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This is my first surgery of any type, every. Last...

This is my first surgery of any type, every. Last week I finally decided that for my 25th birthday I'd treat myself with something I've always wanted - a feminine, curvy shape with a nice bubbly bottom.

I've done the dieting, the brazilian butt lift (videos), I tried heavy squats, free weights, swimming, I did every sport when I was in Highschool and all I managed to attain was a firm small butt. I'm 5'3" and have been 130lbs with a tight body and firm abdomen, but no matter what I did, I always had little rolls over the top of my jeans. I was thin for goodness sakes. Why couldn't I just be blessed with curves like the whole entirety of the female population in my family was? I'm the odd one in the bunch.

Ill tell you most of the women in my family look like they work out and squat and have a beautiful curve on their back where it meets their bottom, and aside from that you see them from the front and they've got that tiny waist to be envies, yet these girls couldn't even begin to tell you what a one mile jog feels like or what a barbell is. Can you say unfair?

Anyways, after a whole week of nonstop, literally, researching online, I've finally set my first consultation with Dr. Cortes for December 7. I hate that its so far off from now, but working 12 hours a day and now 8 hours on Saturdays to save up all the money CASH by march just has to be done to avoid debt.

I'm so glad to have such a supportive boyfriend, he might take a few days off to take care of me, not sure about that just yet. I don't know what to ask the Dr. I've written down a few questions, but I guess I'll ask a few of my own to you ladies for some help, maybe some Cortes Dolls, or future ones.

Will I be getting naked on the first day? Lol will I have to show him wish pictures or email them to him? Is there something I should be doing before my first consultation? Will he tell now how realistic or not my wish for a curvy future body is? I'll post current (before) pictures of myself, I hope I get a little feedback from you ladies.

Thank you

First consultation..

This Saturday I will have my first consultation with Dr. Cortez. I'm a bit nervous but I know I will be fine. I guess you could say as of now I'm 98% sure he is the doctor who will be doing my BBL, and the other 2% will be his convincing me he is the one by answering questions and informing me with honesty on how realistic my goal is. My goals are not unrealistic and trust me I've seen his work, he has a way to completely change a woman's body like molding clay.

I'm excited about this Saturday, although I'm sure the wait might be a little crazy but I don't mind.

Ps*** So obsessed with RL that my neck is starting to give me problems. Lol being on this phone can't be good for my health. Why is it so hard to stay away? :(

Glad I have the support from you amazing ladies.

Today things were going great, congratulating women on their amazing bodies, stalking profiles and checking people's shapes out(don't we all?) and just basically what I do at work, which is obsess over this forthcoming BBL. I have so many pictures of women's butts and women silhouettes that I swear if someone looked through my photos they would think I prefer women over men. Lol
Back to my story, I was having a good day, and yesterday was even better because I was getting the feeling that my mom was starting to get on board with the idea of me getting a BBL. Well, I was wrong.
I know I'm not a parent so I can't possibly understand what a mother feels, but she really doesn't want me to get this procedure. She's scared God will be angry with me and that something bad might happen during Sx. She told me that just thinking about it makes her feel sick and that she's becoming depressed. I don't want to feel responsible for the way she feels, but why SHOULDN'T I do this for myself? I keep telling her that I love her and to please visit this page so she can see the beautiful women on this site and how they've transformed. She doesn't want me to go through with this, yet she pretty much refuses to do any research on the subject when I ask her to please do so. She keeps telling me God gave me the body I was meant to have and that I'm beautiful the way I am. I just want to do this for me, so I can finally feel beautiful and amazing in my own skin and in anything I try on. Ever try on waist high pants or a short top, when you have no waist? Sad.

The worst part of this (text) conversation with my momma was when she told me that she would get down on her knees and beg me if she had to. I love her so much and to even know she would do that breaks my heart, I just don't see why she would go to that. She shouldn't do that for anyone else but God. This is frustrating, I've already made my decision and all I want is for my mom to support me even if she doesn't feel it's right for me to do this. I may sound like a child when I say this, but I want my momma there with me. I don't know if ill get that from her though, I know she loves me, but I don't think she will want to see me in pain, bruises, and with drains sticking out of my body. :/ I wish she understood. She knows how much I struggle to buy clothes that fit me right, and she's watched me do so since I was a teenager. It's hard to find something SUPER CUTE to wear and just hope that it makes you look like you have a small waist. She never had a problem with that while growing up. She, along with her 3 sisters, had BANGIN BODIES when they were young! I mean big hips with a teeny waist, and all natural. Why couldn't I have that? I still can, and I can't miss this opportunity. I'm financially stable, have no kids, I have minimal bills since I live at home, and have a good paying job. The only thing I'm missing is my mommas support, wish I knew how to get it. I'm just thankful there's so many women going through the same thing as me who have been so supportive. I know I'm new here but y'all have made me feel so welcome. :,)

Wish Pics: Silhouette

I'm sorry if I stole someone's photo. There's literally so much perfection on this site, that I don't know who wouldn't be happy about being someone's wish pic. :) if you don't want it up here on my blog, PM me and it will come down, if that's possible. I don't want to be deleted or anything like that because of something like this, I enjoy talking to everyone here. :)

Wish Pics: Booty

My wish pics of the booty I would like to have. :) I don't want a huge booty, I just want a slightly bigger than average. I want the doctor to mainly focus on the silhouette and lipo, so I guess the molding part of the surgery, then he can add a marvelous booty.

I think I will also have the chin lipo done, I've always had issues with my double chin, even when I was super skinny I had this little tiny double chin, I'd like it to go down(or up for that matter) and hopefully it'll stay there. :P Ahhh I don't even have my DOS yet and I couldn't be more excited.

Wish Pics: Booty Cont'd

The rest didnt upload, so here's the others.

My first consultation Saturday went great

I was very nervous upon arrival. I signed in, gave my consultation fee of $45 which is very low, from what I've heard, compared to other doctors. Well when I got there I realized I'd forgotten my list of questions to ask the doctor at work and it would be impossible to get them seeing that I work in the complete opposite direction of his Houston office.

His staff was very friendly and welcoming and made me feel right at home.

When I walked into the examination room I unclothed, put the robe on and waited for the doctor to come in. In the mean time I played with the silicone boobs, which was fun. When he finally came in I got even more nervous, took off my robe and he pinched the crap out of my fat. Lol I know that's how they do their thing, but I just thought it was pretty funny seeing that I don't even allow my boyfriend to play with my fat. Haha he asked me what I wanted, and I told him I wanted good hips and slim all around, so the main focus would be on my sculpting. He said I had a somewhat square frame, which I agreed, and he said he could definitely give me some hips. I told him I wanted a natural booty, which I think I now regret. I've gone my whole life with no booty so I think I should just get it bigger than natural. Because what if I end up loving the swollen booty more than when the swelling goes down? I don't know how to go about asking him if I could get a bigger booty. I just wanna go big. I wish I would have said so during the consult. Who can I talk to about this? Should I just call the office and ask if its possible? Because I know the doctor examined my skin and fat, so I don't know who to ask about this. Please if anyone has any feedback on this subject.

And I wanted to say sorry for not updating about it the day of the consult. The truth is, after I spoke to the young lady who went over the total cost of surgery, she told me someone had cancelled for March third. I counted the weeks in my head and thought that'd be perfect, weeks before my nieces first birthday. Well, me being me, I hesitated and told them I'd go home and check my calendar and paychecks to see if I'd be good by then. When I got home, I immediately regretted it. I should have gone with my gut because it was like a sign in front if me to schedule for that day. What are the odds that the only day available was the beginning of March or end of February like I had been hoping for, knowing the doctor is completely booked? When I called back to correct my mistake, the office was more than likely closed. I ended up having to wait ALL WEEKEND, nervously and as patient as possible, to call and put down my deposit for March 3rd. Today I was able to do that. Thank God. I'm so thankful to him for giving me the date I needed. I couldn't be any more happy and thankful!!

Well, I'd any of you ladies could help me out with my questions I'd be more than thankful. Thank you so much and happy healing to everyone! I got my date!!!! Yay! This is so much more real now!

Amazing, high quality underbust corsets!

Alright ladies. I've been reading all of your post-op blogs and have seen many post-op photos(keep in mind I'm still PRE-OP) and noticed something happening to so many ladies. Bunching up of cinchers and squeems at the waist area or I've seen people say theirs rolls up. I think I may be doing a few future BBL ladies a favor by telling you where to find very affordable, high quality cinchers. I think it's worth a try. They have some low prices ones and they always have sales.

I ran into a website about a year back when I decided to do waist training, and I purchased a black taffeta cincher with steel boning. At first the price kind of threw me off a bit because it was only $45 so I wasn't expecting very much like the type you buy at a clothing store that roll up in some places and pinch you in others.

