The HORRIFIC Horndeski Method a/k/a Ultimate Breast Lift a/k/a Bellesoma Method RESEARCH DOCTOR - HORRIBLE RESULTS - BEWARE

15 yr old saline implants, above muscle placed...

15 yr old saline implants, above muscle placed through belly button. It is impossible to buy dresses, ever. I am a large on top (12) and a medium (4/6) on bottom. They are way bigger than I ever wanted and sagging and need a lift. Having them removed and breast reduced and lifted with no implant replacement. Excited to be able to buy clothes off the rack hopefully. I will post before and after pictures and will review my experience thoroughly.

Before picture

Here is before pic, surgery first week of November

Very Responsive and Helpful

Dr. Horndeski's office has been extremely helpful and responsive to my emails and contacts with my follow up questions. I have never waited more than 24 hours to receive an email or phone call response. I am going back in to discuss the surgery with him (which is scheduled Nov 12) as he may be able to do the explantation, lift and reduction without an inframammary incision (breast fold). I currently have zero scars as my implants were placed through my belly button. We will see if he can remove and lift without a scar under my breast (I'm crossing my fingers) but realize it's a long shot. I have seen photos where he has performed the lift this way and they turned out beautiful. Will update as new information arises....:)

Not sure what size bra to get

I'm seriously confused about what size post surgery bra to buy. I'm currently a 36F (DDD) and getting my implants removed with a lift and reduction from Dr. Horndeski on 11/12 but don't know what size to buy. I purchased several 36DD's but wonder if that is too big. Can any prior patients assist me on this?

I had it done

Super pleased with results so far. Picture is one day post op


I'm on day 7 post po and fitting into a 34/36/DD perfectly ! I was a 36F before, the swelling is going down nicely and I have retained all the sensitivity in my nipples. I think I'll land somewhere at a 34/D/DD depending on the bra. The scars are beginning to nudge themselves into the fold under my breast. In all, I made the right choice of doctor and I'm pleased with how I'm healing. I will post more pictures next week after the tape is removed.

Post Op Day 9 UBL Dr Horndeski

Post op day 9 and the results are amazing fitting into 36/D or DD (swelling) very sensitive nipples, lots of upper pole fullness and scars are laying flat as hoped.

4 Weeks Post Ultimate Breast Lift / Reduction, Dr. Horndesk Houston, 36FF to 36/D/DD

Its been approximately 4 weeks since my explantation of what turned out to be 670 saline implants (15 years ago I asked for 350' with ultimate breast lift/reduction. It appears my scabs are coming off nicely from the incisions. I'm feeling better and most of the swelling is gone, especially around my rib cage. I have also dropped 8lbs with no effort on my part. I am wearing a 36/DD comfortably, but staying in a 36/D for the compression and shaping of my breasts. I am guessing that in a couple months I will end up a 34/D/DD. I have a lot of upper pole fullness and that tenderness is starting to subside.

I am hyper-sensitive in the nipples and happy to have lost no sensation. About to start scar therapy protocol after post-op appointment in two days. I am concerned however, that the "infra-mammary" scars appear to be higher than I expected and I am not sure how much or if they will drop at all. I went into this because of the no vertical scar, and am hoping I don't end up with two horizontals that make that point moot.

We shall see....

Hondeski Ultimate Breast Lift - Before / After Pic

Here is a very telling before/after picture of me wearing the same dress. 36FF to 36/D/DD. I've lost nearly 12 pounds in the 4 weeks since my surgery through no effort on my part as well. I've literally had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders...:)

Explant, Ultimate Breast Lift and Symptom Abatement - Dr. Horndeski

I am about 5 weeks post-explant and ultimate breat lift with Dr. Horndeski. I FEEL GREAT! I have had four recurring symptoms (8 years+) that have stopped. They are:

1. Neck/Shoulder Pain - this is much less than it was, I can't say its' completely gone because I have two herniated discs in my neck due to a car accident, but it has significantly decreased.
2. Skin Rash - I have had a recurring fungal infection on my neck/shoulders that has completely gone.
3. Ear Rash - I have had a recurring fungal infection in my right ear that is completely gone.
4. I have lost nearly 13 pounds since the removal of my old implants. I have struggled over the past years to lose weight as I suffer from hypo-thyroidism. Not sure why exactly I've lost weight (I'm doing nothing different), but perhaps my lymph system is working better in conjunction with my metabolism.

I began this journey towards explantation earlier this year when I discovered a hard lump under my left armpit/breast area. Several tests (blood workups, mammagrams and an ultrasound) later ruled out what we originally thought was breast cancer or possibly lymphoma. After an all clear / no cancer diagnosis that told also told me I was having a negative lymphatic response to my implants (like an allergic reaction) I decided to remove and not replace them, and get a lift at the same time.

I am still healing up, my scars are fading, I will most likely have a scar revision in April or May but I couldn't be more pleased and health-wise, I feel wonderful.

Starting Epiderm Scar Therapy by Biodermis after UBL

Starting silicone sheet scar therapy following Ultimate Breast lift. These sheets are super easy to apply and include pre-cut nipple rounds. They are easy to apply, remove, clean and re-use. A little pricey but after spending good money on surgery, I'd say good scar therapy is a must have,

Will update weekly with progress.

Horndeski updated pictures 6 weeks post op

Nipples and scars are high, will need revision at 6 mo's post op according to doc...

