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Im wanting a breast lift, a Brazilian butt lift,...

I'm wanting a Brazilian butt lift, lip augmentation (fat grafting), and breast lift. I'm pretty sure I want to go with dr. Hsu for my breast lift. I'm going to have a consultation on the 25 to decide if I want him to do my bbl and the rest. I'm 4'10, 135lbs

Doctors in mind

I would really love dr Miami to do my bbl, but he's booked until May 2018. I met with dr Cortes and he came off as rude and wasn't interested in what I wanted to look like. I'll be meeting with dr Patrick hsu next week and hopefully I get good vibes and can see more before and after photos. I might do my breast lift first and wait on the bbl, I'm not 100% sure yet. I've even thought about going to D.R and seeing dra Duran, but I'm wanting something more natural looking and I think her results might be too drastic for me..

Consultation complete!

So, I finally met with Dr. Hsu today! Everyone in the office seemed to be professional and caring. His main assistant Yajaira, was very helpful and beautiful herself. Everyone was attractive, from the doctor to the staff members... now I'm not superficial in any way, but if I'm going to pay someone to beautify me, then I'm going to need everyone to look right. Lol! The office was very well kept and clean.. until my friend (sx buddy) and I showed up with our 2 one year olds! Sorry!! - anyways back to the doctor - I got really good vibes from dr.hsu (unlike dr.cortes). He was very knowledgeable and listened to my thoughts and concerns. I kept trying to add procedures to my list, and he told me what i do and don't need.. unlike some doctors who push you to do everything just to make a buck. I'm about 100% sure I'm going to schedule with him for my breast lift and bbl. Now I just have to decide if I want to do the procedures together or separate. 

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Sz is scheduled!!!

I'm so excited! My new booty will be arriving March 9, 2017!!! I chose Dr. Hsu for my bbl!

Rescheduled sx!

So I had to reschedule my surgery for April 6. I have some business work to take care of on March 9 which was my original sx date, and that was the earliest date Dr Hsu had available. Ladies he is getting booked up fast! Anywho.. a lot of people ask me why I didn't choose Dr cortes from Houston, and honestly it's because I don't like his "hourglass" look. I'm not trying to bash him, but his hips and booty are too much for me... I'm looking for a more natural "soft curve" kinda look? lol. I feel like Dr Hsu is going to be the next go-to doctor of Houston for BBL AND breast lifts and I have a lot of hope for my surgery! I'm so excited to see the results, the days can't pass by any sooner!!

Omg last time!

So I rescheduled again for April 20th.. my husband has to take off 2 weeks to help me, and it just worked better with our schedules. This is the official date!!!! Surgery is paid for and this is it!!

Wish pics

More wish pics

After I first initially scheduled surgery, I stopped caring about my weight, and I've gained 10 pounds! I'm now 145-147 and I'm only 4'10!! My face is so round, Dr Hsu recommended I lose those 10lbs because now I have "too much fat". Plus it will help me look closer to my goal. I have 13 days until surgery... not sure if I can lose the weight!

Can't sleep

I'm just laying in bed... 12:50am... I can't sleep and I have butterflies in my stomach!!

One day post op

Hi Dolls! I made it!!! I had sx at 730am yesterday morning. I had a massage today at noon, and now I'm feeling much more alive. I was going to wait until 2 days after sx for the massage, but the lady Dr. Hsu recommends is going out of town and she won't be available again until Tuesday. I found someone who is a lot closer to me and does the massages for $20 cheaper, so I'm going to try her out on Monday, and see who I want to stick to... just plan on spending an additional $700+ on massages after lipo ladies! As far as pain, I would say it hurts like hell, but it's tolerable. I lipo'd my arms so it's harder for me to pick myself up. Thankfully I didn't do anything to my legs so walking is easy. It literally feels like I did a million squats and sit ups!! I am leaking fluids like crazy, it's actually pretty scary. I need assistance going to the restroom and getting in and out of bed. Here are some before and after pics!

More pics

I had 1100cc on each side, and 2cc on each lip. I'm only 4'10 so we decided not too much hips, as it would only make me look bigger.

Bruising and swelling

My face is extremely swollen and my eyes are puffy. Is this normal? I have a lot of bruising also. I have black bruises under my boobs and pretty much all over my body. Dr hsu said that my fat was stubborn and hard to come out so he had to do aggressive lipo and I will be more bruised than normal. I'm just concerned about my face being so swollen..

