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Hello Everyone, I'm 20 years old and I'm not yet...

Hello Everyone,

I'm 20 years old and I'm not yet schedule to have my BBL yet. I'm still doing research and it's crazy because more than half of the bodies look amazing but the other half still look good but the changes are very small. I'd be more the disappointed if I went through with this and the changes were very small. I kinda really do want a big change if I'm paying so much. which is understandable right? Like for example this before and after pic, it looks great but this wouldn't be what I'd want. I'd want a rounder fuller butt. And although she looks great it looks like only her abdominal area was the only thing that really changed. Are my expectations to high? My body is similar to hers except I believe I have more tummy, no butt and no curves (unless you count a muffin top a curve). Anyways what do you guys think? Did you guys get the results you wanted? Was it worth it?

Btw the cost &date are just random .

Bbl Next Step

So I've finally taken the step to meet with a Doctor. By the end of the month, I will be going in to speak with Dr. Cortes. I'm a little nervous, but don't really know what to expect. I've never really shown anybody my body. I'm too scared to post pictures on here. I feel like I'm Eminem, I'm all paranoid. All of you beautiful ladies are so brave to share your stories and it is highly appreciated. I'm going to go into that office and suck it up. I don't want to be that "she's just a friend" type of girl. That's "she's cool I like her as a friend" type of girl. I want to be that "she's my beautiful girlfriend.... fiancé ...wife" type of girl. I hated my body so much I didn't go to prom because I couldn't find a dress to make me not look disgusting. This, even though it's a small step, this is a small step to something big. Something that will hopefully bring me the confidence I need. I want to be beautiful on the outside too.

How to deal with negative feedback after getting a bbl.

Hello ladies,

Tomorrow I have My very first consultation with Dr. Cortes and I am very afraid. I want a big butt, "as big as i can get type of butt" but I'm afraid that people I already know will look at me and judge me or say I'm "fake". I know I shouldn't care but have any of you ladies been through this? Has any of you ladies been judged or attacked with negative comments? I'm taking some time off work and I don't how to tell my coworkers/boss I'm doing this. I feel like Dr. Cortes is going to ask of me to gain weight. How crazy would i look if out if nowhere I get really huge then I take two weeks off & come back looking like I stole somebody's body? What did you do?

Consultation Went Great W/ Dr.Cortes!

Hey Ladies !

Just came back from my consultations and I have to admit it was pretty chill. Dr.Cortes was really nice and explained everything with good detail. (Lucy was nice as well). I weigh 140 pounds and I asked for a hour glass figure and a butt. I'm going to get my hour glass shape and the hips I've always wanted! But since my butt space is normally small my projection won't look too extreme or too drastic. My projection he said WILL infact change and my butt will become bigger than what it is now BUT again not to drastic. My butt cheeks are to small and if he adds to much or tries to make them to big they will look like they are pointy and lord knows i don't want pointy butt cheeks ! lol I'm exited because my body will finally be portioned and I will feel great about it. My body will be smaill waist hops curvs and a nice butt ! Couldnt be more happy ! Dr. Cortes is great and I'm defaniatly going to get my bbl from him. Now all i have to do is set a date. I'm thinking around March or April 2014. I met a cool lady today she was scheduled to get her bbl this Monday and all I can say is good luck! & I hope your surgery goes great! We're "Team Cortes" lol My total cost as of now is 9,503$. I'm going to pay the 500 within the 30 days to set that price & a date in around March-April. I feel confident I will get what i paid for. I feel like I'm in good hands :)


BBL May 9, 2014 with Dr. Cortes :)!!

So I just scheduled my BBL surgery on May 9th, 2014 with Dr. Cortes!!! I'm exited any wait for my new figure! Is anybody going to Dr. Cortes ? Around the time as me ?? Would love to have someone to talk to during my experience.

Change of date ! June 12 Th !

Hey Ladies,

It's been a minute BUT I'm still here :) Got a call from Dr. Cortes's assistant and she said Dr. Cortes was going to be away the whole month of May :( Had to change my date but I'm not to upset . I still have ONLY paid the 500$ dollars. I still have to pay 9,003 $ :( I have two jobs but it seems like the more I save the more my family needs. Christmas didn't help either :( Haven't lost hope though. I have until June 12. My tax returns and every penny I make starting this new year will be for my bbl. I'm thankful that all I have to pay is my phone bill. Just wish there was an easier way....

Anyways I love You All !!

A Lot of you ladies look Amazing !!

Tell me about your bbl experience or about how your feeling to get your bbl experience.

& also I'm getting my buccal fat removed too. Has anybody done that? let me know :)

Care credit ?

Hello Ladies :)

So I was looking into getting a loan for my surgery. Does any of you have care credit or has used care credit ?? If so how does that work is it legit and what should I know before I try to get this loan?

Thank You !

Linda Perez's Story

Hey Ladies !

So I watched a story on Linda Perez a 19 year old girl who was left brain dead after a cosmetic surgery procedure. I'm now more then ever scared about getting my bbl. Poor poor girl. Look up her story.... and give me your thoughts. I don't mean to scare anyone but ladies ... The risk we are taking is huge. PLEASE PLEASE tell your doctors EVERYTHING. DO NOT HIDE ANYTHING IR DO NOT NOT TELL YOUR DOCTORS SOMETHING. PLEASE BE SAFE !

