2 Days Before Surgery - Houston, TX

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Hello. So I've been stalking RealSelf for about a...

Hello. So I've been stalking RealSelf for about a year deciding on a dr to do my bbl. finally, I decided on dr Cortes in Houston. So far I've had a great experience. I would rate it a 4/5. The only reason it's not a 5/5 is because of the wait times in his office. For my consultation, I waited about 2 hours to be seen. Today, I also waited about 2 hours to be seen for preop. I witnessed someone with an appt after me be serviced before me. I addressed the receptionist about it, and she explained why. Although she had a good reason (having to catch a flight within the next few hours) I still made it clear that it's unacceptable to service her before me. My time is equally as important.
Besides that, I do believe that Dr Cortes will give me the results I'm looking for, and I'm excited! My surgery is in 2 days!!! Pray for me!!! :)

Pre op photos

Tomorrow I'll be having my surgery!! I'm nervous and calm at the same time. Here are some pre op photos so we can compare and contrast on tomorrow. The Dr says I'm very square, and I agree! I'll be an hour glass soon though. Haha!!

12 hours post op

Hi, I'm 12 hours post op. The first few hours, I felt terrible but now that pain is minimal. Earlier, I felt like nothing was working but now I feel pretty good.
3 nurses (2 from hospital, 1 from cortes) has come and visit. I really appreciate that. I've been eating jello and saltine crackers today. I'm afraid to eat something heavy and having to go #2. Once discharged, I'll be going to a hotel do hopefully car transportation isn't terrible. I've got a mattress on the back seat. I'll post pics too.

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