10 Wks Post Horndeski Ultimate Breast Lift

I am about 10 wks post UBL by Dr. Horndeski. For the first time in 15 years I can buy clothes off the rack, including swimsuits!!! I was a 36FF and am settled about a 36D+ (between a D and a DD). I am having scar revision to lower the inframmary scars further down into my fold at the end of April and am confident it will go well. This will also drop my nipples which are a little high, but which can happen during a breast lift. This is also easily remedied during the healing/touch up phase that is sometimes necessary with large volume reconstruction. Here are some pre and post pics of me in a bikini. You can see the massive change. I feel a LOT more proportionate and have lost a great deal of neck and shoulder pain, I still deal with a limited amount due to a herniated disc, but it is mostly gone and/or manageable. Most people think I've lost about 25lbs because of the way my shape has changed. I have lost about 12 lbs since surgery, some due to removal, other is unexplained but I'll take it.

Horndeski UBL: Healing Progression Makes all the Difference in the World

I'm updating some of my pictures so you can see the healing progression regarding my scars. As you can see 5 weeks makes all the difference in the world. I am on the cusp of 10 wks/11wks out and the breasts are settling, the scars are falling lower towards the fold and the nipples are dropping down as well, just as the doc said they would. I am going back first week of April to plan the scar revision which will be done in office to pull down the external scar further into the infra-mammary fold. This is done under local right in the office since it is just dealing with surface level skin and not invasive or involving muscle, etc. This will also pull my nipples down from their higher position and give a better look. I am pleased, and like to remind those interested in large volume reduction that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Time will be a factor in getting the most pleasant aesthetic outcome, just like the doctor tells us. As you can see - 5 weeks has made a huge difference. I will post updates in another 4 to 6 weeks as well.

12 Weeks Post Horndeski Ultimate Breast Lift and Healing is Going Well

What a difference time makes. Things are healing well and falling into place just like the doctor said they would. As you can seen, they are taking on a more rounded shape and looking more natural. I'm still going in at the end of April for some scar revision to pull the lower scars down further into the fold, where they will not be visible, but as you can see, the passage of time has them lowering somewhat by themselves. He told me several weeks ago, that he would do the scar revision in his office, combined with some lipo on the sides and around the breasts and under arm area to round them out a little and all at no cost to me, under local and I am satisfied both with his approach and his commitment to my satisfaction. This type of surgery is a marathon and not a sprint and I had no unreasonable expectations of immediate gratification. A few more weeks and I expect to post even better photos.

Before and 12 Weeks Post Horndeski Ultimate Breast Lift - UBL

See the results for yourself. It's a work in process and healing takes time, but I'm loving it so far.....8 wks from now we will do the scar revision and lipo to bring scars lower down and round out the look, all at no cost, in office as part of his patient satisfaction guarantee.


I am posting this update to encourage anyone who is overly concerned about scar healing, puckering, dog-ears etc. All of those issues can occur with surgery, but they are easily resolved and normally work themselves out by themselves. I had both dog ears and puckering in my lower scars, however, I knew that with proper handling, massage, silicon scar sheets and a little patience, they would come out smooth and they have. Time is the great equalizer. My scars are smooth, whereas before they looked very puckered and haphazard. They lay flat, smooth and there are no more dog-ears. I will be going back at the end of April for Dr. Horndeski to lower the bottom scars further into my fold. I am confident with the same course of attention for my scars, they will again lay flat and appear smooth after time.

Some people see pictures of scars and get really worked up and anxious. Remember what has happened to your body. The skin has to have time to heal, the flesh needs to settle where it will and with massage and daily attention, the scars will appear smooth as you expect. If for some reason a particular area doesn't leave you with aesthetically pleasing results, your surgeon can revise the scar under local and it will heal to an acceptable state.

12 Weeks Post Horndeski Ultimate Breast Lift

Here is a picture of my breasts 12 wks post op. I am healing well. All puckering and dog ears are now lying flat as they are supposed to. We know that the inframammary scars as well as my nipples are high. We are doing a scar revision to pull down the inframammary scars into the fold, which will also lower my nipples to the proper position, in 8 weeks. This should give me the aesthetic look I am going for. The scar revision will be done in office, at no charge, using a local anesthetic. Four weeks after, I should be good to hit the beach/pool. Overall very satisfied with shape and size. All pain is gone and I have retained 100% sensitivity. I am not concerned that my journey has required a revision 5 months later. Large volume reduction and explantation makes my case out of the ordinary. Dr. Horndeski and his office have been wonderful to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending either he, or his procedure.

13 Weeks Post Horndeski Ultimate Breast Lift

Updated pics. Healing nicely. Shake is coming around and scars are doing well. It's amazing what time can do, from week to week the transformation is astonishing. Patience is key!

Week 14 post Horndesku UBL

More progress pics. I'm happy to say that working out is not as big a chore as before! Breasts are settling nicely and taking shaping. I'm between a D and a DD cup and it's the perfect size for my frame. Scars Healy nicely abs inframammary scars moving closer into the fold.

Wk 1 Versus Wk 14 Comparison - Horndeski Ultimate Breast Lift

Healing and time makes a huge difference....