When it arrived, it arrived quickly, much sooner than the dates of possible arrival, and let me tell you when I tried that thing on I was able to tie the laces TIGHT. And you don't even have to worry about the lacing, they all come professionally pre-laced. The material was great, it feels durable, and I was able to wear it WITH NO UNDER SHIRT all day long and it didnt pinch or rub my skin wrong once! Not once. I now have 4 of these, 2 fit me and the other two I bought a few inches too small so they didnt fit and I didnt want to return them even if it was super easy to do so. I guess you could say it helped inspire me in wanting a smaller waist.

So here I am sharing with all of you my secret to very comfortable waist cinchers. I'm sure you want me to SHUT UP AND TELL YOU THE WEBSITE ALREADY. Lol ill do that after I tell you one last thing.

The size chart is legit and correct. I went ONE inch below my actual waist size and the corsets came in too small. Please purchase accordingly. There are some really beautiful products here but I'd stick with the UNDERBUST CORSETS for now. The overbust corsets may make your boobs pop out if they're pretty big. Lol

Now the moment you've been reading for..... *drumroll please* lol
The website:
www. Truecorset .com / us /
With no spaces of course.
Get ready to fall in love with some of these. I plan on buying a few more of these later on and maybe wear them for dress up when I'm married. :P
I'm sure my future husband will be appreciative of that. Haha

Now these corset/cinchers worked for me(PRE-OP still, just chubby) and they made my waist look tiny, as close to an hourglass shape as I've ever been, but I don't know how they will work for everyone who is POST-OP, especially the ladies with the shelf booties lol. So SHELF BOOTY LADIES BEWARE BUYING THESE. I don't want y'all getting a dent on the top of your booty cause of this or something like that. Happy buying and good luck. :)

Stay blessed!

This weight gain tho....

67 days before surgery. I'm 5'3", currently 156lbs., have a 31"-32" waist, used to work out before first office visit with Dr. Cortes where he told me to gain 10-15lbs, and I've no children. My first consult was Dec. 7 and since then I've gained about 8lbs. I am now at 156lbs. So it took me 19 days to gain 8lbs. SCARY BUT TRUE.

I recently got engaged(Dec.13) and plan on getting married this February, weeks before surgery. I don't want to be chubby when we get married. I almost want to wait til after surgery to get married, but ill have way too many things going on 3 weeks+ post op including a move to San Antonio.

So I'm stuck with two choices.
1) Lose weight and start gaining after getting married which gives me only 16-17 days to gain. Or...
2) Stay chubby and take photos looking chubby. :/

This is hard. I mean I still have a little over 2 months before surgery, but I'm a little worried. Should I just say "eff it, my body is gonna be BANGIN afterwards anyways" or should I put weight gain on hold til the papers are signed?

39 Days Pre-Op

I figured it was about time to update. Okay, so on Monday I wrote a long update with photos only for it to not upload, it took me like half an hour to include everything I had to say, and it just didnt post. Come on RS. :(

So I've hit the 39 day pre-op mark and let me tell you, I'm nervous. I know by now I should have a bunch of supplies ready to go, but I've just started that on Monday. One of my packages should have arrived today if amazons texts are correct. I really hope I don't miss anything that ill need. I'm kinda happy that ill be staying with my sister, despite the fact that she will be seeing my naked body, I feel pretty comfortable with her. At least I won't have stubble in my nether regions to scare her with haha let me tell you ladies, Lazer hair removal is WONDERFUL!!!! Permanently shaving free downstairs, haha but it hurts, a lot. Especially when you go for the full brazilian. :P anyway, I'm way off topic now.

So the nerves have started a bit. My parents are worried about me, some people say I don't need it (phht yeah right) and I do have people that support me, but yet I'm still nervous. I'm scared of needles but I know that's one thing I'm gonna have to let go of at least for SX day and oh yeah, preop blood work. Lol dammit!!! I didn't even think of that til just NOW. D: oh well. I trust Dr. Cortes, because I know he's skilled, and I trust that God will make this go smoothly, I guess I'm fearing the long recovery that comes after. I know it's going to be painful but I will suck it up. I think I have a high pain tolerance but I don't want to underestimate this post op stuff. I was told that rib tattoos are the most painful, some women have gone as far as to say that it hurt worse than childbirth (uhm...really?) lol and when I went in for my large rib piece, I ACTUALLY asked him if he had already started or of he was just messing with me. Lol it did hurt a little bit towards the end, but call me crazy, that tattoo was doing more tickling than hurting. Lol I kept giggling and he was asking me if I was on drugs or something. Uhm no, I don't do drugs. Lol he would stop and tell me, "okay brave yourself, this spot is where most people feel it hurts the most" and all that happened was that I had a mixture of tickle, discomfort, and vibrating ribs. Lol but Lazer hair removal on the pubic area, that's NO JOKE!!!

Okay, enough about that, I'm gonna post pictures of how my body looks now. With a little over 10 lbs above my normal weight. It sucks.

First items

Here's what I'm getting in the mail today and tomorrow.

Funny story about my post op purchase item

I bought the earthlite item pictured above, it came in the mail yesterday, and I couldn't wait to leave work so I could get home and try it. When I did, the set up was super easy, you don't really need the instructions, I didn't. I ran upstairs, adjusted it to the height of my bed, threw myself onto my tummy with a pillow under my lower abdomen and laid my face into the head rest, and that's the last thing I remember. Hahaha
I woke up facing the floor, and it was so comfortable!! Super soft and the hole is the perfect size to see straight down. I actually put my laptop on the floor and realized I could watch netflix or surf the Internet laying face down!!!! :D I thought it would slide out from between the mattresses and heck no. When I tried pulling it out, it wasn't easy, it's quite sturdy so there shouldn't be any issues with having to readjust. I'm not trying to promote sales for this item, but I WILL be using it as my primary item to help me lay face down because that's really difficult for me, I feel like I have trouble breathing when I lay on my cheek. I will be 100% real with everyone on how I feel about this item when it comes to how comfortable it is or is not, especially during post op. cause I know that isn't easy. I really hope it was worth the $79.99 in the end, I really do.

Just 37 days before surgery day, ladies. I am so excited! The days are flying by!

12:15 am, 160lbs heavy. Just 36 more days.

I hesitantly stepped on the scale and was surprised at my weight. I thought i had gained more than what I saw. My clothes don't fit, I put on a top I wanted to wear only to take it off because when I put my arms forward it was too tight and felt like I could rip it. Ugh. Only 46 more days til my life changes for the better.

Another issue with weight face doesn't just get chubby, it's my chin and upper neck I'm always troubled with. It makes me appear bigger than I really am. Kinda like when you wake up all swollen after eating a TON of salty foods the day before. I really hope he sucks that triple chin right away. I dislike it very much.

Does anyone know if Dr. Cortes gives lipo foam or will I have to buy it? I have a website I've been looking up that's called and the lipo foam is way less expensive than other places. If anyone knows whether he supplies it or if ill have I buy it please let me know. This site also has a lot if compression garments. And what size arm compression garment should I buy? I've noticed the difference in women who do and don't use it and I like the healing skin of the women who do.

Pre op in my shorts

These are the shorts I always want to wear around the house but even when I'm alone I don't wear them because I feel kinda gross. :/ I WANT to look sexy in them, along with everything else of course. Lol

I will use these pictures as a comparison for post op. I'm so excited.

Just a few wish pics.

So, recently I've changed my mind about size. I'm gonna ask Dr. Cortes to add as much fat to my ass that he is comfortable with adding. If I'm paying his much for an ass, I'm on a make sure it SHOWS. Go big or go home. :)

Things I bought today.

The items in the photo above came out to a grand total of $80. Minutes before that though, I spent $86 at Ross on 3 cute maxi dresses with 1 cardigan to wear over them and cover up the arm compression garment, a CUTE button up sweater, and 3 tiny shirts that are perfect for summertime when you have a very small waist. :D praying that I get that small waist.


Does RealSelf edit your posts? Because it just cut HALF of everything I wrote right off. If this keeps happening then I will just have to move on from RealSelf. I don't write these things down all just to have them sensor it. How rude!

30 days pre-op

The nerves are starting to kick in a bit more than before. I know that soon I will start to kick my eating habits, because I've been doing so much research lately, and I am doing to start taking precautions. I ordered some probiotics through amazon and will begin takin them as soon as they come in. I will, from now on, start taking PROBIOTICS every day. It prevents yeast from over multiplying and helps prevent diseases. I can't believe I waited so long to do this, especially knowing all the crap I eat. If you frequent yeast infections and other things like that (candida) related, I suggest you start on a probiotic now. Besides, your doctor will probably be prescribing you some anyways to protect you while on antibiotics.

