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Alright folks! I have decided to write a diary...

Alright folks! I have decided to write a diary detailing my journey (along with endless research) about potential surgeons that have an eye for hip shape, buttock projection and pronounced waist, and most importantly, safety so that I get to be well and alive and enjoy my result at some beach following the hefty fee that I have to pay again.

Details about me:
I am 5'2" and weigh about 135-140 lbs. I used to weigh about 200 lbs around the end of 2014, and my doctor put me on a weight loss program as I am a high risk patient for cholesterol and diabetes. As a result, I was in a gruesome exercise program to the point that I can feel the soreness to the bone! I lost a lot of weight and built some muscles along the way. I decided to have a brazilian butt lift when I noticed that my buttocks look horribly deformed from the weight loss. I literally have no fat there and the hip dips are clearly visible. Sitting on a plastic chair was a nightmare and uncomfortable for me due to the lack of the fat cushion. I asked my husband what he thinks of them when I was wearing fitting jeans and his response was " they look cute" to which I pressured him further and he proceeded by saying " well they look wierd." I realized that I needed to do something about this, and I had excess fat around my waist and thighs. I consulted a surgeon, and he concluded that the waist, back and flanks may be enough for 1000 CCs injection for each cheek. Other surgeons followed suit but they thought 500 CCs are enough for each cheek. Knowing how malnourished my butt cheeks are from a fat perspective, I decided to go with the former surgeon, and had my bbl on May 2016. He did a great job around the hip although I lacked projection on each cheek, but I was so delighted by the hourglass shape that the projection did not bother me much. Within a week, I suffered from a minor infection on each hip and the dreaded hip dip appeared again.

The solution:
It is pretty obvious that I was not fully satisfied with the result, or else I won't even spend an intensive amount of time researching surgeons for a revision and hear their feedback. I have been squating heavy for the past few months (scored a personal record of 165 lb with deep squats to activate the gluteal muscles) and it appears that my buttocks look much bigger when I flex....and you probably know that flexing muscles can hurt after a while. Last month, while squating deep, my glutes failed to push up the weight so I fell down with the squat rack on my back. Gladly, the safety bars picked up the weight before they could rampage my back. That was a wake up call for me to do something about this before I really injure myself.

I am currently interviewing doctors, and I have to choose between Dr Dass and Dr Perry. Both are good and somewhat aggressive in their liposuction. I already have uneveness around my belly along with excess skin from the weight loss, so I accepted the fate that there will be more uneveness after the revision. I welcome that as long as I see significant improvement around my buttocks.

Pictures will be posted soon.

Current measurements

After the BBL on May 2016, my waist reduced from 32 inch to 29 inch on a good day. I mostly average around 29.5 inch.
Hip on the other hand is on a steady 38 inch. My hip is a straight up and down from the top hip to the beginning of the lateral thigh. Dr Perry acknowledged that and he mentioned that he can enhance that to give me a nice, smooth curve at my revision consultation. He also stated that I am soft around the tummy and he could extract some fat from those areas if one is careful with the superficial fat (skin fat). Enough removal can improve my skin contraction.

In conclusion, Dr Perry could extract and inject 900 cc of fat (which may include scar tissue from the first surgery- I appreciate his honesty) per cheek but he thinks that the volume could be much higher. I liked what I hear but I shall be realistic and expect 400-500 cc of fat injected per cheek based on my previous experience with my first bbl surgery.

Areas to be liposuctioned would be literally the full body except the calves and maybe the back thighs and face.

Thoughts on Dr Dass

I truly like Dr Dass' work. He is professional, humble, easy to listen to, and very honest based on my phone consultation with him. He suspects that he could inject 600-800 cc(those are his conservative estimates but he thinks he can get much higher than that) per cheek. The only concern for him is that he needed to feel those "fat reserves" and looking at the photos alone may not be a good judgement to him. I am quoted 15.9 k for full body liposuction except the calves and under arms. I am thinking hard about the amount and I don't know if a slight increase of ~1 inch around the hip can justify the amount. His work is phenomenal and he has an eye for shaping the hips and enhancing the buttock appearance. Dr Perry mentioned that shaping the buttock often always starts with the hip enhancement, which can extend into the middle buttock. Good information!

Made my reservation date for surgery with Dr Perry

So Dr Perry it is! After thinking hard and sleeping through the nights thinking about the verdict, I decided that I will go with him over Dr Dass. I would like a revision to fix my hips, develop a narrower waist, and have more fat transfer to my cheeks for more projection. Dr Perry has guaranteed atleast 800 cc per cheek and even thinks that he could get much more upto 1000 cc. Since I had a bbl previously, with the scar tissue mixed in with the fat around my waist, I would probably predict 400-500 cc per cheek just to not surprise myself if the fat transfer ends up less than anticipated, which include the arms, inner thighs, chin, back, stomach and love handles. I heard that he is very aggressive with the liposuction, which is great! Now to make sure that I don't get burned lol.

I will be under anaesthesia for 4.5 hours. That surely is a long, long time under it. Is that the norm for some of you?

Need help on choosing either Dr Blinski or Dr Perry Wendell. Thin patients, I need your opinion!

Hey dolls! I need your help to decide what doctor should I choose for bbl revision. I am 5'2" 140 lbs and am toned since I lift heavy several days a week (none of this 5 lb dumbbell crap). I am fluffy in some areas and I asked for a quick email consultation with Dr Blinski and he estimated 1400 cc per cheek. Dr Perry Wendell works with thin patients and according to some realself reviews, he could extract a good amount of fat but it could also be that those thin patients have small frames, hence they look good. I really need your help in deciding which doctor I should sign up for? I am not willing to gain weight due to health reasons (cholesterol and diabetes risk), and even if I gain weight, chances are it will be muscle. Are there any thin patients who did not gain weight and got good results from Dr Blinski?
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