15 week Post Op Ultimate Breast Life Horndeski - Updated Pictures

Updated pictures attached. Healing nicely, everything falling into place. Will have scar lowering procedure at end of April which will include some side liposuction and pull nipples down further as a result. Very please over all. From a 36FF to 36D/DD

17 Weeks Post Horndeski Ultimate Breast Lift - Still Happy!

My breasts continue to heal and fall into place. I consult next week on the scar revision which will pull the lower incisions down to be hidden under my breast fold, which will lower my nipples, and which will create an elevated look to my upper pole. He said he will also be doing liposuction on the sides and under my arms to round out the shape. Will update with pictures once the revision is done. I am settled at a 36 D/DD depending on how the bra is made. All sensitivity still in tact. No residual pain or soreness.

7 Month Review - Not Yet Satisfied

I have ZERO upper pole fullness. My breasts are shaped like bells (bottom wider than top), my nipples are placed too high, and constantly peek out of my bras, lingerie, swimsuit tops.

My scars are not in the infra-mammary fold and are too high. I have very visible horizontal scars (this is supposed to be a no visible vertical scar procedure, but it's moot because my horizontal scars are large and high.

He had promised me he would do the in office revision to correct all this at the end of May before my family trip to Hawaii which was last week. Went to my appointment to plan and schedule the revision only to be told he was going to be out of the country for a month and had to reschedule. Made my trip difficult with buying/wearing swimsuits, sundresses, etc when your nipples pop out all the time. I am completely self conscious all the time about my appearance, I can't wear half the tops in my wardrobe because my nipples pop out. I can't wear a push up bra to give me some upper pole fullness (I have NONE) because the nipples pop out of my bra!

I see him again this next Monday to schedule and plan revision. I certainly hope this can all be corrected because at this point, I'd rather have the vertical scar and upper pole fullness and breasts shaped like breasts and not bells, with nipples that don't point upward.

I have been very patient with the healing process. Unfortunately, my breasts look like they need a "lift" because there is too much skin under my nipples and there is no upper pole fullness at all. I certainly hope this can be fixed. I spent nearly $14k and I look nothing like I expected with a breast lift procedure.

I'll keep you updated. At this point, I couldn't say I would recommend this procedure to anyone.

The Horndeski Method - Before & 7 Months After

Not satisfied.

Revision Surgery

Had the revision today in office under local anesthetic which never really took. They had to keep adding more until they reached the max they would give me . I cried, screamed and shook In pain during the hour and a half procedure. I felt everything including the sutures going in. I screamed out so much that my husband came back to the room to check on me and stayed to hold my hand. It was so painful that the doc only lipod my left side and gave up on the right side. I just cannot understand why this could not have been done using twilight sedation. It was the most traumatic experience I've ever been though and I'm no wussy. I've had a c-section, tummy tuck, foot surgery, Lasik, liposuction and done fine. Local anesthesia is not for me and its not an easy in office fix, do not be fooled. Let's hope this experience is worth it and makes a difference on my oddly shaped breasts and scars. I'll post photos in a few days.

Revision Pictures Day 2

Still sore, bled a lot, shape is very wide and flat for now.

Revision pictures day 3

My left breast comes to a point on the side. My nipples don't appear to be round anymore they are a weird shape after he pulled the skin down. I'm still bleeding in a few places. I am not feeling confident that they will look better when this is healed. My beats are definitely not round.

Breast Lift Revision Gone Horribly Wrong

I underwent the Horndeski Method / Ultimate Breast Lift procedure under general anesthesia in November of 2015. The results were unsatisfactory and nothing like the before and after pictures advertised. My nipples were placed entirely too high and popped out of bras, swimsuits and low cut blouses. My inframammary scars which were supposed to be hidden in the breast fold offering a "scarless" aesthetic settled way above the inframammary crease. I chose this procedure as an alternative to vertical scar lift and instead ended up with high horizontal scars extending to the underarm area. I could not wear certain bikinis or strapless garments without them showing.

My surgeon insisted that an in office revision procedure would correct all my dissatisfaction.

I waited nearly 7 months and had the in office procedure performed on 6/23/16. The experience was horrifying, the local injections never took and writhed, shook and screamed in pain as I felt every thing! All the cutting, even the sutures being placed and the string being pulled through layers of my skin.

My husband was so concerned to hear me screaming that he came into the exam room where this procedure was being done and held my hand and had to hold me down to let the close me up.

Worse yet than my nightmarish experience is that my breast look worse. My nipples are stretched down and oblong shaped. My breath are wide and flat and one side has a distinct point. The incisions in my cleavage area are badly pleated and dog eared.

I do not recommend this Revision surgery - It is inhumanely performed and it did not correct, but rather worsened my prior condition.

This is not a minor procedure. There was no anesthesiologist present, no monitoring of my vital signs, no blood pressure monitoring. It was done on an exam table turned backwards, me lying on my back with a cloth over my head. Neither the surgeon nor his assistant wore hair covering or facial mask - only gloves.

Pleas reconsider having a revision of any kind without proper monitoring and anesthesia. A local injection of lidocaine is simply not enough. I am looking at having to have reconstructive surgery by another surgeon at this point.

On my follow up appointment Dr. Horndeski mentioned that yet another revision would give me my desired results. He will not be the one performing any type of procedure on me ever again.

Horndeski Method a/ka Ultimate Breast Lift REVISION 1 week later

The revision did not go well. My pictures speak for themselves.