Also, I was at the store today and bought a bak scratcher which I'm sure I will need. Lol besides it feels so good. I was also looking at the soaps, I bought Dial Antibacterial soap. I was worried about it saying "...and deodorizing". I looked through the other items I bought that same day, and noticed I bought Hibiclens without even knowing what it was for, I just bought it. -_- dumb me. But now I know what it's for, so good for me. Lol
Another thing going through my mind: I'm sure I won't be able to use toilet paper, so I will be using baby wipes. So how am I supposed to wipe if I can't reach? I know, TMI, but I'm serious. Lol

Anywho, I'm super excited, I have my one month preop consult with Dr. Cortes and I want to see what he tells me about my wish pics and whether I've gained enough weight or not.

Thank you for reading ladies, have a blessed day.

More wish pics...

I forgot to mention the day of my one month preop. I will be at Cortes's office this coming Monday(3rd) at noon, so if any ladies want to meet up around that time. :)

Here are a few more wish shapes. ^_^

Forgot a preop

I forgot to post a picture of my chin preop. I am looking down a bit and I have gained almost 15 pounds half of that on my face alone lol, so this grosses me out a bit with myself.

That's the first thing I notice when I gain weight, my chin starts touching my neck, I CANNOT stand it. Even when I was very thin and had never gained any weight I had a little drop under my chin. Ugh. Go away chin!

1 month pre-op

I got here at 11:45a for my 12:30 appointment. I didnt get taken back to the room until 12:50, and now it's 1:20 and I'm still waiting. I hate getting somewhere early as heck and having to wait WAY past my appointment time.

Today, not so sure about wanting this anymore.

After waiting for almost two hours I was finally seen by Dr. Cortes. Even with the wait, I tried to stay positive because I know this will be a life changing experience for me. We started talking, and when he examined me he said that I looked the same and that maybe I should gain some more weight, my pants don't even for me around the waist anymore, but I will do as he asks. I told him I didn't want a huge butt, because I've seen he leaves some girls with really big butts, which isn't a bad thing if that's what they like, and when I showed him the picture he said that it was a very big butt and that I probably could only get half of it or so. I'm glad he was honest with me, but now I don't even think I want the surgery anymore.

I'm honestly not so excited anymore and feel like now I'm just going to drag through it because its already paid for in cash. And to top it all off he said that he will only lipo my arms if he feels that he needs the fat. I paid for everything to get done I thought. I was told all of that was included in the surgery. I've ALWAYS had self esteem issues when it comes to my arms. I talked to his wife and she is just the sweetest. I asked her about my issue and she sweetly explained to me that I should mention it to him the day of surgery. She was so nice and made me feel just a bit better.

At this point idk how to feel about everything. I'm confused. I'm paying so much out of pocket(all my savings in cash) and to hear that he may not lipo the main thing that I wanted done, and that I won't get near the projection I though I'd get (which isn't even crazy big) ive lost confidence.

I had a dream on Saturday and woke up so happy.********* I dreamt that I went into surgery, and when I woke up I was in pain but managed to get up. Before I looked in the mirror I asked Dr. Cortes how I looked and he said I looked great. The nurse was smiling at me, and when I finally looked at myself I cried tears of joy. It felt so real, the dream was so vivid.

I'm bummed and don't think I will be posting again until after surgery. If that. Like I said, I appreciate his honesty, but it's not at all what I wanted to hear. I wish he would have told me this at my first consultation. That's all. Happy healing sisters, and good luck to everyone going under. God bless.

I know I said I wouldnt

...but I had to update about how lucky I was today. I was at a red light heading back to work after lunch, with my foot on the brake waiting on green, when I glanced at my rear view mirror and saw FedEx eighteen-wheeler barreling right at me and not slowing down. I dont want to say he was going 60mph, but it was still MOVING(even if it was at say 10mph) which was still a scary and emotional thing to go through. It felt like he hit the heck out of my car, and he did, but my damages were minor(from what I could see at the time) and he had a big dent in his. I think I had an angel watching over me at that moment, because it could have been so much worse. God is so GREAT!!!

As far as pain, I hadnt realized it then because of all the adrenaline coursing through me, but i started getting pain in my neck about an hour after the accident(adrenaline gone). So I left work early and went to the Doc. I'm on muscle relaxers right now. They work, but I'm still a bit sore. To top it all off, everyone keeps telling me "omg time to get paid" and "i know you better be getting a good lawyer on this case" and the thing is, I DONT WANT TO. It was a FEDEX eighteen-wheeler. All I want is for them to pay my car getting fixed, my medical bills, and MAYBE some compensation for making me go through this in the first place. It wasnt convenience leaving work early and possibly missing tomorrow. It wasnt convenient waiting in line at walgreens to get my meds, nor was it convenient to have to wait to be seen at Urgent care.

All I was doing was minding my own business listening to my book on Audible, pringles can in my cup holder, at a red light and then BOOM. I dont think i will be able to get the image i have of that eighteen wheeler coming at me down a slope and not stopping. Ugh. Add a little more stress to life as if I didn't already have enough.

Oh well though. Insurance is paying things for me. The driver took full responsibility(dont see why he wouldnt have seeing that he hit me) and I should be speaking to someone from FedEx about this tomorrow to arrange things.


Problem: every time I post an update it shows the very first "Title" of the first time I ever posted, even when I update.

Question: how are you ladies updating the title every time you post? Am I supposed to do a brand new review for that to happen?

Am I the only one that sees the 15 lbs I've gained

This question has been bothering me. Like I said in a precious post, the doctor said I looked the same. And I just wanted to know if you girls thought the same. I can definitely FEEL it. When I walk I actually feel my rolls in my back touching. Wtf?

Just 23 more days til I can eat this over with and start my gruesome recovery. Is it weird to say that I'm looking forward to that more than gaining 5 more lbs? I started this at 150lbs, and when I weighted myself yesterday I was at 164lbs.

THAT'S THE HEAVIEST I'VE EVER BEEN. Sigh* I don't like this.

18 days preop, photos in pants

So here's a few photos of how I have to wear my jeans now. :/ it may not be super bad looking, but considering these used to fit me loose, to me it sucks bad.

Started vitamins. 17 days pre-op.

I started taking Folic acid, b12, vit C, and Iron pills last night. But I've been taking my multivitamin and probiotic pills for about 2 weeks now. I must admit, I feel so much better. Not nervous about surgery yet, not sure why.

My two week pre-op with the hospital is on Monday. Gonna pay off the remainder of my balance, I have it in cash. I think it's $3,688 or something like that. We will see how that goes. I think I'm gonna have EKG, blood work, maybe a bmp and cbc, and I don't know what else. I hope all my levels are normal. Or better than average. I've been eating so much garbage, it's ridiculous. Well thanks for reading ladies. Enjoy your valentines weekend, happy healing to all the recently worked on ladies, and have a great weekend.

2 week pre-op with hospital

I arrived at Houston NW around 9:10 with my appointment being at 9:30. I signed in and they gave me a buzzer. I was called in about 15 minutes later and was met by the person who got me in the system and was told that I could pay the fees any time up until surgery day. I decided to get that out of the way as soon as possible and gave the man my debit card. The full balance for the hospital fees was $3,688 and after a few minutes, the cash was withdrawn.
The fees at the hospital are two separate fees: hospital and anesthesiologist. So it was more like 2 fees. :] I signed and initialed a few more papers and was given a booklet with hospital info.

After this was all taken care of they directed me to get my blood drawn. She took my BP, and asked me questions. She gave me a HNW bag to put my things in. She proceeded to give me a small container of Hibiclens and instructed me on its use and how you should wash your hair and face normally and ONLY use the Hibiclens for your neck, down to your toes. After this she gave me a pee cup inside a plastic baggie and told me I'd use my first morning pee on the morning of surgery to fill it halfway, it's a pregnancy test.

After the instructions we got to the important part. She started reading off the basic instructions that are oven you you one month preop by Dr. Cortes: the Do's and Don'ts for pre-surgery and post. She told me to stop my Multivitamin because of the vitamin E it may contain, and to continue other pills like iron, b12, folic acid, probiotics, and vitamin b if its okay to take them.

She went over the list from Dr. Cortes's office of areas they will be lipo'ing and about the fat transfer to hips, and I noticed the lipo'ing of the CHIN was missing(big issue of mine) and asked her why it wasn't included, so she old me shed send them a request for a list containing the area CHIN, and that I could just sign it the morning of my surgery. So I will be doing that when the time comes.

