SmartXide on Face, Neck and Chest - Definitely Showed an Improvement

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I had the SmartXide DOT Laser done on my face,...

I had the SmartXide DOT Laser done on my face, neck and chest area. It has definitely resulted in an improvement in the tone of my skin. I have light skin, so old acne outbreaks had left red marks on my face, especially along my chin line. Those are now gone. My crow's feet, while not gone, are much less noticeable.

It took some time for the full results to come in though. I would say about 3 months after it was done, I looked the best.

I will also say that it feels like a really bad sunburn for the first day, but after that the only thing that bothered me was the sandpaper feel to my skin. I didn't peel at all and by the 2nd day the sunburn feeling was gone.

I get compliments all the time on my skin now and haven't had to wear foundation since I had the procedure done.

Dr. Jim Cain, Innovative Aesthetics

Dr.'s description of how it would feel and the results I would achieve were very true to form. He didn't over- or undersell. He took his time with the laser and made sure that every centimeter of my skin was addressed.

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