Horndeski Method a/k/a Umtimate Breast Lift Failure

I wanted a lift, instead my breasts are wide, flat, have no fullness and I resemble a teenage boy. I was an FF cup and I barely fill out any bra I can find. Unless I wear a MOLDED and PADDED bra now I have literally no shape.

The Horndeski Method / Sample Results versus ACTUAL Results - NOT to Expectations

When I first went in to consult with Dr. Horneski we discussed several of his sample cases. One in particular was just like me, large breasted, wanted implant removal, and lift. This particular case was all done through her areola, there was no scar underneath, and the results were fantastic. He was confident he could perform the same surgery with very similar results.

He informed me during my pre-op visit at the hospital that he may need to use a small incision under my breasts, and he would keep it to a minimum.

Here are my results compared to his sample results. This is an actual patient photo of his before/after. My reasonable expectation should be to have a similar outcome. As you can see, that did not happen.

2 Weeks Post Horndeski Revision

My cleavage scars are uneven, pleated and doc eared. This will not correct itself. My nipples are elongated, oblong and irregular shaped. Breast are wide and flat.

Horndeski Method a/k/a The Ultimate Breast Lift - BAD Decision

Here is some before/after pictures. I wanted a "breast lift". That is not what I got. Now my breasts are flat, wide, malshaped, malformed, my nipples are oblong and stretched downward. There is a definitive point on the left breast. My right breast and nipples are larger than my left. I have ZERO UPPER POLE FULLNESS.

2 Weeks Post Horndeski Revision

These scars are not "well hidden" in the breast shadow.

Post Horndeski "Lift" and Revision - horrible nipples

The pictures speak for themselves. They are egg shaped....????

2 1/2 week post revision checkup

Went in for checkup today. He asked me
What I thought. I said they look mangled to me. His response was "so you say."

Bottom line he wants me to wait ANOTHER 6 months for ANOTHER revision. He needs to do scar work, more lipo and redo my nipples. Indicates it will have to be at a hospital under general anesthesia "because I cannot tolerate the pain of locals".

Makes me wondered why he can't do sedation in his office like most doctors?



I requested and received yesterday at my check up medical records from his office. Most notably missing was the myriad of complaints, concerns and issues I have addressed with him at EACH of my appointments. Missing is the before/after/ pictures and update pictures he takes at each visit.

Missing is the traumatic experience during my revision, where I felt everything, screamed, cried, shook uncontrollably, my husband came busting in the room and held my hand and held me down to finish. Missing is the fact that his receptionist threatened to call the police if my husband went back, and my husband responded, "Please do." Missing is the fact that his physician assistant said to me, "This has been traumatic for all of us."

It all reads like I walk in and everything is fine and my breasts are beautiful. It made me physically sick to my stomach to read it. I STILL have a fat necrosis on my right breast that I have addressed with him at least 4 times, no mention in my records. No mention I am dissatisfied anywhere.


The Horndeski Method - Scar Placement Not Satisfactory

2 weeks post recision original surgery Nobember 2015. No vertical scar is moot as the side scars are large, not hidden in breast fold and do not fall working bra band as you can clearly see.

Path Forward After Negative Horndeski Method Experience

Had first of a series of consults with another PS. Unfortunately, nothing can be done, again, until 6 months post revision which puts me at end of October before I can consider fixing this. That puts me at a year of my life since the original surgery waiting for what I expected would be the last surgery I would ever need. I will need implants if I ever expect to have a feminine looking breast again. I will need extensive reconstruction work internally because of what is done to the muscles inside the chest with this "method." I get to spend the next 4 months waiting to heal, only to start the healing process all over again. This is a year of my life I will never get back. It will cost somewhere around $20k to fix this. I already spent $13,900.00.

I implore anyone seeking out a cosmetic surgery procedure to have the physician investigated thoroughly, if you don't know how to do it, hire someone to do it for you. You are worth it. I thought I had done my due diligence. Board Certification is evidently not enough. Top 100 on this site is not enough. Check their medical licensing for all signs of disciplinary action. Check the methods they use for peer review and recognition by professional associations. If it's not an established recognized procedure in the field, there is probably a reason. Check all courthouses for current malpractice suits and pay more attention to the negative reviews than you do the positive ones. Ask to see pictures of their most dissatisfied clients, and insist on before and after pictures which also show side views, not just the front, clothed and unclothed. We do this to look and feel better about ourselves, it's a shame it doesn't always work out that way.

The Horndeski Method - now disfigured

Attached are pix of me trying to wear a normal nightie. You can see one nipple is still too high and pops out. The breast crease scars are not well hidden and the pleating and dog ears are clearly visible. I will never be able to wear a triangle top bikini or low cut gown in public there is ZERO upper pole fullness and I'm sure everyone agrees it doesn't look like I've had a breast lift

The Horndeski Method left me disfigured

7 months post original "lift" and 3 weeks post "revision". I am wearing a bra with the most padding and push up I could find. If I don't wear a padded bra I have no shape whatsoever. My cleavage is monstrous looking. Strange angle to my right breast. I will never be able to wear a normal swimsuit ever again due to these jagged scars

Before & After Pics Tell the Truth : THE HORNDESKI METHOD RUINED MY BREASTS!!!