***I'm a big baby***

I asked for a butterfly needle when we got to the blood drawing part. She started on my left arm, looking and patting and looking for that stubborn vein, they didn't seem to want to volunteer to this needle assault. Luckily she didn't just go at it with the needle like I've experienced before. She was patient and so was I. So she proceeded to switch to my right arm, and the same happened, patting and looking with no such luck. BACK to my left arm and she finally SOMEWHAT found a small trace of a vein(don't ask me why, my blood pressure and everything was fine) and she went for it with the needle and......nothing happened. The usual pumping of the blood into a tube didn't happen. So I looked away. She had to be in there "next and near" a vein moving it, pulling(not all the way out) and pushing it looking for that vein. I could almost swear that sucker was wiggling out of the way of that sharp little thing every time she attacked. Haha and finally she "AHA's" and I look and see the first sign of pressurized blood trying to flow through the needle. That made me happy, happy enough to watch her do it and just as fast she was done. I have to admit, it didn't hurt THAT much, but I'm SO SCARED of needles. But ask me why I breezed through a 2 hour tattoo session ON MY RIBS without a yelp or flinch. One needle = petrified. Seven + needles = easy peasy. Lol I'm crazy.

So anywhooooooo, still not as nervous as I should be. I feel weird about the situation. My full $9,503 is paid off to both Dr. Cortes and the hospital. I don't have to worry about ANYTHING else but the healing part of the surgery. I think I have all the things ill need.

All I have left now is to pick up my prescriptions. Don't know how much that will be but idc, I'm buying them. I'm so happy that ill be off work for at least 4 weeks, maybe even 5 because I'm getting married the last weekend of March!!! Woo hoo!! ;D good luck ladies and God bless. Hope you all had a good valentines day, I know I did!


I was wrong yesterday...

I was 13 days pre-op yesterday and yes today marks 12 days. I'm not really nervous or excited yet, hopefully I do get there. I want to be excited, perhaps when I reach single digit days left? Anyways I want to say thank you to all the ladies who have been supportive, in a world that lacks support for these types of procedures, it's great to always talk to you ladies. I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. :] excited to see some of the upcoming ladies results. Good luck to everyone, no matter what doctor you're going to. Update later. Have a great day!

6 days pre op - cleared for surgery

Hello ladies sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been busy.

The past week hasn't been too bad. I was waiting to be informed on my hemoglobin levels but never got a call from the office, I had the testing done last Monday. They told me that the only time they will call the patient is when something is off and they have to fix it before surgery, so everything is good for surgery. I'm cleared. Wasnt told what my hemoglobin levels were but I'm assuming they're good.

Also all last week I waited for an adjuster to come look at my car, and never called until I sent an angry email about how I have surgery coming up and they're not helping with my stress levels and dragging shot to after surgery, so now they're sending an appraisal person TODAY. That's what I thought. I even told then in the email,"I didn't rear end myself, keep in mind I was at a red light and a FedEx 18-wheeler hit ME, not be other way around, cause if it had been you'd probably be harassing MY insurance company. Please stop wasting my time, because if you close case on me for something YOUR company is failing to do I will contact a very good lawyer." Not exactly like that and with those words but similar. I've been very patient with them, and even after my now recurring neck discomfort I decided NOT to file a lawsuit, which I can assure you would have landed me a good winning case seeing that it was FedEx and an 18-wheeler, but I'm not like that, not even in the slightest. I do however want to get what my damages are worth. I hate being low balled. Maybe that's why I got so upset when Dr. Cortes said he will only do my arms if he needs to. But when I paid I was told these areas WERE going to be done because hey were included in the price, unless I didn't want them.

Anywhooooo... Got way off track...

I'm still trying to encourage myself to be more happy about the surgery and forthcoming transformation but its just not happening as fast as I'd like it to. I really have been trying. Maybe because the scale read a scary number that day, I'm sitting at 173 pounds. Ugh. I'm 5'3" and I just don't feel comfortable being at that weight at all. Especially seeing that all the girls in my family were blessed with curves and a tiny waist. Anyways, I'm 6 days preop and then the day if surgery is here. How do I feel about it? Well for one I feel bad. I feel bad that I can't find the excitement I had before, while other girls would kill to get their surgery in just 6 days I'm sitting here like "meh" feeling kinda numb about the whole situation just ready to get it over with. Like I just wanna walk in that morning, quietly sign my paperwork needed, make sure he's lipo'ing all the areas I want, if not then briefly asking him to please do so, getting marked up without a word and just falling asleep.

I've had two dreams this past week. One where I get the body of my dreams with all the areas I wanted lipoed and I looked amazing. My booty wasn't huge but was perfect. It was just perfect. And the dream I had two nights ago where I show up at the office and somehow don't get my surgery there, I go somewhere else to get it and somehow get the surgery that same day, and I come out looking great but weary that it wasn't Dr. Cortes's work. These were JUST DREAMS LADIES**** they don't depict a surgery that hasn't yet happened, I'm just describing what I dreamt. I'm kind of nervous about it now, I wasn't before but am now. Not crazy nervous but just tapping my foot and shaking it while standing and sitting. That's how I know I'm nervous or expecting something that will be getting me nervous, like getting blood drawn. Lol

So before surgery I will be doing my best to try on a few outfits for preop and postoperative comparison. Best way to see a difference in shape and projection I think. I mean we don't usually all just walk around naked. Lol we wear clothes, so that's what I will de doing for you ladies, is comparing how I fit in certain outfits. :) I have surgery in 6 days and my mind ain't even there yet, what the hell is wrong with me ladies?! I feel like its trying to catch up but it's not quite there yet. Ugh. Well, I will do my best to blog every day now that I'm so close to surgery. Maybe your uplifting words will make something in me spark. Thank you ladies. I'll update photos tonight hopefully. Muah!!

And also, I still need a few things for surgery!! Yikes.
Bed covers
Under shirts
Granny panties(unless I can find the new bag I never opened lol)
And my prescribed medicine

By the way, do any of you ladies know how much all that is going to run me? Like all the meds Dr. Cortes prescribes? Thank you in advance. Have a great and blessed day!

Last preop photos, no more.

I can't stand to see myself like this anymore, I catch myself wondering why I allowed myself to eat so unhealthy and to get this big, then I remember that it's to obtain something I've always wanted, a better shape.
I've always been for the most part active and have let myself go during relationships. I can't allow myself to do that anymore. This surgery will be the ultimate boost to my ultimately healthy lifestyle. No more binging and junk food. I'm repulsed by it now, and just thinking what this repulsive food has done to my athletic and toned body in a matter of a few months scares the hell out of me. Healthy eating and fit life here I come. As soon as I'm cleared to workout I'm gonna beat the shit up out of that gym. Anyways, here's a couple of photos that show my weight gain. Ill post them in groups separately. Without clothes and clothed. They're to compare a few weeks post op what I look like in them before and after. Hope to see a very big difference. Enjoy.

"Things have to get worse before they can get better"

With clothes on

...btw I forgot to mention, when I wear thongs they always seem to roll down. I think it's because I'm squared and have no hips to keep up the straps. So sad ugh

A few of the difficult ones to post

4 days pre-op

Getting close!

Not sure if time is slowing down or speeding up

But yesterday was the longest day ever! It was terrible. I messed up so much at work, and here, when you mess up a part, it's not usually fixable. The damage is permanent, and I was so out of it I swear I couldn't even tell you how many parts I messed up. Ugh. But today is a good day at work, I apologized to the boss for yesterday and he understood and told me "everyone has their bad days" and yeah that sounded about right. Anyways, maybe it's the nerves unknowingly getting to me about surgery, or at least that's how it felt yesterday. But today is a good day, Friday is my last day of work and then a whole 5 weeks off work!! ;D

Still not super excited about surgery but looking forward to seeing what the results are going to look like, and then show you all. I will gladly be doing my best to update you ladies on my progress and feelings. Hope a big booty with a small waist and thinner arms await me. And a thinner chin. ^_^

Just one more day of work after today. Going to prep my room for post op. :) good luck to the ladies going in, and happy healing to the ladies who have just come out.

Much love y'all

Surgery tomorrow

I'm not really nervous. Had a very relaxing weekend with the love of my life and spent some time with my family and niece. I had fun. We went to the improv to see Frank Caliendo, the guy is hilarious. The best advice I could give is have a lot of fun and relaxation time the days before surgery.

Thank you all for your well wishes, I appreciate them so much. I know this is going to be a journey, too. Can't be easy, and I'm not expecting it to be. I'm quite prepared for for what may come.

Well ladies, I'm going to enjoy my favorite show "the walking dead" and then jump in the shower with some Hibiclens and set that alarm for 3:30 and go from there. I have to be at the hospital by 5am or surgery gets cancelled. Surgery begins at 7 am. So I'll be there early. :)

Pray for me ladies, God is great and I know he will get me through this. Good luck to the ladies going in that same day with other doctors and in other countries. Much love! Ill keep you all posted on my progress.

Love y'all!

I'm a little nervous

After the shower and a few thank you's to some of you ladies I finally was able to fall asleep. It was NOT easy to stay asleep, however. I kept tossing and turning, which is very unlike me, but understandable.

