28 Yrs Old 5kids and Very Very Unhappy with my Body a Mommy Makeover and Brazilian Butt Lifts Much Need It Urgent - Houston, TX

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I expect to finish school this coming year with a...

I expect to finish school this coming year with a degree in business. I had a tough life growing up so things wasn't just given to me. My mother had a hard time raising us so I was married off at a young age of 15 but I think God for that because it made me a strong and proud mother of five beautiful and intelligent children. The affect of my childhood have me to look at my self and body differently.Things in life took me through a lot of obstacles very young in my childhood so that play a big part in how my body looks today.So yes I'm not happy with myself????????

Brazilian Butt Lift

What kind of all nature pills can I take to help me gain weight ?

Gaining weight

If I was slim since I was young will I every gain weight , I'm 28 now ? I really want a Brazilian Butt lift which is the best nature way to get a nice big butt. Very scared to do implant , want my butt to feel and move nature.I'm really scared of the risk of the implants then if it was a BBL nature.
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