You can see clearly for yourself what the Horndeski Method does to you. Unacceptable, horrific results. I will have to pay another surgeon to salvage my breasts. This procedure may not have a vertical scar to it, but I'd trade one any day for the horrible, large, and long horizontal ones that will prevent me from ever wearing a triangle top, low cut blouse or ball gown ever again. BEWARE!

The Horndeski Method - Revision made it worse

8 mo's post The Horndeski Method and 1 Month post revision to "correct" the Horndeski method. My nipples are shaped horribly and scarred around the Areola. The sutures used have left unacceptable line scars that could have been prevented if a better suture technique had been used. I will have to have a nipple revision most definitely to reshape them and possible need tattooing to cover some of the white line scarring. My breast shape is just awful, pointed on one side and no fullness whatsoever. Worst experience of my life. I am still recovering emotionally and mentally from the horrifically traumatic in office revision procedure with anesthesia that didn't work.

The Horndeski Method - Ultimate Breast Disaster

As you can see from the pix, even one month post revision nipple still too high, pops out when I bend over in a swimsuit and there is absolutely NO upper pole fullness.

The Horndeski Method ---- a DISASTER

Attached are pix 4 weeks post Horndeski revision by Horndeski and 8 mos post original "ultimate breast lift" a/k/a The Horndeski Method.

My breasts are shaped like cartoonish eyeballs. They are not round, full or aesthetically normal. The breast are uneven. One is larger than the other and one nipple is higher. They still pop out of my swimsuit. My nipples are egg shaped and elongated.

This is a disaster - no other way to put it. I'm looking at expensive reconstruction surgery 5 mos from now after having already paid $13,900!!!!


My Ultimate Breast Lift Disaster - the Horndeski "Method" left me disfigured

5 weeks post revision to the horrible original Ultimate Breast Lift a/k/a The Horndeski Method. The pictures speak for themselves. Malformed nipples, breasts points on one side, nipples still turn up, horrible pleating and suture lines. My 8 year old nephew can hand sew better than this (thanks Boy Scouts).... Totally unacceptable "results" - compare this to ANY of the samples on this site or his web page. I got nothing even close to what he advertises. I will have spent over a year of my life by the time I resemble anything close to normal.

Reconstructive surgery will be close to 20k and I spent 13,900 with this surgeon.

Do yourself a favor, if you insist on consulting with him ask him to explain his medical malpractice claims, his multiple disciplinary actions take against him by the State Medical Board and why he has lost privileges at hospitals, why he doesn't have his own surgical suite on site, and why he performs surgery 50 miles away from his office. Then ask him why his revisions are done in his office under "local" which seldom works causing extremely excruciating pain for the patient instead of using sedation. Oh and why he does SO MANY revisions to begin with.

My Horndeski Method Nightmare

Don't be fooled, a simple, in office revision won't fix a major screw up. The doctor placed my scars too high on my breast, way above the crease and placed my nipples at too high as well. He assured me a revision to lower the scar into the fold would fix my nipple position instead. Common sense should tell anyone that stretching the nipples down will elongate them. They look horrible now!!! They will have to be redone during my reck structure surgery. See for yourself - 6 weeks post Horndeski Method and 5 weeks recision. SMH

Dr Horndeski's Medical Board Discipline and Lost Hospital Privileges

A two second Google search tells the story of why this doctor lost hospital privileges:

On April 12, 2013, the Board and Gary Michael Horndeski, M.D., entered into an Agreed Order requiring Dr. Horndeski to obtain within 30 days an independent medical evaluation from a psychiatrist and follow all recommendations for continued care and treatment, within one year complete 16 hours of CME including eight hours in risk management and eight hours in communications skills with professional colleagues and pay an administrative penalty of $1,000 within 60 days. The Board found Dr. Horndeski was disciplined by peers at Angleton Danbury Medical Center regarding issues related to competency, conduct and behavior and had his membership and privileges at ADMC revoked.


Psychiatric evaluation and treatment! Notice the words "competency, conduct and behavior." This is extremely telling!! BEWARE

The Horndeski Method is NOT a minimal scar procedure

As you can see from the pix this procedure leaves extensive scars! He told me during consult there would be small suture lines "in my breast fold". As you can see these go way farther than the breast fold. I will never be able to wear a triangle top bikini again, or low cut blouses. Wonder why he only shows result pictures from the front view? Well - here you have it! My boobs are ruined!!!

THE HORNDESKI METHOD Before and After(s) - Not as Advertised

You cannot rely on the before and after photos this surgeon uses. They do not express the reality of what will be done to your breasts. First of all, he offers very few side views of the extensive scar that most women receive. Take a look for yourself of my before/after and two of his samples.

The Horndeski Method ruined my boobs

8 mo's post original surgery, 6 weeks post Revision 1. My breasts are flat and square shaped. Scars are clearly visible from front view and are not hidden in the breast fold, nipples are oval shaped and elongated and still point upward. I have no upper pole fullness and look like I need a breast lift. Definitely not worth 14k, especially since it will be nearly 20k to fix this. I wish I'd never seen the inside of this doctors office. Ugh

7 1/2 weeks Post Horndeski Method Revision

Dr Horndeski performed a traumatizing in office "revision" where the local injections did not work on June 23rd. Original surgery was Nov 2015. I asked for and was denied Valium, there was no other sedation, or anesthesia besides lidocaine injections used and I felt everything including the sutures as they pulled thru my skin. My husband bad to come into the room because i was screaming bloody murder.

