Brazilian Butt Lift with Full Body RUIN by Dr. Cortes - Houston, TX

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Hi, Everyone! I am booked in for 03/31/2014...

Hi, Everyone!

I am booked in for 03/31/2014 buttock augmentation via fat transfer with full body liposuction with dr. Cortes in Houston.

Cost information:
Dr. Cortes fee $6,512.00
Cosmet Assure $175.00
Garment $108.00
Arnika Forte $20.00
Anesthsia fee $1,538.00
Facility Fee $1,600
Overnight stay $550.00

Total $10,503

Let us say it is an interesting and exciting journey to a new designer body.

Here is something about me and the start of this fantastic path...
I was a model before with a fantastic toned body, that has now disappeared somewhere underneath of the todays 10kg + on top of what I used to be.

I have decided on dr. Cortes after watching his youtube videos and seeing all the dramatic changes that I was really after in regards to the buttocks.
I have seen so many buttock jobs while researching and Dr. Cortes ones were in a league of it's own. I also love that he actually lipoes the world out of you :) and body sculpts you in the process of it!

I still have to gain 10-15lbs, which is remarkably weird to hear this as I thought 10kg+ (around 23lbs +) would have been more than enough. ...don't get me wrong, I love eating, but I am worried about the weight going down after.
I thought doing it now when I have all ofthe extra lbs on would be the best time. ...not realising I would need even more :).
So, spoke about that to Lucy, who reassured me that all of that will be taken out and my body would probably be restored to it's previous state as they do the extreme lipo and they need a good quality fat for the job to be perfectly done.
I then read here that he even takes out the chin fat and arms fat that you get with all that weight gain, so that made me feel better.

I am adding my before pictures and will be keeping you up to date with my surgery and recovery :).
So, so looking for it!!!

6 weeks to surgery with dr. Cortes

Just coming back from our vacation where I am beautifully working on piling up those lbs :). I am not sure how my wardrobe is liking that, but it will have to bare for another month and a half.
I literally can not fit into my clothes any more ! And I am talking about my "fat clothes" now. So, I think I need a new name for a new category of clothing. Pre America?

We bought our airplane tickets. Flying business should be great as we can then just stretch the bed out and lie down on the belly, making that long flight back to Australia more bearable.

We are also about to start taking supplements which are, iron, vitamin c, b12, folic acid and multivitamin. I am hoping this will help with the healing.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any caregiver/nurse in Houston that they could recommend?

4 weeks pre op, bbl with full body liposuction

Hi, everyone!

(I feel tempted to change that title to ...extreme full body liposuction with bbl. Not bbl with full body lipo)

I am now 4 weeks pre surgery and have gone bananas with my weight.
I am uploading some of the new photos of that beautifully increased fat. Who would believe I was actually a model prior to this???

At the moment, my focus from getting the butt has shifted to just wanting that extreme liposuction that will give me my body back. Hopefully?
I am in the state where I am literally crying/tearing when I look at my self in the mirror and feeling very compassionate to the overweight people as I think this is the worst feeling ever.
I feel heavy, so therefore have no motivation to do anything or go anywhere. What is worse, I think I have a food addiction now :). That is all I seem to be doing. Eating.
I am getting congratulated on my pregnancy everywhere we go. The best one, I think was when I was refused a massage as they thought I was pregnant!!!

My partner told me last night, are you sticking your belly out on purpose so I can see how much fat you have? And I was thinking, how sad, I was actually just standing!!!

My arms have gone to another level and I have an under chin. I have fat around my knees and my inner knees are bumping one against another when I walk, so that changed my walk from foot in front of the foot in the straight line to a more wide opened walk. Not as elegant, if I might add.

I recently passed a reflective glass building and seriously did not realise that was me in the reflection till a good second after when I realised there was no one walking near me when I moved and that that was me.
I don't know if this ever happened to anyone, but it is pretty remarkable not recognising yourself.

So, I will maintain the weight for another 4 weeks, but I think the way I am at it with food now, I might gain some more in that time :(.

1 week to go :)!!!


It is now one week to go with getting of the new body :)! I'm getting excited about the whole thing!
Showering with the germ inhibiting soap wash and about to get prepared for our trip to America. Packing, doing my colour,... As I will not be able to sit in that hairdressing chair for a while.

I have my dr. appointment on Friday? Saturday? And then the beautifying operation on Monday morning :).