I got up super early and being the early arrival person that I am I got here at 3:30 on the dot. I walked up to the doors and boom. Nothing happened. I stood out in the cold while I called HNW and asked why the doors weren't opening. Well, they DON'T open until exactly 5am. They told me that if I wasn't here at exactly 5am my surgery would be cancelled. Lol well why in the world wouldn't they open a bit earlier if I have to be there at 5 or else. I guess it just baffled me a bit. Lol so now were in the car waiting for them to open.

The day is almost here

Waiting on Dr. Cortes. And eww this IV in the hand feels yucky. After the numbing wears off it just feels crappy. Ahhhh waiting on the doc to mark be up and then surgery time. Thanks for all the support ladies I appreciate it so much

I made it throughout

Surgery was over a little before the 4 hour mark. I had lipo to the chin, arms, back, stomach, flanks, axila and fat transferred to butt and hips. Couldn't really get a good picture, but ill post what I have. I had NO idea I wasn't supposed to stand up. None. So as soon as I woke up I was kicking my legs to get up. Lol and thy told me I wasn't to get up yet. :/ I was damn near cursing people out. Lol after the IV, I knocked our or something. I don't remember SHIT. Lol I just remember waking up and not being able to see. I think there were a few nurses, not sure. But yeah, catheter comes out at midnight and ill get to walk. Yayyyy

I have no pain on my chin, arms or legs. The ONLY place hurting is my back and that's from laying on my stomach. Idk how im supposed to get up, cause this ass is super tight in this compression garment.

1:50 am

My back has been killing me. Can't wait til swelling goes down. So far I can see a huge difference oh my. And I'm super swollen. My ass is so right I can only walk by wobbling. Loki am in pain ladies but trying to make the best of it. I knew this was going to be very difficult and painful, but it's less than I though. My vajayjay is swollen and bottom of ass where the opening is.

Drain, catheter, and wobbling

I hadn't even been noticing when I'd been preying because of the catheter but that came our around about 1:15 am and then I got up to pee a little bit ago around 3:45am. I thought I had to pee a little but I peed like a horse and just as loud too. Haha

Drains have been draining like crazy. She emptied it out (I only got one on my back) and when I got up to walk and came back, waddling like a little penguin, I went to lay back down all by myself :) and that darn drain filled right back up. Walks are important ladies. Imagine that I walked a whole 5 minutes and filled this little drain UP! :) I feel good due to my pain killer meds but in gonna sleep now, while I can. Goodnight ladies ill get and update tomorrow.

Much love and thank you for all your well wishes ladies, I appreciate them so much I really do.

I'm home

I'm really glad that the drive is like 35 minutes to my sisters house. That back seat was NOT comfy. I had to hold on with every turn. After being here for about an hour I started hurting so much or feeling tighter. Discomfort? I don't know which one it was but can anyone tell me how long the waddling will last?

I think I did well at the hospital thanks to my mom and dad being there with me. My momma spent the night and helped me up and to the bathroom pulling the wheely thingy with my IV's. she spoon fed me the chicken and beef broth. I love her. :)

Description of the first moments before and after surgery.

We drove to the hospital and the parents dropped me off at the hospital entrance and it was closed. I waited til my parents unknowingly circled back around and saw me waving them over. I called the hospital and they said the doors wouldn't open til exactly 5am. Well tell me when they finally opened there wasn't anyone on the desk til 5:20am or so. Lol

Anywhoooo, I was led into an office and asked a few questions. Then they took my urine for pregnancy test. After that I was led to another room where I undressed, put on stockings, and anti-slipping socks. She then told me to lay down on my back and cover up with the blanket. I did. She took my hand looked for a good vein(not an easy task if you've read my previous post about my preop exam with the sweet lady and the needle she had to twist in my and then she pricked me with a tiny needle to numb the coming of the huge IV. After that I didn't really feel the IV go in. This guy came in and injected "happy juice" into the IV line and told me I was going to be happy. So my parents gave me a kiss, yes my dad too which is very unlike him, but I still love him so much, and after that........I woke up in recuperation where I was supposed to be for 2 hours before family could visit. I think I may have given them somewhat of a fight. Lol cause I remember moving so much and I couldn't open my eyes and so I couldn't see a thing. I may have been whimpering and telling them "it hurts" "please make it stop" "please" because I don't think that was a dream. Then I'm POSITIVE they gave me pain killers cause I was out soon after.

Then I woke up, and WAS able to open my eyes and i started begging them to let me stand up. I mean I begged! But wasn't allowed. I almost died cause I couldn't stand up. I said it every ten minutes "can I stand up now?" And nope. Not until midnight when they took out the catheter. That felt DISGUSTING!! Ugh but my first pee was like a horse. Hahhahahahahah I kept going and going and going. Almost got tired of slightly squatting but finally the stream came to and end and I wiped and walked around and refilled my drain even though they changed it right before I peed. Ugh this was a journey. I asked when I'd be going home and they said when Dr. Cortes came to see me, which she said would be 6-7 am. He didn't see me til almost noon. Lol but I understood cause I'm pretty sure he had just gotten out of surgery. :) he was so nice to my parents, that was the best thing. I think he put them at ease.

And also, I had to bring this breathing thing along with me that was for every hour. That thing sucks. Having to breathe in and reach a certain number. They said it would help my lungs expand and help me sleep. I had to do this every hour. My poor mom was up almost all night, and it felt like every time I finally fell asleep, and nurse would come in ANC search a bag for he IV or check my vitals and temp, to introduce me to my morning noon and night nurse, or just to see how I was doing. They were all sweet. Made me feel relaxed. :)
My hands look like little sausages. Lolz

Anyways, just popped two pain killers and they're finally starting to kick in thank God cause my hips and booty are TIGHT! Lol
Happy healing ladies who are just coming out as I have, and to those who are going in soon. Best advice is DO NOT do this alone, please. This isn't easy and you could slip, God forbid.

Ps, I can't touch my feet together cause of the swelling I believe. Feels funny waddling everywhere. People stared. Haha


About how long does the feeling that your body is gonna split take before it goes away? I'm not hurting too bad, but walking ain't cute. My hips and butt feel so fat and hard, I know that's normal, but I'm so swollen that I can't even touch my feet together. I'm walking with like a 1 1/2 foot gap in between. Ugh. Anything helps. This sucks

Going to see Dr. Cortes today

It is now 8:13 and I have a post op visit with him at noon. Ill make sure to drag my mother and maybe even my aunt to come along with me. I feel like a zombie, all stiff with limited movement. Lol

I decided to go to sleep around 8pm, and so I did. Hopped into bed with some help, which I've pretty much gotten used to not having now. Sleeping on my stomach now feels like a breeze, no more back pain, now it's just the usual butt pain. :) I got up probably about 6 times to pee and take meds. In still so sleepy so I'm gonna take a nap before fully waking up and going on that 40 minute drive.

Omg I just fell asleep and woke up. Wtf like just now. Haha
Anywho back to what I was saying, yes, hopefully when I get there I get to see what my body looks like all nude. Uh oh, Eyes keep trying to shut on me. Ill just go back to sleep and update when I'm fully awake. Cause this post has been all messy and everywhere. Like my feelings and pain right now. ^_^

Have a great day ladies. Happy healing for you ladies who are just coming out and God bless the ladies soon going in.
This procedure takes balls. So get your lady balls out and play with them! :) have a great day!

Super lumpy and a lipo burn?

I think I may have a lipo burn but I'm gonna keep it moist and put neosporin on it constantly. I have pictures of how I look now without a garment, but damn that lipo foam left some indentations in my upper thigh and sides. Feels lumpy as heck. But overall I'm happy with the booty and the shape. :) I hope the lumpiness goes away soon. I again forgot to ask how many cc's were injected :/ but I'm gonna see him this Friday to remove the drain and ill ask him then. I just really hope that burn doesn't go bad or blister or something. :/ I'm a little worried but ill tend to it the best I can.

HELP PLEASE: Dizziness and rapid heart beat

I feel dizzy. Is that from lack of fluid? Could it be from me waking up early and being up and around all day. I literally want to just lay down and sleep. I can literally close my eyes and fall asleep immediately. As I type this the letters get blurry and eyes wanna shut. Please someone tell me it's exhaustion cause I feel so terrible :,(

I'm kinda worried. :/

Chin lipo

Only a few days in and I wasn't given chin compression so I did what a bbl vet did, I wrapped a sock I'd bought from a pair of compression socks around my head. Lol except I added a small round bit of lipo foam to compress further.

I finally laid back down to sleep.