The revision was necessary because he placed my nipples so high they popped out of my bras, lingerie, swimsuits and tops. Additionally, my inframammary fold incisions were not in the fold and they were too high leaving horizontal scars about and inch and a half up my breast mound too high. He removed skin and "lowered my scars" into the crease which resulted in stretching my already too high nipples into an elongated shape that is horrible. I am now 9 mo's post original Horndeski Method. I spent 13.9k on this procedure in which nothing has gone right.

I also have a marble sized fat necrosis above my right Areola which will have to be surgically removed.

I am looking at having to spend another 15 to 20k to correct all this and place implants to obtain the upper pole fullness his procedure promised but failed to deliver.

I have an area on my right breast that continues to bleed after each shower which I am having to watch closely and treat with tincture of iodine.

The Horndeski Method - Still Disfigured

About 8 months post Ultimate Breast Lift a/k/a The Horndeski Method and 7 weeks after he tried fix to his colossal failure and I'm left completely disfigured. Don't be fooled, this will not miraculously heal with time into an acceptable breast shape. I will forever bare these monstrous scars and now I look like I need a breast lift worse than I did before.

There is ZERO upper pole fullness, my breasts have weird points on the outside and inside, my areolas are still too high and I look like I have flat pancakes on my breast mound.

Please, please find a reputable physician with no disciplinary action with that State Medical Board, who has not lost hospital privileges, been referred for psychiatric evaluations and who uses a tried and true, peer reviewed and professionally accepted procedure. I wish I had.

My Review(s) have been Closed for Comments

Not sure why the site chose to close my reviews for comments, but they have. Negative reviews are a reality of any type of service. This site, in my opinion, is here to serve the prospective client (patient) not the advertising physician. If anyone would like to speak to me or comment, please feel free to DM message me.

Disastrous Results from the Horndeski Method

9 months post original surgery. 2 months post revision that made it even worse. Horrible horizontal scars, awful shaped nipples, ZERO upper pole fullness. I need complete reconstruction to the tune of about 20k. Do your homework on this doctor before considering his "method." Breasts are not round, interior scars are awful, can't wear anything low cut or triangle bikinis. Left breast comes to a weird point on the side.

The Horrible Horndeski Method

This is the unfortunate result of the Horndeski Method plus one Horndeski Revision. I can't even wear a normal nighty. I will never be able to wear low cut ball gowns, triangle bikinis or any kind of lingerie without it showing my obvious disfigurement and still too high nipple. This is so unfair. He ruined my breasts and it cost me $14k.

The Horndeski Method a/k/a Ultimate Breast Lift BIG FAILURE

If you've kept up with my reviews, you know that 9 months ago, I had the Horndeski Method performed and it was a complete failure. It left me disfigured, my incisions were way too high, my nipples were placed to high, my breasts were left misshapen and I was left with zero upper pole fullness. 2 Months ago, he performed a torturous in office revision to pull the scars down into my breast fold which left my nipples elongated, one breast larger than the other, one nipple higher than the other, horrible interior cleavage scars with points, my left breast comes to a point on one side and my breasts are bell shaped.

Complete and total FAILURE.

Since then, my review has been closed by comments by this site. One can only speculate as to why. However, I have received an enormous amount of moral support via direct message, and some messages have not been so nice.

Additionally, a myriad of photoless 5 star reviews have popped up that read like an advertisement and others are even worse. They seem to jab at the ladies on here who have had a negative experience with the doctor (there are many). Some are so bad they are tantamount to victim blaming - Using such statements as "the doctor is not your friend", "you must follow post surgical directions," "despite his bedside manner, etc.", "have realistic expectations." Let me tell you what, when you spend $14k to look better, and you look 10 times worse, your expectations are NOT UNREALISTIC, they were shattered!

First off, some people will have good experiences with a doctor, and some people will not. The purpose of a review site is so that the consumer can get a cross section of experiences from which to make an INFORMED decision.

I did NOTHING wrong, I expected NOTHING but professionalism from a "board certified" physician, and I FOLLOWED ALL DIRECTIONS. None of the blame for my poor outcome is owed to me. I did not place my incisions too high, I did not place my nipples to high, I did not perform a surgical procedure on me without adequate anesthesia.

I did however choose the wrong doctor. I did however, not have access to his record of the many Texas Medical Board disciplinary actions before going under the knife. I did however, not realize he had lost medical privileges at area hospitals prior to my surgery. I did however, rely heavily upon his advertised before and after pictures which look nothing like my outcome. I did however, rely heavily on the POSITIVE reviews and advertising he does on this website. I HAD A POOR OUTCOME. It is NOT my fault, and I will NOT be belittled, talked down to or victim blamed.

If you had a good outcome, good for you. Taking a superior position and insinuating that I had ANYTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH MY OUTCOME is outrageous and ludicrous. Be better than that.

My Horndeski Method Results are Mortifying

By way of example, here is me trying to wear a V. Line T-Shirt. First off you can see there is absolutely ZERO upper pole fullness. Check out what happens when I bend over even slightly, you can see the weird shape of my interior cleavage. It's not round and one breast comes to a strange point. The mangled scars are clearly visible.

