Liposuction(upper abdomen,back, inner upper thighs(minimal)

Wanna get this fat off me so I can dress sexy &...

Wanna get this fat off me so I can dress sexy & feel confident!! I hope I'm happy with my results!! I plan to keep this weight off by eating healthy & exercise daily!! I want this for me & my 6 yr old so I can play with him while he's still young & help him become more active & eat heathy!! My surgery is the next chapter in my life!!

Eve before lipo!!

On my way to my hotel in Houston! Surgery 7 am. Super excited & nervous @ the same time!!

The only thing I don't regret spending $$ on ! ME!!

Made it to my hotel, getting ready for my big day of new beginnings!! This will not be easy,as far as I read but I'm ready!!

The big day!

I'm here excited & ready to get rid of some fat!!

Hours after surgery!!

My swelling is setting in but I'm still seeing what she did & I feel awesome!! I'm not mad at the fact she took out more in stomach area than she discussed I'm confident she made the right choice so my LOWER thighs will have to wait til I go in for tuck!! She said 500 out of each upper thigh was all she was able to do because she had already maxed out from my stomach & back! I'm happy happy happy I feel like I'm given a chance to get my body back its a process but WORTH IT!!

Pictures after surgery!!

Just few pics still in my body armor lol & I'm not taking it off only to bathe & wash it!!

Day 1 post op!!

I'm doing well just sore & stiff!! Water & walking is the key! I also purchased Arnica pills from GNC they are a life saver as far as stiffness & brusing!! I'm surprised that I hadn't had any episodes of depression but I guess it's because I hadn't shared my story with too many people!! Just the people here online! This isn't bad at all listen to your body & Dr. If u want the best results!! I'm satisfied & im continuing my journey with Dr. Sato!!

2 days post op

Just went in for check up & im doing above expected!!! She said I look great all areas are great & back should stop oozing in a few days! Exercise she said treadmill walking but not too rough, no lifting bending or strenuous exercise!! I'm ready to move so I can get ready for tummy tuck!!

Day 3 post op

Doing well getting my rest & still on fluids & valium, not as stiff and sore like yesterday & swelling is coming & going if that makes sense! No big appetite so eating crackers pineapples etc scared to eat too much I'm not sure if I want to eat anything after seeing what she took out of me!! I'm happy over all I have my 21yr old & even my 6 yr old helping keep house clean & of course the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD TAKING CARE OF ME!! This is easy as long as u have the right support team!!! Mentally, emotionally, and physically!! By Monday I want to start my treadmill & back to work! The only spot I still have leaking is my back but other than that I'm as good as it was before minus the fat of course!!

It's getting better

I moving around minimal pain tummy tuck scheduled for June 6th super excited

Garmet off!! 6days after lipo!!! 1 month til tummy tuck!!

Didn't want to look at myself other than to bath, but just had to see the difference in size since my swelling is not bad! Here it is almost a week later!!

I was discouraged but not anymore!!!

Everyone's body is different, all PS ARE different! I was thinking about changing Drs just to see a change overnight but you know what I 10,000% satisfied with my dr. I wanna live & not do something that isn't GOVERNMENT APPROVED!!! With that being said my results will be the best they can be as long as I get off my ass eat healthy, exercise & follow my Dr orders!! I will do my TT, Breast reduction & will become a DOLL No matter how much it cost!! REMEMBER YOUR BODY DIDNT JUST GET LIKE THIS ALL BY ITSELF U LET IT!!! I'm glad I'm a leader & not a follower & determined to become the sexy woman I wanna be the right way ! Like I said before this is a JOURNEY u have to be willing to take!! Time is all it takes!!! I LOVE ME!!! GETTING SEXIER A DAY AT A TIME!! THANKS DR. SATO!!!

Lipo recovery

Went back to work yesterday 5/2/16 wish I had another week off!! My body is still sore/ bruised bad, even tho I sit at a desk that makes it worst!! Burning sensation in my back & stomach I feel second round of swelling Dr. Told me about! No real appetite neither so ate pineapples & a salad which was enough to give some energy!! May try 1/2 a day on Tuesday just to relax my body! I guess I need massages after all!!

17 days post op (lipo)!!

Getting ready for TT!! June 6th!! Still sore but seeing great results!

5 1/2 weeks post op lipo

Well Wednesday is my big day!! I wasn't going to post anything else but I figured I may as well ramble so here it is!! I'm getting my tummy tuck done with more lipo to my love handles & a little thigh action! I'm a big girl but I'm satisfied with my Dr results so far!! She hasn't let me down with the way I am going to look! I was looking to have a smooth full figured look and I'm getting it! My hips & thighs are thick but from top to bottom it will fit in place! She has more of a shape to work with now other than just a fat 2 stomach, big breast, big booty country girl! It's really not easy to walk in & walk out super sexy but I'm learning to be paitent & it's paying off slowly!! Still wearing garmet daily,low sodium intakes & cocoa butter firming lotion on my stomach, thighs & arms!! There's hope for big girls it's not a 1 session thing but I'm glad she decided to work with me & allow me options it's not cheap but she is definitely putting her all in! I'm greatfull God allowed me to find her and giving me a chance to be comfortable in my own body again!!

LIPO(upper abdomen,back,upper thighs(minimal thigh)!!

Liposuction aggressive but nothing I couldn't handle!! No burns or lumps!!

Realistic looks for my body shape

A few realistic pics for my body frame!

My back!!

I think she did really well on lipo of my back!! I had rolls just like the front! My love handles will be lipoed with tuck! They are still there but I highly recommend lipo of love handle if your getting a tummy tuck to minimize the fat accumulation on your back!

More thickness

Thick and curvy girls


Tomorrows my BIG DAY!! I can say good bye to this fat ass belly!!

Tt finally done 7/6/2016 & I'm getting sexier by the day!!

Hi ladies I'm here with my updates & photos!! It's been a long emotional journey but I can say it is well worth the crying, pain, & money I spent!! I love the woman that I'm transitioning to & I hope you all have had the best of luck with your surgeries & got the results u wanted! I'm pleased with my choice of Dr. Sato & her staff has been 100% with me from beginning to end!! My husband loves my body & as far as wish pics ladies I've came to 1 conclusion I AM ME!! I can't look like the celebrity pictures & models!! But I will say I look damn good considering the Dr. Sato had a lot of work ahead of her but she didn't stop from giving me what I wanted she actually went above & out her way to do so!!! She gave me life & right now I leave out the house with a smile on my face!! I have confidence now,before I started this journey in April I wouldn't leave my home!! She is available via email/text at all times. She asked that I call with the slightest concern after both surgeries! The nurses & anesthesiologist were the best I was treated with upmost respect even when I had my bad days! I'm ready for her to do my breast but if course I'm healing so when I'm able it will be a round 3!! With her it's not about just $$$ it's about making you happy & giving you what realistic for your body!!

My joinery from beginning to end!! I AM ME!! Dr. Sato

Pics of my transformation!!

This is also for review with Dr. Sato since I had 2 procedures they were not together! Liposuction was done in April and Tt was done in July!!
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