And I regret not doing it sooner. Today was pure hell for me. I have tears streaming down my face as I type this. I just had my first bowel movement, and I decided I'd pull my garment down for this. I'd been gassy for a few hours so I knew it was coming but ladies, I almost passed out. My sister has been so helpful but I didn't want her seeing me like this, so I asked her to please step out. I did my business and it was so difficult. And afterwards I still feel bloated. Laying on a bloated stomach is no fun. And so now I'm crying wondering why in the FUCK I did this to myself. I was physically great and perfectly able to do anything I wanted. And now I can't even shit without feeling as helpless as a baby. I'm sorry ladies, I tried to stay positive, but up until an hour ago my day was actually okay. Except for the fact that I'm having side effects from the pain medicine "Talwin" which makes me want to sleep all day and gave me dizzy spells. So I hadn't taken it since mid day and I've been enduring the pain ever since. All I can say is goodnight for now. :,(

First shower. Way late but happy

I took a shower today for the order time and am so grateful for my mom and sister. Last night I broke down but my spirits are once again up. Right now I'm waiting for my garment to come out of the dryer. For now pictures, ill write in detail my shower experience.


Mom showed up and said, "alright, let's do this, but I don't want to see that drain incision site" lol so they undressed me slowly, slowly stepped in the shower and my sister washed my body. I washed the more intimate areas of course and washed all my hair. It felt so good in the shower. It was Luke warm water right in between and it felt great. No pain, no pressure, no worries. After I was done I patted myself dry and stepped out. I put a robe on and had my sister rub arnica gel on my booty. That stuff works very well and quickly. I took a few pictures then laid my new ass face up on the couch while my garments dried. I'm a little exhausted so I might sleep in a bit. But yeah, I survived my first shower, YAY! Thank you ladies for all the support.

I have a 45" booty?

So I decided to measure my butt and I'm at 45.5" around with the garment on. It doesn't really look like its that big though, so idk maybe I'm doing it wrong. I'm using the correct measuring tape I know for sure. Will it measure smaller when I take the garment off? My waist is 33" with lipo foams on.
So current stats(that I know of):
Waist: 33.5"
Hips: 43"
Butt: 45.5"

Woke up in quite a bit of pain today. I was gonna go get my drain taken off today but there's still small amounts draining. Should I still get it taken out even if I'm draining small amounts?

IDK what happened...

But obviously I didn't get the answer I needed and was on hold until I just hung up.

And also... Are these burns as well?

Or is it just me? :/ this is the inner thigh lipo. I'm starting to worry and get scared. The abdomen burn has gotten so much darker, too. :,(

Today was bad & burn photos

Not only because I ran out of pain killers, but because I just feel crappy all around. I still feel like my heartbeat is too fast and can feel it as I lay down. Today I was just tired all day and couldn't really have a good time with my family. I just want the pain to go away. It's not just discomfort anymore. And my burn is getting worse from what I'm seeing. I'm getting the chills too or something. I'm not a very happy camper. I had a good BM today but that's about it. Have a goodnight ladies. :/

Burn update and seeing Dr. Cortes

Today the burn isn't so dark where it used to be black. And the blister is just a bit bigger and there's another smaller one in the middle.

I'm going to see Dr. Cortes in the morning and I have a few questions for him. Big props to all the ladies who are able to do SO MUCH in the first week of surgery. This isn't easy, and just today I've started feeling better without the painkillers and only taking ibuprofen. My body is definitely shrinking, and I can see a lot of a difference. I tried on a few shirts and oh wow, the ass looks huge. ;D I'm trying to be optimistic but being home all day and waddling is killing me slowly. The only amazon part if my day is the shower.

I'm waiting for the moment that he takes the drain out of my back and I pray that it's tomorrow. I have a feeling the drain is what's hurting my lower back. Maybe it's not, but I feel like it is. Id feel million times better not having to worry about yanking it out every time I move.

Ladies, I can't lay down on my tummy anymore. Now I'm about to be one week tomorrow. Can someone please show me another way I can sit? A special chair? I need it. :/

One week post op - dress up ^_^

I woke up around 7:45a and waited to call the office at 8:30, well I called at around 8:50 and finally someone picked up. I asked about refills and a few other things and when she said I could get a refill and she said yes, as soon as we hung up I wept tears of joy. I know I'll be sleeping good tonight for the first time in a week. I've been dreading attempting sleep more than a dog avoids a bath. I went to Dr. Cortes office today around 12:15 and he told me that I could take the drain out today and boy did they take it out. Lol sweet Lucy distracted the HELL out of me and in the middle of my sentence of super distraction she yanked it out and let me tell you it BURNED! Lol it only hurt for like 5 minutes, in which I kept saying "oh f**k" "oh f**k" lol. And she kept apologizing and telling me she was sorry but that was the only way that wouldn't drag on the pain. I understood completely. :) so all the tape came off as well, and the shittiest tape was that clear tape on my sides. She started laughing when I told her it sucked being Mexican and being hairy(lol I'm not really hairy but this felt like a waxing session) and she laughed hard. So after all this she brought in a Large CG and she attempted to slide it up, and it didn't even go past my thighs. So XL it was. And thank God cause there was no way I'd fit in that L not by a long shot. I got pain meds again so I can take at night for sleeping. Thank God. Overall I'm very happy. The garment was hard to come on but wow is it tight and my body looks so different. Right now I'm still very swollen, and I do plan on losing a few kilos to feel right. He made me a but wide but I did ask for it. He also told me I could stop taking the antibiotics which is a relief as well because they caused me a yeast infection which sucks. He prescribed me diflucan for that. I'll be back next week to get stitches out and check up on my burn.

My burn looks better and better every day, and when he looked at it he told me it wasn't going to be anything big and that I shouldn't worry about it. He said realself usually makes women worry more than we should, which is somewhat true. :P

I'm feeling great ladies. No drain, more meds, wearing what I want now. ^_^ I feel probably 5x better than before. My ass IS a little wide but with a few pounds off of me it'll look amazing. Can't wait to start working out!!! :D happy healing ladies! And good luck. Ill continue to post.

It's 1:30a and I'm up...why not update?

So I figured since I'm up I might as well update. I am purposely keeping myself up right now. I've dreaded sleep and avoided it at all costs just taking short naps and I do sleep what I can at night but it doesn't go well.

A few things to talk about******

On Monday I went to my appointment with De. Cortes, everything went well and I was changed into stage 2 CG but now it's cutting into my leg lipo marks. It's so sore. I wish I would have gotten a knee length one like other girls did. This one isn't as comfortable and I fear I may not get even results on my thighs because of the tightness. Already when I take it off I have a mark around my thigh where the lipo was performed. I have to do something about this, soon.

So Monday I did have my refill for pain med approved, well I almost cried when they said they weren't able to fill it because the office wasnt answering the phone. I didn't sleep that night. So it's filled now and I think I'm gonna try and tough it out. I took a muscle relaxed for my back and all day I've laid on my stomach with minimal pain. I hope it works tonight.

One mor etching. I haven't been using P-EZ and I don't need it. I used it at first and liked it but leaks and peling on clothes and floor steered me away. Turns out, my RED SOLO CUP was a savior. P-EZ was cheap on amazon, but red solo cup was free. Haha just get they medium size one, and bend it a bit by squeezing the middle of it. It will slightly take the shape and covers ALL around your vajay. It works perfectly. :) anywho, I think that's all for now.

My booty is huge but I hope swelling will go down and bring it to a smaller size. If not then dieting it is. I plan on working out like crazy and eating clean as soon as I'm cleared to workout. Booty go down and just fluff a bit. Lol btw, the holes on the buttocks are SO TIGHT OMG ass can't breathe! Almost wanted to cut it a bit but nope.

Anyways, goodnight ladies. Happy healing and good luck!

Called the office today

Going to the Conroe office tomorrow to purchase a new CG that comes down to the knee. It's gonna cost me $89 which sucks but I can't switch out the one I'm in now cause I had to make the hole in the crotch area bigger to pee. :/ my fault I guess.

I took an amazing shower, every hosed feels amazing now, and when I got out and dried up I had my mom dry my back and she noticed my back stitch may be infected. :/ dang it. De. Cortes told me I could stop taking the Bactrim on Monday and I did. I hope this isn't the result of that. They're gonna check it out tomorrow, I hope all is okay and antibiotics will help my back stitch if it is an infection.

When I took off my CG my tummy was flat and it looked so great, but then after I got out the shower I noticed the same lumpy stomach from before the CG was changed to the 2nd. I know this is gonna take some time, and massages(which I'm starting soon) so I'm gonna be patient. So yeah, the thigh high CG is NOT for people who have had thigh lipo. It was cutting into my thigh and literally left a big mark across the inside of my thigh that lasted a while, it's also causing a lot if swelling to the lower half of my thigh. It definitely needs compression. So I stuck some lipo foam on the inner thigh of each leg. Super uncomfortable but the relief is noticeable.