If I had to reach across a table anyone can see my awful boobs. So very disappointing, sad and embarrassing. What the hell shape is this exactly? I can't wear more than 70% of my expensive wardrobe because of what he did to my once beautiful breasts. It's so very depressing. I can't wear a 36d because it's too small, a 36dd fits perfect on the bottom but doesn't even touch my beast skin on top because I am so flat in top. I can't win...????

This is What The Horndeski Method a/k/a the Ultimate Breast Lift Did to Me

Is this acceptable? Should this simply be ok? I wanted a lift and was promised a minimal scar procedure, with no vertical scar, upper pole fullness and the upper pole fullness look of implants without implants. That is obviously not what this procedure delivered. I need complete reconstruction as he ruined my beautiful breasts.

Do your homework before going under the knife. Read every review you can find, contact the State Medical Board and check for disciplinary actions, referrals to psychiatric evaluations, check all courthouses for lawsuits, ask the doctor for this information as well and see how forthcoming they are.

Make sure the doctor uses a peer reviewed, professionally accepted procedure which has been medically reviewed and recognized, that all doctors are familiar with - not just some system some doctor dreamed up that isn't professionally recognized and causes more harm than good.

The Horndeski Method a/k/a Ultimate Breast Lift Ruined my Breasts

I am still in complete shock with this "doctor". How is it that he is even continuing to practice medicine considering his long list of disciplinary actions with the Texas Medical Board, referral to psychiatric evaluations, loss of hospital privileges, numerous malpractice suits?

I don't understand how he continues to market and perform a procedure he just made up, it's not an accepted method by any peer reviewed plastic surgery organization, this procedure has not been studied for any length of time by any qualified board, there is no medical review literature that I can find where this method is recognized or even mentioned as safe or effective. I can find no studies mentioning this "method" or its "effectiveness" anywhere!

He has already been disciplined once for keeping poor and incomplete medical records. I have already pointed out where my medical records from his office are a fabrication by his office. He makes no mention of my dissatisfaction that I point out at every visit, the horribly traumatic in office revision he did with no anesthesia simply says the patient tolerated the procedure well - which is BS. My witness can tell you otherwise.

I am permanently disfigured. If anything can be done to help me, it will be in addition to the $14K I already spent with this "doctor".

Ladies, do your homework before going under the knife. It will cost me nearly $20k to correct this mess and I will still be permanently scarred.

Horndeski Method Disfigures

I am disfigured, traumatized and in need of reconstruction following the horrible results I experienced after the Horndeski Method 10 months ago. 10 weeks ago he performed an excruciating revision in office with no anesthesia. I was tortured!!! This site has disabled comments on my reviews for some "unknown" reason, FYI

My nipples are still too high, my scars are wide, ugly and extend nearly to my underarm. My nips are egg shaped and elongated.

Do your research on this doctor, review his Texas Medical Board Disciplinary actions before consulting. Ask him why he doesn't have an in office surgical suite, use anesthesia for his numerous necessary revisions and why he has lost hospital privileges and hospitals and performs surgery in a hospital 50 miles from his office.

Ultimate Breast Lift a/k/a The Horndeski Method n/k/a Bellesoma Method Left me Disfigured

It doesn't matter what this doctor names or renames his professionally unrecognized, unproven "method" - the results speak for themselves. Ask him if long term studies have been done on the efficacy of his method, ask for peer review information.

There have been numerous failures with this procedure. Many unhappy clients, malpractice claims and lawsuits. Makes one wonder if this is why it's on its third name iteration due to marketing concerns? Keyword searches on the previous names reveal numerous poor reviews.

Regardless of what he calls it, or how many name changes there are, his unproven method remains the same. He still has disciplinary actions and complaints filed with the State Medical Board, has still lost medical privileges at hospitals and has left a host of women maimed in the process. Marketing tactics such as this will not hide the truth of the harm this procedure has caused.

Whatever Name you call it The Horndeski Method Ruined My Breasts

Well, he's changed the name of the procedure for the third time. I wonder what that accomplishes? Perhaps not as many people find the negative reviews? Who knows?

Reviewing his website, he has been performing this method since 2000, so 16 years, and he's done around 400, that's roughly 25 per year. Most docs do hundreds per year. If this doesn't make you feel like a Guinea pig nothing will.

Any reputable surgeon you ask will tell you the mechanics of this procedure leave wide, flat breasts. Take a look at mine - it's true.

I am almost 11 months post original surgery. If you follow my reviews, I tried to remain very optimistic, positive thinking and confident in the beginning until it became clear to me that my 14k investment was turning into a debacle which will cost me another 20k to correct with a reconstructive surgeon.

There are a myriad of sketchy 5 star reviews that have popped up since then. There are a few ladies who have posted positive reviews and lash out at anyone or anything that dares to question the greatness of this surgeon and his methods and insinuate the fault lies with the patient - as if they are victims of Stockholm syndrome, which I find very odd.

This review site has disabled the comments feature on all my postings. I'm sure this is related to the fact that comments and likes up a doctors rankings and increase the likelihood of your post being found by others.

He probably doesn't like my

At any rate. Here I am still traumatized, disfigured and dissatisfied as a client. His deceptive marketing led me down a path I will never recover from. I will speak my truth and tell the truth you won't hear from him.

Do not consider this doctor until you are comfortable with the following facts:

He has disciplinary history with the Texas State Medical Board, including referral for psychiatric evaluation.

He has lost hospital privileges and performs surgery 50 miles away from his office.

He does not have an on site medical suite where he can perform revisions.

