Septoplasty to Fix Severe Deviated Septum / Level Hump on Nose

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Pros- fixed deviated septum, able to breathe...

- fixed deviated septum, able to breathe better
- made my nose look straight with hump removal

- Had severe nose bleeding at home about 2 to 3 weeks into recovery and went to the ER
- bad experience
- swelling has not gone done entirely on the tip (5 months in)
- paranoid touching or accidentally hitting my nose will change the way it looks

Why I did it
- severe deviated septum
- could not breathe out of one nostril
- wanted hump on nose leveled

It has been around 5 months since I had a septoplasty and I am still paranoid about touching, accidentally hitting my nose, even, embarrassingly, picking my nose because I am afraid it will change the way my nose will turn out. Is this rational to still be paranoid about the chance of distorting my nose or has it healed enough that I don't need to really worry about these things as much anymore? Also, my nasal tip is still hard and sensitive to the touch, is this normal?
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was very reassuring, confident, and caring. Has many years of experience and I am pleased with my results so far.

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