By now, I feel so uncomfortable in my body that it's not even funny. Tummy, waist area, feels tense and uncomfortable even when I did not have anything to eat yet. I guess I am at my max fat. Lucky it can't get out as if it could get out of pores, it would be shooting out like a squeezed pimple :).

My pregnancy rumours are not subsiding, again, not a good mental take on from the situation :).
Also, makes me deal with all sorts of issues of mine, which is just lovely.

2days post op

A little worried as the nurses said one inner knee has been treated and other one? As one has the patch , when the other one does not have it.
Also, foam at my waist for one of the incisions is on one side and the other one has none, so I am bleeding there.
I should ask them again to put it there, but they don't like messing around with that work.
I also have bad bruises at my axila, which I don't mind as long as they are getting better. And I love that he did touch up there too :)

1 month update

First I need to apologise for not updating more regularly...

This is 1 month after the surgery:
Bum looks very nice live, it has gone down a lot. I would say 50% and I am presuming it has still some to go. After the surgery, I thought, oh my God, this is way too big for me, I was scared it will remain like that. Luckily, that was not the case and now I am happy :).
I have quite a bit of bumps and lumps on my stomach area and the inner thighs. Looks very uneven. I am having massages, so hopefully that helps.

My weight is in my mind still overweight as I can see fatty hips and legs should be leaner, but I guess that will go down when I loose weight.
I am very happy how he sucked me dry on the waist are, that really helps with my mental state as at least I am not seeing that belly any more!

1 month ost op photos

Here they are

Not happy with work of dr. Cortes

First let me apologise for not updating sooner, but I have been quite distraught by how my body looks now after dr. Cortes.
Not that his work just destroyed my whole body, it has also had/has a mental tall on me. Going from perfectly smooth and tight body, I have gone to lumpy, uneven, deformed body that has even a couple of spots of sagging skin, which happened (by three opinions of other plastic surgeons!) because he has gone too close to the skin with the cannula. One of them even start researching if he was really a plastic surgeon based on the way that I looked. He said, I find it hard to believe someone is that incompetent!
What a lovely thing to hear when someone is looking at your body that is supposed to be enhanced...

I will do everything in points so you can all get a better picture.

My bbl with liposuction:

1. Chin.... Looked same with a difference of one sucked out dot in the middle of it. When I say dot, I literally mean a dot/dent under the chin in the middle. So you can imagine how that looks

2. Arms..... Looked a little slimmer, but left arm has one large cannula line across.

3. Back.... Upper back not liposuctioned proportionally to the lower so looked like boobs, right upper side considerably larger than left upper.

4. Stomach.... Uneven, lumpy, on lower left and close to the belly left with sagging skin due to the liposuction too close to the skin, taken too much fat out (due to other doctors opinions).

5. Legs.... Discoloured from the burns still, uneven on inner thighs, looks like a wave, not a leg line and taken too much fat there in proportion to the other body, leaving legs looking like O shaped ones and not straight.

6. Knees... Even though he said he has done them, i don't see the difference, plus one looks bigger than other, don't know if that is still swealing from the inner legs? Or he touched one of them slightly and forgot the other???

7. Bum... Left one higher than the right one

Overall: I am actually searching for some positives. At the moment I can't find any apart from that I look slimmer in clothes.
Have lots of dark large scars from liposuction all over the body. Not a good look :).

Since then, I have gone under one laser liposuction to even things up and to help with the skin tightness (done a couple of weeks ago).
Please note all the photos posted here have been made prior to the corrective operation thar took place 2 weeks ago.

Really disappointed in work of dr. Cortes and even more in myself for not doing more research on him

This is really bad.
I've just came back from the operation, trying to fix my knees and legs to try and look the same as one bigger, one smaller. It seems like I'll be doing corrective stuff for a while now.
My infection on the hip might have to be cut out if it continues as now it's been 6 months. Got another set of antibiotics and the swap of fluid to be tested again if it is growing, so we'll have to wait and see.
I now have a dent in the hip area due to that. Lovely to see after paying all that money. I would have been better off going to Thailand twice, it would not cost me as much and I would have certainly got a better job done.
Kind of hard to do worse than this!

Update of the attempted fix

2 months after an attempt to fix my stomach area. It's not looking good :(.
I've done the Venus freeze 8 sessions in attemp to tighten the skin in addition to laser Lipo and it still looks bad.
I'll have to wait for a few months before having another attemp at anything, but bodytite seems to be the way to go.
I'm a bit too depressed to write more, so I'll just post the photos that are 2 months post op.
If anyone has any ideas of how to fix, please feel free to share.
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