Last nights sleep wasnt that great. I got up twice and the Swindon time I couldn't sleep no matter what I did, so I finally gave in and took a pain pill. I slept for probably 5 hours straight. First time since surgery day. Lol so tonight I think I'll just take half a pill instead of a whole one, I think they're pretty strong. Anywho, that's all for now ladies. I had a good day today and I hope things just keep getting better. :) thanks for the reads ladies. Goodnight!

Went to the Conroe office today

...around 11:30 and there was NO ONE there. They may have been on break or something but I was seen pretty quickly. A lady looked at my back stitch and said I may just be slightly allergic to the stitch or glue. Mariel ended op removing all of my stitches, it was weird. The feeling of someone pulling bits of plastic string out of me. Lol cool to look at, but there was a stitch that my skin had begun growing over and she had to pull it out without cutting. :,( that was so not cute.

She brought in a garment, and her and my mom attacked it and had it on me in no time. OMG it fit like a glove and felt heavenly compared to the thigh high. No more cutting into my thigh and they don't rub together anymore from the swelling. Also, I've noticed the swelling in my knee that prevented me from bending them is not subsiding and I can walk better and bend my knees. I feel so much better. As of now, it's the sleeping that isn't great. Half a pain pill didn't work last night. :( which is unfortunate. Oh well. I have 13 days worth. But I do feel good overall today. Burn looks great too.

Stitches out
Knee long CG on
Thicker shoulder straps
Less pain on booty

Feeling better!!

Happy healing loves. Thank you for all your kind words. Xoxo


Tried on workout clothes. I love it. Can't wait to hit the gym hard and lose weight!

Tried on my BEFORE jeans and OH MY!

I've NEVER looked like this in jeans before. Never. It feels amazing to feel the jeans tight in the booty and loose in the waist. Before it was the complete opposite. Happy girl.

Appointment with Dr. Cortes tomorrow, Monday. We will see what happens. Gonna ask him about my dry swollen knees that I can barely bend. It feels kinda shitty having swollen knees when all my life I've had very petite knees(sounds weird don't it? Lol) and now they're so but can't even bend them right. Maybe I need compression socks again. Idk why they were taken off of me at one week in the first place.

Did you all take off your compression socks 1 week post op? Is that normal?

Update on scarring. 3 wks po

Just a few pics on the scars and the burn. I'm feeling much better and ill give a better review tonight. :) I'm just kinda sad about my inner thighs. I'm 3 weeks po and it still looks and feels ugly.

And last but not least, I am SO upset about the new stretch marks on my breasts. I hate them. :,(

Massages, or lack there of.

So, two weeks after surgery I figured it was time to contact a massage lady and I did. She scheduled me for like 5 days later on a Wednesday or so, idk. Well she calls me the day before to tell me she's sick, and she won't be able to make it. She said shed call me when she was better. She called me on Friday and scheduled for THIS past Wednesday at 10:30am. I get up early, brush teeth, get clothes ready, jump in the shower about 45 minutes before my appointment, and I get a call on my cell when I'm drying off. It's TAMMY, the massage lady. She can't make it because her transmission blew and she didn't know of she was gonna get a rental or if her friend would lend her the car. I would have figured shed have said I'm gonna do my best to make it. Ill ask my friend for a ride. SOMETHING. Seeing that she had already stood me up, but instead, again, I got the "ill call you when I get my car fixed"

What the fuck is that shit all about? She made me waste two full weeks of recovery because of her fucking issues. I'm sorry if she was sick IF that was the truth, and I'm sorry your "transmission went out" which she's not a mechanic so I don't know how she knew immediately it was the transmission. All I know is it pissed me off SO BAD. Cause I have hard spots on my abdomen that I KNOW needed a good run down, and the effing lady kept blowing me off. I'm sorry, but if you don't feel okay with driving 30 miles to my place for services I was gonna pay you for, then FUCKING TELL ME! Omg don't waste my valuable recovery time. Dammit. :/

So, I immediately called Miriam, which I wish I would have done sooner, because she got me an appointment for the same day I called. It was for 5:30pm. Took off at 4 and got there right at that time. Ill admit the drive sucked, but it was worth it. $350 for 6 massages, I was only able to give her the $200, and the other $150 will be on Saturday.

Took off my clothes, talked with Miriam, she's super cool btw but I think it's better if you speak Spanish cause she's from Colombia and she speaks it better. I lay down and she gets me all hooked up to this machine and when she got it running it felt pretty cool. Like pulsing. And when it came time for the massage... HOLY CRAP!! Lol it hurt but I sucked it up and tried not to make a noise and just kept trying to breathe. It at no point felt nice. Lol I have so many painful hard spots on my sides under my ribs that it does not feel cute.

So yeah, first massage was at 3 weeks and two days post op because of that masseuse who lacked good business ethics. I MAY be overreacting, but I paid way too much for this body for some lady to waste my time. So yeah, going back on Saturday for my second massage and may get another Sunday morning. They hurt but I know that I need them. Anywho, thought I'd share what happened yesterday before I forgot. :)

My advice to you ladies******
Get your appointments going early after surgery, and make sure the person is reliable.

Sitting down with the pillow on the thighs. I think us vets know this is super uncomfortable, but I can give you one piece of advice that will save the back pain and numbing legs while sitting. Get a pillow and put it on your back. If you put it too high, it will make the position VERY uncomfortable. Even more so than without. Place the pillow right above the booty, that will give the best comfort. I almost don't even feel like I'm sitting on my thighs when I put a pillow on my lower back.

Good luck ladies.
Much love and happy healing!!


Okay so I read on another RS sisters blog about a 40% OFF sale on quality garments and other things. It's on ALL items. I bought my garment on that site, and it's free shipping on all orders. I think today is the last day, still have a couple of hours. So hard to pick just one though. But come on,8 paid $59.00 for a $99.00 garment. ;)
Have fun shopping. :)

Update time.

It's about time. I always used to roll my eyes when a vet would stay away from RS for weeks then update about how busy she's been. Well, I sure feel dumb now. In one week I a) got married b) drove passenger seat to San Antonio and back c) flew 3 hrs to Arizona and back d) celebrated new hubbies birthday, and e) attended a friends wedding. It has been pretty hectic, but I'm back. I need to take more photos. I went swimming in Arizona and wore a shirt over my bikini top, which was okay, but the shorts I wore made me feel so self conscious about the purple marks that are still on my inner thighs. I'm still a little sad about that and the extra stretch marks. :(

I started using Mederma, it's only been 2 days since, so no difference as of yet. I'm going to keep up with it though cause I want them mostly gone in a month if at all possible. Some of the incision sites aren't even as noticeable as the rest which is off. Looks like a little line like a paper cut. I wish they were all like that, but some look more like my burn.

Burn update:
Not so bad anymore. Still a little purple in that general area but it is fully healed. I just took a wash rag and got my antibacterial soap and rubbed until the burnt skin came off. It was getting stressful waiting on that damn skin to fall off on its own, I just sped up the process. Drain site is good too, it sucks that the insicion is a by more noticeable than the rest. Left insicion is way more noticeable than the right.

When girls say your body changes every week they weren't lying. I'm living my body more and more. The only things that sucks is that I bought a size large garment and it did NOT fit. OMG it was crazy tight. And my waist is still at 31" which is not where I wanted to be. I figured I'd start going to gym to get rid of that extra back fat. I really need I start wearing a compression garment over my garment.

So, yes ladies I was married to the most amazing man in the world last week. And let me tell you, doing the do was SO DIFFERENT!! I felt amazing and looked amazing! Of course I had to do all the work just to be careful not to hit anything on the booty. Lol I won't get into detail but it was different. He even told me he felt like he was cheating on me with my alter ego big assed self. Haha

I think it has begun, I FEEL like my booty is getting bigger. Cause I know it isn't my waist shrinking, I've been measuring. Lol but fluffing isn't a bad thing. ;) I hope it goes a little bigger. :D

So yeah, everything is good, I will definitely update with pictures next time I post, should be soon. Thank you ladies for all the support. As always, God bless you all and happy healing to all the ladies who've gone in and made it out safely. Xoxo

Photos: 7 weeks give or take a few days

Everything is going well. I'm pretty sure swelling in my booty has gone down and I'm officially down to my permanent booty size. I'm happy with it even if it does feel it went down to half it's original size. Lol I'm still in love with my shape and volume. What I'm not in love with is the marks that remain in my inner thighs. They're still kind of purple. I continue to put arnica gel but I don't think that's doing anything. They kind of look like my burn. All I know is I'm not able to wear shorts now that they fit me amazingly. Why? Because of those dark and very obvious marks. :,( I hope they fade away soon. Anyways, here's a few pics of the shape and booty.