Backdating to day 5 po

Day 5 was extremely hard for me. Maybe because I was the most sober I had been since having surgery? I'm not sure.. I woke up in a weird mood.. I was depressed, and spent most of my day crying. I had thoughts like "was this a good decision for me?", "is this really a $10,000 body?", "do I have my priorities straight?".... i just felt ugly on the inside and out. You would think you would wake up feeling like a new woman, but nope, he doesn't fix your mind! Lol.. anyways.. by the end of the night I knew something wasn't right and turns out I was running a fever of 102 degrees! I ran a fever of 101 on day 6, and 100 on day 7... let's just say things got better from there.

Feeling great today

I'm not sure why I was running a fever for 3 days. I had an appointment with Dr.Hsu today and I completely forgot to ask him smh. I was taking my antibiotics, and there are no other signs of infection.. my incisions are clean and No drainage. Rocio removed my drain tubes and I literally felt 0 pain. I started itching like crazy on day 5/6 on my butt and hips. Itching so bad I wanted to rip my skin off, so I stopped taking my pain meds on day 6 and stopped taking antibiotics on day 7.. just to see if I was having an allergic reaction... nope, still itching! Other than that, I feel great! My body looks amazing, I'm up and walking around, laughing, no pain meds needed. Sometimes I take Tylenol, and benedryl when I can't take the itching. I've had 3 massages so far, and trust me they make a huge difference! Go to the lady Dr Hsu recommends (Marlen)!!!! She does amazing work! I had a massage at Silueta Med Spa, and there is no comparison!!

2 weeks po

Upset now

Is the faja that covers your buttcheeks normal? Because I feel like my hips have lost volume and my butt is too small.. and I'm thinking maybe the faja was too tight and should have been left open on the cheeks? I don't know if it's booty greed, but I'm a little upset right now. I just spent $10,000 on this ass, I don't want to have to pay more to fix anything!

Loss of volume?

So I think one side of my hip is going flat.. and I have a flat spot on each of my butt cheeks... you can kinda see in these pics... I'm already thinking about round 2... but then there just might be something wrong with my thinking! Lol!! I'm going to do squats and get into shape... see how it looks... then maybe after I have a second kid, if my hips don't expand more, then I'll go for round 2.


I thought maybe I could help some girls out with a few tips and pointers.. first off, don't freak out because if you've given birth, then this surgery will be a breeze! (I had an epidural and vaginal birth, and my post delivery was more painful than this).
Maybe I got lucky? I don't know.. but I don't remember being in that much pain or needing so many supplies and vitamins like everyone else. I took oxycodone for 3-4 days after surgery.. then Tylenol for day or two..

I bought my supplies on Amazon and target, and I bought my booty buddy pillow on Offer up for $50. I spent LESS than $150 on everything. I got 50 abd pads and I used ALL of them.. I should have gotten more, but it's because I leaked ALOT whereas my friend is not leaking at all.. so it differs. (Picture shows supplies but is missing the Cetaphil antibacterial soap I bought). I did however purchase both fajas through the doctors office.

I have a small sedan and a full size truck, and we took the car to day of surgery. I laid across the backseat the way home (make sure you take a blanket or towels). The next day I went to a massage and I laid in the back seat again... by day 4 or 5 I was good to sit up, so we took the truck, and I just kneed on the back floor (so my elbows and head were resting on the back seat). That is currently how I ride around most of the time. Just posting up in the back of the car/truck floor on my knees. I use my booty pillow for my knees so they don't hurt. I really haven't "sat" down anywhere... for Mother's Day we went out to eat and I sat in a chair for about an hour but I sat on the edge and was basically on my thighs only. I'm not a big fan of the booty pillow and I kinda feel like it was a waste of money.

I also feel like some of my supplies were a waste too. I used the arnica cream & gel for a day, and that's when I started itching (refer to earlier post) and so I stopped taking the pills and everything else arnica related just in case. I haven't been taking any supplements or teas or vitamins.. maybe I should start, but I think my tummy is pretty flat for now.

I had 5 professional massages the first 2 weeks after surgery. 3 of those were done the first week. My husband has given me 2 massages since Marlen has been having to leave town, and he alone has helped with the knots.

