pre op Dr Feldman will agree to try both to see what will look best. Do I sound crazy? Am I already having boob greed with out the boobs? I just want to be sure I'll be satisfied with my breast. I also read that a size D in clothing looks like a size C ???? Mind you my band size is a 34 and my bwd is 12 . I also remember showing Dr F my wish pic and him saying we may have to use the 450s for the look I wanted. My main concern is the slope of my breast at this point. I don't want a bubble top or a bolted on look. I want a nice full slope with a round bottom. Hmmmm if only life had a fast forward button :/

I prefer to be over pepared.

Im exactly 29 days from my pre op and I've already started getting my boob emergency kit together. I already have multiple front closure sports bras, my tylenols, ice packs, silicone scar strips, bio oil, along with the most comfortable button up pajamas I could find. Other then my prescriptions , do you guys suggest any thing else that may be useful? Thanks :)

surgery's 2 weeks away

I have my pre op on Tuesday. Time went by so much faster after I stopped thinking about it. I can't wait to get rid of my padded bras and push ups, those things are so uncomfortable for me. I also have some pretty backless dresses I've never worn :) I've been going to the gym for my work outs as much as possible, hopefully I will get it out of my system and be able to relax and enjoy my boobies once I get em.

pre op

I made my payment in full and signed my life away. I went over my size concerns with the doctor and was told 425 cc would be best, my bwd is 12 and the diamiter of the implant is 12. Any thing more and I may see complications like uni boob. I was able to re try them and that helped reasure my choice. 425cc high profile silicone under the muscle :) I feel ready now. I'm more excited than worried at this point.


Pre op

little update

Hey guys, I picked up my prescriptions today and it hit me... Only 4 days till my surgery.. Its a mix of yay and wtf. I can't believe I saved up enough to pay cash and am going through with it... There's no backing out now.. This is it.. I'm not wasting 4500 I'm investing it... I wish u guys the best with your procedures! And don't worry I'll post pre op pics the day before.. Im just as curious when it comes to wanting to keep track of how they change.

pre op pics

Some pre pics

a few hours left :)

After all of this waiting, I'm almost there. I am at the point that I'll be happy just to be bigger than I am now. I have also given my surgeon the yes to go smaller or larger depending on what he finds once he's in my breast pocket. I just want to be happy in a two piece and have my results last a long time. I want to avoid sagging as much as possible. I'm relaxed right now and happy that I found someone willing to be with me on my personal journey as well as its recovery. I wish you all the best. I will be posting during my recovery once my doctor removes the bandages. No sneek peeks :/

Tetas!!!! :)

Little post to let anyone following know I made it of if surgery OK. I can't undo the bra or the band. I feel some pressure on my chest right now. Its not really a pain, its more like its uncomfortable.I am soo Happy :)))

starp and compression bra

Here's what it looks like.

yaayyyy #2

I was able to use the rest room :) that was by far the worst part of this whole expirence. If you haven't had your surgery yet make sure you have those laxatives on hand. The narco and pills had me bloated. I'm going to cut that narco out and see if I can servive with Tylenol.

first shower :)

I'm so happy I went through with this, my boobs are a bit stiff and high but I already love them


My insicion site.

( .)( .)

I couldn't help it, after my shower I grabbed a bra I had bought out of excitement a few months ago, I didn't put it on but l held up the cups around my new boobies and it was way too small =D it was a 34D and that was what I was hoping to be when it all heals. I still have to wait for the drop and fluff but I am 100% content with my size choice!!

5 day post op

American eagle bralette size medium. A little tight but I'm sure once the d&f happens it will look awesome.

trouble sleeping on your back??

Invest in a backrest pillow. Its about $15 at Walmart. I got one and had the best nights sleep since my surgery. Hope this helps.


My 34 D bra, wireless. I forgot where I even got it. No padding :) but as you can see the nips are peaking and I'm almost certain this will not fit once my breast D&F.

wish pic comparison

=D I just realized how close it resembles one of my wish pics!! Great job Dr Feldman! Bravo

Requested tank pic

I bought this at Walmart, size M. Nothing special.


I can't believe how sensitive my nipples are! Its like I'm being zapped by electricity. Has anyone else had this issue?

before boobies

They looked so sad :(


Just got my steri strips removed, and I got the ok to start my silicone scar sheeting.

My measurements

My under bust is 28inches, while my bust is 37 inches. And its been ridiculously hard to find a sports bra or even a supportive bra. I guess I'll just stick to the bra the Dr gave me for now. Oh I also got the OK to wear other bras, just no under wire or extremely padded ones ( not that I would even try those anymore ) lol. Dr also said to look for a size 30f, 32 DDD. Largest band size 34dd and that's pushing it when it comes to lack of support. I'll wait until they settle to invest some big bucks on a "true" bra. I don't want to mess them up due to lack of support. No droopy boobies here pls

Silicone scar sheeting

Here's my incision with the sheeting. When I opened the pack I noticed the where about 2 inches wide. A lot bigger than the strei strips so I cut it in half and they stay put perfectly. It also means I doubled my supply from 4 weeks to 8. Hope this helps :)

New bra

Here's a little up date, my boobies are getting squishy. And I spend extra time massaging in the morning and at night. I ordered a bra on e bay and its a little tight but its cute so I'll keep. So far the most comfortable size that fits great has been a 34 DD.

