Breast Implants

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Pre op stats- Height: 5'2'' Weight: 96 lbs...

Pre op stats-

Height: 5'2''
Weight: 96 lbs.

Initial consult was pretty good. I got measured and my consultant was a gem; super friendly and helpful. She went through a lot of information with me and it was a comfortable experience.

Dr. Ciaravino was professional and to the point. The consultant answered a lot of my questions already so, I didn't discuss much with Dr Ciaravino. (My guess is that we will have more to say on the planning during the pre op appointment?)

I'm hoping this pre op appointment gets me more time to discuss concerns and such because the consultation did feel a little rushed but, then again- it's only an initial consultation. But yeah, I definitely want more time during the pre op to plan because surgery will be the day after so, I can't afford to have any doubts or leave any stones unturned.

The office was the nicest out of all the ones I've been to (even the ones in Bev Hills). There's a room for each section of the consultation: room for the Vectra, room for consulting and another room for booking/billings/payments/etc.

Getting to the office was a breeze too and I liked the fact that prospective patients/patients get their own parking in the garage that connects directly to the building.

Pre op appointment will be this coming Monday and I'll be able to pick the cc's during this time. I'm aiming for 365cc-400cc.

Surgery will be this coming Wednesday. The only gripe I have right now is that I booked out further to ensure a spot to be first for the day but, it ends up that the coordinator booked someone else to be first so, waiting all this time was for nothing. I tried calling and emailing but, it fell on deaf ears/eyes. I can't do anything about it now so, I'm just trying to be optimistic that there won't be any more hiccups along the way.

Will update after my pre op appointment with implant cc and profile.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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