Why can't money grow on trees ?

Hello ladies,

I'm a little disappointed :( I've done the math on paper over a billion times & i think i may have to reschedule. I literally got (not that much back) from my tax returns :( I'll have enough to pay Dr.cortes Fees but this damn hospital fee is what's going to break me. I think I'm going to fall at least 2,000-2,500 $ short :( i tried getting care credit... But i just recently started my credit and it's not good enough. I literally don't know what to do. I really don't want to reschedule :'( It makes me sad because i put on this weight and now i have to be like this longer than expected.

Anybody have any suggestions ?

Out 500$ ???

So today Dr. Cortes office called me in regards to changing my surgery date. She told me i would lose my 500$ deposit if i didn't pay the total amount in 30 days since this was the THIRD TIME i had rescheduled. I need to pay him 3,000 $ in 30 days???? Yeah right. I said ok and had to hang up because i wasn't at home. I just realized that this is NOT the third time i rescheduled though. I scheduled my appointment on (i believe May 9) and THEY called me because THEY said dr.cortes wasn't going to be here so all his may appointments are being moved. So they changed it to June 26. THEY NOT ME. This (today) would be the first time I'm trying to change/reschedule the date and they want to take away 500$ ? Yeah right. defiantly calling again !

Great News & New Date

Hello ladies! So good news. I won't be losing 500$!! I was in complete panic mode thinking I was but it turned out to be just miscommunication about my rescheduling. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Cortes team though. They're probably the nicest, caring, and helpful group of ladies ever. Janirirs (the one in charge of the billing/ payment process) is so nice. She went completely out of her way to explain everything. It's almost like she was reading my mind, she had an answer for every question I WAS about to ask lol But I'm considering rescheduling sometime in the beginning of August.

Anybody getting there's done in August ??

I'm so excited ! :D

I hate this feeling !

I'm starting to make myself depressed....

I went to the mall and broke down. I left because of complete frustration. Ever since i postponed my surgery I've been in complete misery. I didn't want to postpone it but I had too because i don't have enough for the hospital bill... but ugh that's neither here nor there.

I just need to vent.... i just need to do something....

I feel sooo huge. I only gained 7 pounds so currently I'm 147 but Jesus, I broke down today at my local forever 21.

I dont know why but everything was just fitting me so hideous ! I ended up leaving and breaking down in the car. I've never been 147 pounds & i know it may not seem like a lot to some of you guys but just imagine if all of that fat was in your stomach or upper body ! My body gains and losses weight awkwardly. (ex i gain weight in my tummy FIRST then my butt... so when i loose it i loose it FIRST in my butt and my tummy is last to go).

Anyways this is becoming so unhealthy ...... i caught myself starving myself for the past 2 weeks, i don't want to be fat. I feel so embarrassed. More then I've ever felt before ! i gained the weight because i was suppose to have the money but now that i don't have the money i feel like I'm stuck in this body and I'm doing everything to drop this weight !

my family nor boyfriend suspect anything but this is just the worse feeling I've ever felt. i don't even want to do anything anymore i just want to not even wake up.

this is just to much....

i just can't deal with this....

Surgery Postponed Until ...

Hello Ladies,

It's been a while since I've been on here. I really need to call Dr. Cortes office and let them know I am still very much interested in getting a bbl but that I need more time to pay it off. So much has happened. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away :( and a lot of the money I had saved up went to his funeral and other arrangements. I don't not regret using the money on him... I just have to save up more. I am looking for a second job... I have to buy a new car... start school... all of this stuff while trying to pay this surgery off. I really wanted to take out a loan.... but I'm only 20.... my credit is barley starting...and well so much is happening. I see a lot of you ladies have went on and have gotten your procedure done. All of you look so amazing :) I can't wait until I get my surgery.... it's just obviously going to be a longer journey for me... I'm keeping my head up though... and staying positive :)


Still no surgery....

Hey ladies,

Well here I am. Almost a year later and still no surgery, still short 5,688$. So much has happened this past year. I sit down everyday, cry, and just think of how I can pay for this. I still am working 2 jobs and I'm so tired. Shit happens and I've been saving up for a car because it's a necessity at this point. Not only that, but my father has been battling major health issues. He's having kidney failure so most of my money is going to his hospital bills. Also, I didn't really share my relationship with you ladies but I had a really dark moment in my life. Not only was the man I was dating for almost 3 years CHEATING on me, but I over heard him on the phone telling someone "I'd marry her tomorrow if she had an ass". Imagine over hearing the man you love say that about you. My self esteem has hit rock bottom. Complete asshole right? Well yeah I broke up with the cheating asshole.Anyways, I haven't contacted Dr. Cortes office in a while. I need to call.... Let him know I'm still interested just need a lot more time :( Enough about me, I hope everyone is doing great.... Any ideas to make more cash? I'm willing to listen.... Started my journey in 2014 &here I am 2016 is right around the corner and still nothing. Please help ? Any suggestions? Thank you... Xoxox

If you had a bbl by Dr.Cortes please Inbox me !

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