I recommend getting a stool softener, and making sure you go poop before surgery! It took me 5 days to have a bowel movement after surgery and it was the most pain throughout this whole experience! I literally thought I was giving birth out of my butt!! My mother had to come over with a suppository in order for me to go. Hovering over the toilet and being constipated is not a good mix!

I wash my faja on quick wash while I'm taking a shower so I'm not out of it for long.

You can open the flap to your faja and pee standing up/squatting a little. First my husband held it up, but that's bcuz my arms were sore from lipo... now I do it myself. The peeez thing works good too, just kinda gross.

I can't think of anything else for now, but comment if you'd like to know anything else!


I just realized that not one single person ever comes out looking like their wish pic. These girls with "perfect" bodies that we "wish" to look like... nobody can achieve that look with just 1 round, can they?! Share your thoughts with me!

Back fat?

Not sure if my back is still swollen, or if it's just fat. How can you tell? I'm not sitting & I stay in my faja, but I don't know why I'm losing my shape :/ I feel like my waist is usually smaller, but this week was period week and I stayed out my faja more than usual.

Just for fun

Since I've had surgery, I've become even more obsessed with realself, looking at other butt jobs, and how I'd imagine my perfect body. I have some pics to share with you from the surgery app, and more wish pics lol.

But first, I want to make one thing clear - I am extremely happy with my overall appearance and the work Dr Hsu did. I really love my new body, and I can't stop looking at it in the mirror! However, there are some things I'm not happy about, which I discuss here on RS with you guys.. but if I had to do it over again, I would still choose Dr Hsu.

I'm not happy with the size of my hips. I know we agreed not too much, but I feel like I've lost the little that he put and I'm basically back to my pre op size. The view from the back is nice, but I feel like when you look at me from the front, I have a straight shape, instead of curvy. I've pointed out flat spots in previous pics, and I know I'm going to lose more volume. I'm barely going on 6 weeks post op!

I'm wishy washy when it comes to the projection of my booty. I wanted more of a bubble butt, but my butt is like flat on top. I also have a flat spot on the bottom on both sides, and I've convinced myself it's from laying on my back right after surgery. Why wasn't I placed on my stomach?? I remember waking up so mad, and I immediately flipped over. Depending on my mood, and lighting in the room, sometimes I love it and sometimes I'm like mehh it needs more plumping.

My upper back is still pretty fat to me. I still have back rolls when I wear a bra, and girls we all know that's the one thing to piss us off when we are trying to look cute! I know it might be swollen, and I do plan on losing some weight, but I'm scared if I diet then I will lose my ass!

And lastly, the indentions on my lower belly kill me everyday. I had laparoscopic surgery right above these new incisions (for endometriosis) and my old scars are almost completely faded. So I'm pretty sure it was the drains that caused the indentions, but I could be wrong.

I have not seen dr hsu since my 2 week check up, and I have not discussed any of my concerns with him yet. I will see him First or second week of June, and I will let y'all know what he says!

I know I sound like I'm complaining a lot, but I swear I love my body. It's like night and day when I look at pre op and post op pics of myself. I just see girls who go to Dominican Republic and come back with a completely different body, and I'm like howwww?? They paid less than half of what I paid and got a tiny waist and huge ass! And I feel like I just forked over more than $10,000 cash (plus massages, supplies, etc) and I got a body that I could have went to the gym for. But it's not just me, basically everyone who gets work done in the United States, gets a mediocre ass. I've done research and I've yet to see an American doctor give that Dominican look. I don't even like half the work doctor Miami does! He's over rated. Everyone should know to make it bigger at first because it will only shrink! But anyways.. don't get me wrong, I wasn't going for that super huge Dominican butt, I'm only pointing out how much of a difference girls get for less money. Plus risk their lives haha.

So anyways, ladies, please look at my pics and tell me if I'm being crazy, or if my body could pull off the extra plump. I have 2 pics that are slightly diff and I want you to like the pic that looks best... sorry I have too much free time :]

Over it

The past 2 days, I've been waking up and loving my body! So I try on clothes to take pics, and I get mad all over again. Then I think, well I don't have anything to compliment my new figure, so let me go shopping... well I just got back from the store and I didn't buy anything, because I still don't look good. All I want is to look good in EVERYTHING I wear from all angles (front especially), and it's not happening, so I'm over this whole thing.

