It's the Day Before Surgery and I'm NERVOUS! - Houston, TX

Well...I'm at work right now and can't...

Well...I'm at work right now and can't think of anything else but my Mommy makeover scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I have already had a breast augmentation (2006) and mini tummy tuck (2010). I really needed a breast lift in 06 but didn't want to pay the extra money so just went with saline implants. Now I am a DD and do not like being this big at all. So I am having silicone implants (375's) put in and I am expecting to be a D. Currently have in 390 (L) and 420 (R). I am also have a full tummy tuck (wish I had this done in the first place!) and lipo and bilateral something on the flanks? Medical terms. The surgery is expected to run about 5 hours. I have been a smoker for years, not heavy, less than a pack a day. I stopped at the end of Februrary for this surgery. Hasnt been too bad since I was not a heavy smoker but still not easy either! I am still scared! I just wanted to post on here. Don't really want to share with my family my fear since I don't want them to be afraid. I am acting like it is nothing when I am around them. Maybe someone want to just give me some reassurance? Helpful words?

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