His revision surgeries which are required most of the time are done using local injections which often do not take. In my case, I felt literally everything. I was tortured. His office staff threatened to call the police during my procedure because my husband insisted in coming back to the exam room they had crudely made a surgical area to perform my revision - a due to my screaming bloody murder. I asked for and was denied Valium or any type of sedation. I was not monitored for blood pressure or any other kind of vitals. I was forced to lay on an exam table with my head covered by a sheet and hold still while the doctor made 8x2 inch incisions under each breast, removed skin, and then sewed me back up while I felt everything, including the string pulling thru my skin. My poor husband had to hold me down so they could close me up. When it was all said and done his physician assistant told me and my husband she was traumatized. A reputable physician will have his own surgical suite or bare the cost of general anesthesia at a hospital when the need for the revision is due to his mistake.

The revision surgery made everything look worse.

I wouldn't send my dog to this doctor.

The Horndeski Method is NOT a Limited Scar Procedure

When you see the marketing photos that Dr. Horndeski uses on his "procedure" you will notice that they are all FRONT view photos, he NEVER shows the horrific side view.

He spouts over and over that you won't be subjected to the vertical scar which shows from front view. What he will not tell you (and did not tell me) is that you will have a horrible side scar that goes nearly to your underarm.

When I had my consultation I was shown pictures of lovely outcomes with no vertical scars, all front view photos, which is what I wanted because my original breast augmentation was done through my belly button and I had no scars to begin with. We discussed the procedure. I believed I would be having the Mini-Ultimate Breast Lift (all done through the nipple) up until my pre-op appointment where he informed me he would be doing a small incision (like when implants are placed) under my breast which would eventually be hidden in the breast fold and breast shadow area. He said this to both me and my husband.

He not only cut me way up on the sides, but he placed all my incisions and my nipples way too high to begin with. This caused me to have to undergo his painful revision surgery to bring my scars down in front, but did nothing to mitigate the damage from the side view. It also left me with horrible cleavage scars, and strangely shaped pointed breasts.

Please be informed of exactly what this man is going to do to you prior to surgery. I WOULD NEVER HAVE AGREED TO HAVE THIS DONE!

This is NOT what he did. I have horrible unsightly under breast and all the way to my underarm scars. I would have traded this for a small two inch vertical incision any day!

There's not a Bra Around that can correct Poor Surgical Skill - The Horndeski Method, Bellesoma Method, Ultimate Breast Lift - W

I'm 11 months post this "proprietary procedure" whatever he's calling it these days. Ladies, let me assure you, there is not a Bra Around that can correct this. If all it took was a bra worn a certain way, women wouldn't have surgery.

The incisions are horrible, misplaced, were too high to begin with, my nipples are elongated, off-center, not completely round to begin with, placed too high and now one is still too high. The scars are long, wide, horrible and extend nearly to my armpit. There is pointing interiorly and exteriorly along my breast mound, because he cut me into a point, not because of a bra. The suturing technique is amateurish and not aesthetically appealing. NOT MY FAULT.

Some ladies on here will try to tell you the reason I have no upper pole fullness is my fault. That's a load of BS. I followed all doctor's orders, the fault lies with the procedure and the surgeon. Any reputable surgeon will tell you this method is not ideal, THAT is why more doctors don't do it. NOT because the doctor wants you to think that his method is patented, or proprietary or secret or anything. It's been done before, and failed, that's why it's not recognized (try looking up the Passot method) but I digress.

Don't let anymore convince you that if your surgical procedure doesn't meet with expectations that it's your fault. It's BS and it's unnecessarily protecting a surgeon and a flawed procedure.

Now - look at my pics and tell me that I HAD ANYTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THIS!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Very Bad Decision. The Horndeski Method, a/k/a The Ultimate Breast Lift n/k/a Bellesoma Method (he keeps renaming this procedure I suspect to avoid people finding the negative reviews online) has left me malformed, misshaped and completely frustrated. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this procedure. One must ask themselves, if only 400 of these procedures have been done in 10 years, how is this procedure a "proven method"? Answer: It's not. Some doctors perform this many procedures in 1 year, yet in 10 years, he's only done this 400 times. I've been very patient about this but after 10 months, and after a VERY PAINFUL and TRAUMATIC revision surgery with no anesthesia - I look nothing like I should. Nipples are elongated and oblong. One breast larger than other, strange point on left breast. ZERO upper pole fullness (that's why we get a lift, right?), large, pleated horizontal scars. My shape looks like a bell or a pear, large and wide on bottom. I have a hard time wearing bras, swimsuits or low cut blouses. One nipple higher than the other, still pops out of swimsuits and lingerie. I am embarrassed about my appearance and severely depressed and anxiety ridden following a traumatic revision procedure. I am left disfigured and having to find a surgeon who can fix this. Please, please, please, if you consider this physician, do yourself a favor and check his disciplinary actions with the Texas Medical Board, ask him why he has lost hospital privileges and only performs surgery in a country hospital 50 miles away from his office. Review the malpractice lawsuits on file in Harris County, Ft. Bend County, Galveston County and Montgomery county so you know exactly what you are getting into with this doctor. It is going to cost me approximately 20k to have reconstruction surgery, that's after the nearly 14k I already spent with this "doctor". If it were possible to give anything other than a 1 star (perhaps a negative star) I would!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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