I see other girls that Dr. Hsu worked on, and y'all have such a beautiful figure. I want a tiny waist and curvy hips too!! ????

Here are old pics to remind you what I first looked like, then I'll make another post with updated pics... as you can see I've never had that curvy look.


Pics from today


More pics from today. These are more frustrating..

Before pics

This site has pretty much become my diary. When I need to vent, I come here. Whether people listen or not, doesn't matter... so, I was scrolling thru my millions of pics today, and omg I've been obsessed with big bootys forever! I have wish pics from years and years ago lol. Here are some before pics of me so you guys can better understand my frustration. I haven't always been a big girl, in fact, ive been cute most my life lol. So when I did this surgery, I was expecting to come out looking like I've never looked before... but basically I look like the old me, just a little thicker.

Booty on point

I stayed out of my faja for 2-3 whole days during my period, and my stomach swelled to 32"!! I've been back in my garment for 3 days, and I'm back down to 29" which is where I'm usually at.

Current measurements: 34-29-40

My bra size is 34 DDD, but as you can see I'm pretty much falling out.

I'm going to get a breast lift, with the boobie master, Dr Hsu :]
Not sure when it's happening... I might wait until I have another baby, because I do plan on breastfeeding again for 1-2yrs.

I love my new booty! I just hope I can get my hips fixed :/

Here are some videos.. my stomach looks gross I know :/

take 2

Take 3

IG account

I made an iG account. Not sure if I'm going to keep up with it or not.. still indecisive.. but you can follow me for more videos and updates for now :]


Friendly reminder

2 looks

So I always get asked "why didn't you choose Dr. Cortes?" I really think he has just been doing bbls longer, and that's why he's so popular here in town... but to me personally, his work can't compare to Dr. Hsu.

Dr. Hsu's work is really consistent, and you have a 99% chance of getting an almost perfect result.

I've seen Dr. Cortes do some good work, but then some are just ridiculous, so it's like a 50/50 chance.

I feel like they are 2 different looks, also. Every doctor has their own technique and certain look they go for, and I'm pretty sure these guys are doing 2 different things??

Dr. Hsu = hips/slope (coke bottle)
Dr. Cortes = laterals/shelf (hourglass)

I'm not saying they always do this look, sometimes I've seen a little of both, but for the most part this is what it looks like to me. What do you ladies think?

Giving it a rest

Ok ladies, I'm not exactly sure what happened to my butt.... but it grew! I was around 42 1/2 - 43" post op, then it went down to 40"... now, I'm 41 1/4" !! How the heck did it grow 1.25 inches?? I was thinking maybe I gained some weight, but I was 142+ day of surgery, and I'm 138 now. My waist is still 29" (which is where it was when I was 40")
So I got a quote for a 2nd round (more like a touch up), and it's a little more than I expected. I'm not sure if it's worth spending more money. I look great right now. My husband can't keep his hands off me, everywhere I go someone is always telling me how "beautiful" I am (which hasn't happened to me since before baby). So I must look good right? I like that I get "beautiful" instead of "dammmn girl".. it makes me feel like people really think this is natural, which is definitely the look I was going for. Natural, Big, & classy.
My stomach is looking better. Most wrinkles have disappeared. It's still a little lumpy, which I'm sure won't go away, but that's ok for now. For my right hip, it's basically a little ball of fat.. looks bad when I sit.. and my right butt cheek has an annoying flat spot. These are some things that I would like to be "touched up". I wish my waist was smaller, i wish I had no upper back fat, and I'd like a tad bit bigger hips. (If my waist was smaller, my hips would look bigger and I'd be cool with that). Buttttttttttttttttttt - I know if I work out, and lose around 10lbs give or take, I can look amazing. My face will look thinner, and maybe my back fat will go away.
If I was single with no kids, hell yeah id do this again. But me having another surgery is taking away from my family and being pretty selfish. I'm considering having another child within the next year, so I'm sure this would be a complete waste to redo anything now. I really don't want another baby.. ever.. but I can't imagine my daughter growing up by herself, so I guess I have to have another one lol. This is why I go back and forth with if I should or shouldn't have surgery again.
Anyways, I'm good for now I suppose. At least for this moment. Haha. Here are some pics. Sorry I'm always naked in my pics.. those are from the morning first waking up, and the pics with clothes are after I ate and went shopping.
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