Scar update

I've been using the silicone scar sheets all day, everyday. This is right after my shower and before my massage session. I can't wait to see how they look in 5 months.


My Scar pic , I posted the same one twice here's my right side


Small band big cup???

Parfait bras are awesome!! If anyone else is having trouble being a 30-34 in band size and a DD+ in cup size this is the brand to look for. My lace purple bra from e bay in my earlier post is a Parfait bra and its a size 30F. They have D DD DDD E F G H I J .... Almost the whole alphabet :) hope this helps with the new boobies!!!

A moment of truth

It's been a struggle debating on whether or not to post this. In the long run I hope it helps anyone else who goes through it too. I have fallen into a deep depression these past few days and I don't understand why. My body looks great, I did what I set out to do but now I can't shake this inner saddness. I'm doing what I can at this point not to let it consume me. I can't wait until this goes away...


I have been massaging consistently and have been using my silicone strips 24/7. It seems that my left breast is a little higher than my right but from what I've read the settle / drop and fluff at different paces. I have been sleeping on my back still and haven't been to the gym :( at this point I'm Afraid to mess up my new boobies. I've stuck to the parfait bras and they give me great support. It also seems that my boobie blues are over :)

Little update

New bra

Capsural contraction :(

I'm going to be needing a revision. My left breast has developed CC. My doctor was very caring and I left feeling hopeful that this would fix my high riding implant. It's not my fault or the doctors.. It's just something that happens and I understand that. Im scheduled for my second surgery and all I have to pay for is the anesthesia and medication. Fingers crossed :.(

What cc looks like.

I posted a question titled- what's wrong with my left breast?! In case you want to see what early capsural contracture looks like. You'll notice on my side shot that you can see my left breast over my right, almost like a shelf. I hope it helps.

My revision date 8-20

I'm 3 days away and am preparing my self again for the possible outcome. My right breast is beautiful and hopefully my left will look better after this go around. I'm only getting my left replaced. I will post again after surgery.

All done

I just woke up at home, my revisions went perfectly . thank you guys for the support and hope it doesn't have to happen to any of you!

1 day post revision op

I'm still a little groggy and haven't seen my breast yet but even with the surgical bra on i can feel its lower than before :) and I am not feeling the pain I had before either. Before the revision I could literally put my chin down and feel my left breast .. That's how high it had gotten. Now it looks and feels a whole lot better and its only been a day. I'm hopeful that this will be it. My doctor showed that he really cares about his patients and the anesthesiologist as well. If I ever need anything else done I know I'll be sticking with Dr Feldman and his staff. A++

My post op revisions pic

It looks so much better now. It turns out it was internal scaring underneath the the implant. So basically blood filled up on the bottom side and as time went on the blood didn't dissolve but hardened forcing the implant up.

1 week post revision

I love the side boob ;) I'm being extra careful in not using my left side for anything. I sleep with the band and bra as well. Some of the marker the doctor used is still on it but I'm not going to risk scrubbing on my boob for a spotless pic. But so far here they are :)

Scar update after revision

My right breast you can barely notice the scar, my left had a revision 15 days ago or so. That's why there's such a difference. Buy its still pretty good for being cut open twice.

Front view, arms up

My left is healing well after its revision. It has a small dent where the scar tissue was removed and the doctor reassurede me with massaging and "fluffing' it is only temporary. It's still a 100% compared to the before pic.

Bra comparison.

A bra from a previous post on June 10 compared to today. Crazy how they continue to change. Sooooo I guess 30dddd is to small now .

Little update

So far I'm 3 months out after my revision. Here's a photo on what they look like. Sorry I just took my bra off that's the line you see on the breast.

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time.

Basically after having a revision on one breast for contracture, I ended up with contracture in the other as well. I just got done with what I hope is my last revision for a long time. After fixing the contracture in both they both bottomed out. I went yesterday and we decided to do an internal bra and go to a 450cc srf full silicone implant in each side. My journey was a long one. It's been a little under a year and I'm back to the beginning. Honestly I am still happier than I would have been if I never would have tried. Dr Feldman helped me out with the costs of the procedures which he did not have to do. For that I am great full that I chose an individual who really did care about me and fixing something that he had no control over. Maybe after a few months I will post a picture of my new 450cc srf silicone implants. A word of advice, don't ever choose a surgeon based on price .. Pick someone you have a connection with and who is genuine in wanting to help you.

Post re re revision.

Ok so here's my two week post pic with the before. You'll notice that my nipples are going up due to the implant falling below the muscle.im hopeful that it will heal the same way you can tell how the nipples are straight are now, one has fallen faster than the other but that's due to the fact that one side had fallen even more than the other and the doctor had to place more stitches in that side so it will take longer to drop and fluff.

3 month post re re revision

3rd times a charm. So here's what they look like after everything is said and done. I had to go through a lot but I don't regret it. Everyone heals differently and that's just part of it. I'll post another pic at 6 months and hopefully that will be all. Hope my journey helps you stay positive even when things look bad.

4 months 10 days

Post revisions pic.

4 months 10days

6 month mark!

I made it to 6months after all of my revisions with no further complications:) here's a pic. Sorry one arm is up so it's a little off. I didn't have anyone to help take a boob pic lol
Evan Feldman

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