36 Yo, 5'6, 140lb, Finally Ditching the Droop! (And Sweating It) Houston, TX

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I have grappled, ad nauseam, with all of the...

I have grappled, ad nauseam, with all of the reasons not to ... foreign body in my body, interference with future diagnostics, surgical risks, post-op complication risks, vanity, expense, the list continues. Additionally, I have largely scoffed at plastic surgery as an option reserved for the weak and the vain. I have painted a picture, in my own head, of what the breast surgery candidate is like ... ditzy and pitiful. And then, I aged.

Full disclosure, I never had big boobs to start with, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't always wished they were a bit bigger ... but I resigned my self to shaped bras, married a butt man, and at least celebrated my petite perkiness. But then I was attacked by the passage of time, the decrease of my metabolism and resultant fluffier figure, and lactation, and as a result my silhouette became less and less ideal. So, here I am, about to sit down at the table and dive head first into a big piece of crow pie. A hypocrite I guess, but one who will soon have a nice set of boobs, so the poor hubs can go back to getting tangled up in the sheets withOUT the need for pitch blackness. I see my national geographic boobs in the mirror and have decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I don't plan to tell anyone that doesn't ask me point-blank, and lucky for me, my three boys are young enough they won't remember or know the difference.

Pre-op appointment tomorrow! Hoping I don't get coerced into larger than I need. Looking for super conservative size-wise just better alignment! want the ladies pointing due East, not south, southeast - and an improvement beyond looking anything like ankle socks with gravel in the bottom of them will be a win!

So, anyone else out there doubting and feeling guilty - know that you aren't alone! Will update as the journey continues!

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