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I had a tt, lipo of trunk stomach, flanks and...

I had a tt, lipo of trunk stomach, flanks and implants. I'm 47 and have gotten up to 193 pounds. I work too much, exercise too little and don't eat so well. My metabolism is shot. I've lost weight before, but still left with a belly and a deflated chest. Ugh. I don't mind being a size 14, but was exhausted by trying to camouflage a massive gut and droopy breasts. People were always asking me if I was expecting (at a size 8 or 14). I knew it was time. I'll try to get some pictures up here in the next couple of days.

I'm not sure how I feel yet. Pain has been fine as long as I take the medication, but tried to go without today and burst into tears by 7pm from pain. Took my percocet. And in 5 minutes I felt great. So I suffered all day for nothing. I'm worried my boobs are too big, but probably still swollen. I wanted this for so long, but now I'm so exhausted by the process I just wish I was 6 months out.

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He's an artist with a great staff. I'll give a stringer recommendation in 3 months when I can really see the results!

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