I know, ive been gone forever, but im updating my story. I have been on a downhill Rollercoaster since surgery, what with burns, inner thigh marks, and the same pain everyone goes through. I've stayed positive, I've looked past my disfigurement as best as I could, and even tried to convince myself I feel good, but the truth is that I don't feel good wit clothes off. I feel okay and different with clothes on, but haven't been able to lose weight because I feel worse than I did before. What can you complain to the doctor about if you signed all those papers that basically took away your right to complain? Right? Well, I didn't complain, cause he said swelling could stick around foe up to 6 months or later. But now 6 months later and I still have this disfigured belly. I went on 2 vacations this month and had to wear a f***ing one piece. And when I tried getting out in the 2 piece I took one look at my stomach and said HELL NO. I can't even, yall. I HATE my stomach. I've thought of so many reasons why he didn't lipo my upper tummy, if I PAID to have it done. Why is it all lumpy and disfigured? I WORE my cincher. Why of all the girls that have gone to Dr. Cortes "I" came out burned on both legs, a blister on my left side of my belly and some ugly discolored marks that look like burns on my right side? I mean, did HE perform the surgery or did he have a student or did he have someone he was training practice on me since I was the 7am surgery on a Monday morning? All of this and more has crossed my mind.

This surgery wasn't worth it, at least not for the price. It wasn't worth the burns. It wasn't worth the awful weight gain that set me back further than I've ever been. It wasn't worth paying a doctor just because he was close to home. I wish I would have looked elsewhere, where I wanted to go in the first place, to DR or something. I wanted full abs lipoed aND I did NOT get that. If I told him about this, what was he gonna say? "It looks good to me" or "I think it's in your head" because actually, when I look down, I SEE where the left side of my belly button is sticking out a good quarter inch than my right. When i look down I SEE all the dents I have in both sides. Am I supposed to be happy with my results just because I have a better shape? No. I wasn't expecting perfection, just a similar result as far as lipo goes as all the other girls he's worked on.

-_- this hasn't been easy, staying positive hasn't been easy, but I'm still trying.

I wish I'd have gone to someone else somewhere else. At least if Id had the same results I do now, I'd have payed about $3,500 less than I did here in houston. Maybe this is punishment for not being happy with myself as i was. God bless everyone. I hope you ladies all have great results, are healing great, and are staying more positive than I have.

I was going to post pictures...

When I tried to download everything, so many photos and my words, it didn't update. I cannot EXPRESS my anger and disappointment. Doing this on my phone it takes longer than on a computer. Wow I'm mad.


To answer a few questions. NO i do not have a penis even if it may appear as if i do. YES i still have very visible burn scars. YES Im upset and angry that he left me like this. YES i feel deformed. YES people ask me what happened to my legs to which i always answer "i was burned" thank GOD they never ask "how" because i dont like going into details from the embarasment. NO it didnt take 50 shots and pick the worst ones, i only discarded blurry photos. THESE ARE ME, THEYRE GENUINE AND THEYRE WHAT IM LIVING WITH. It may not seem bad to some of you, and I know it's not as bad as my poor friend who had to have skin grafts, but this is unacceptable. I didnt have A SINGLE MARKING OR FLAW ON MY SKIN BEFORE SURGERY. The only mark i purposely had inflicted on me was my tattoo, which i love. But in no way or form did I agree to disfigurement by lipo burn. Here it goes. Enjoy the show, ladies.

Effects I'm Noticing now, serious questions

I've noticed some of the effects of having had this surgery with THIS doctor. I'm sure you can all see the work hes done on me for yourselves, ladies, but its what also lies under the skin that is in really bad shape due to his lack of skills. Not only did he mess me up on the outside, but I now feel hopeless as to what will happen when i have children.

Yesterday I decided to pick my sister and Goddaughter up for a girls day. We went out and I decided I would let her shop, since the baby doesnt really let her do any of that without getting cardio in from chasing. lol So I decide I'm going to babysit while she shops. As I'm holding the baby on my hip, i notice this sharp pain on my side. So I put the baby down and hold her hand. A little while passes by and the need to pick her up arises, so i do so, but this time i put her on my other hip to avoid the pain I'd felt earlier. I'd felt this pain before when carrying her, but it wasnt as bad before. Well, my niece is growing and gaining weight little by little. When I picked her up that second time and put her on my other hip, I knew it couldnt be coincidence that I was feeling this pain on both sides. So I tell my sister to hold the baby, as shes doing so I lift up my shirt slightly and kind of pull down on my hips skin, and BOOM, sharp pain across my side. It's the VERY THIN SKIN THE DOCTOR LEFT ON MY SIDES. In the places where he left those ugly indentations, burns, and painful shots of pain.

So now I'm thinking, this is just a little tug from my own hands. I didnt even pull the skin that hard. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN MY HUSBAND AND I DECIDE TO HAVE A BABY??????????

How will that work? Seeing that a pregnant belly requires the pulling of A LOT more skin than what I'd just done. Is it going to be painful knowing that I have all of those scars under the surface of my skin? Is my skin going to tear on the inside? What the hell is going to happen?

Before getting this surgery we had decided to wait 3 years to conserve the beautiful masterpiece that was to be my body, after the F*** up I was left with, we decided to start trying in the new year. New years is less than 3 months away. What is going to happen to my belly? I'm genuinely worried about this just knowing how painful my skin is to pull. I started doing stretches that same day, stretches that had never bothered me before and its so painful to stretch my sides cause the skin is still so tender. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? This terrifies me. Is it going to complicate pregnancy? Is it going to cause unnecessary risk? Will it cause unnecessary side effects?

Have any of you ladies gone through this? Please let me know. Thank you.

Photos speak for themselves

At surgery I was about 175lbs per the "doctors" request to gain 20lbs, which to this day should have been my biggest warning sign. He tells girls to gain weight(ranging from 5-20lbs.), but to be near our ideal weight. First of all, what the f**k? That should have been my sign to gtfo of there and never look back, but I didnt listen to my gut. I wanted the stupid closeness, I went by all the good reviews I read, the stories, his ranking in houston. I ignored my gut feeling. Never ignore it, ladies. Anyways, my update weight to this day is finally 150lbs, only took a year -_-. I have to thank my husband for being my rock through all this mental and emotional anguish I've gone through, he has always been there. He doesn't see my scars, he just sees me, and that is what gave me the courage to lose the weight, he made my self esteem go from dragging on the ground, to just the right level.

Lost a few more lbs

Weight is at 147, just 10 more and I'm at my original weight before the "professional" had me gain 30lbs. and told me to be near my ideal weight, makes no sense right? I know. But that's Dr. Cortez LOGIC for ya. Anywho, here's my photos.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

OVERALL RATING: (*) I'm not happy with my lipo, he didn't even touch my upper abs and left weird lipo lines on sides. Butt looks good though. BEDSIDE MANNER: (**) If bedside manner started right at surgery and ends right when I left, well, I saw him for very short periods (less than 5 minutes) each time he came to check on me. And when he marked me up preop, he forgot my chin, and when I mentioned it... let's just say he didn't really look pleased. ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS: (***) I didn't ask very many questions preop, but post op I asked about bumpy areas and just felt dumb asking. I felt like he had better thinos to do than answer them and make me feel better. AFTERCARE AND FOLLOW-UP: (**) Well, considering I spent every follow up appointment waiting minimum of 2 hours before being seen, and that's with an appointment, and being freshly PO. It wasn't ok. All the discomfort were feeli MD and having to stand there for that long... He needs to have certain days for recent PO girls only and schedule new patients other days. TIME SPENT WITH ME: (*) Yeah, I think we all know how much time he actually spends with us. I gave him 1 star for the 1 of 5 times he spent more than 10 minutes with him. I just asked my husband if I was exaggerating, he was there and noticed it too, even asked me why such a long wait for a 3 minute appointment. PHONE OR EMAIL RESPONSIVENESS: (**) a lot of times I would call and not get someone to pick up until the 3 or 4 time I called. And when I left a voice mail in the early open office hours I didn't get a response til the next day. 2nd star is for the quick email responses. STAFF PROFESSIONALISM AND COURTESY: (***) the staff was really sweet, answered questions, and welcomed me so it made it a ***** star minus * for the way they pulled out the drain and stabbed me to get out the stitches that they said weren't there and I knew were. Minus another * because I saw an ugly comment from office management to one of our RS sisters regarding defamation of surgeon and a possible lawyer being involved. So unethical and unprofessional. PAYMENT PROCESS: (****) it was really easy to pay them over the phone, no hassles, minus * because it's not so easy getting it back from what I've seen. WAIR TIMES: (*) If you've been there, you know why I gave it *. Terrible TERRIBLE wait times. Never waited less than 1hr30m to be seen. Not cool when you can't sit and your feet and legs are all swollen.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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