26yr Woman W/1 Child. Wanting Breast Lift and Bbl - Houston, TX

Im wanting a breast lift, a Brazilian butt lift,...

Im wanting a breast lift, a Brazilian butt lift, labiaplasty, buccal fat pad removal, and fat transfer to breast and lips(mouth). I'm pretty sure I want to go with dr. Hsu for my breast lift. I'm going to have a consultation on the 25 to decide if I want him to do my bbl and the rest. I'm 4'10, 135lbs

Doctors in mind

I would really love dr Miami to do my bbl, but he's booked until May 2018. I met with dr Cortes and he came off as rude and wasn't interested in what I wanted to look like. I'll be meeting with dr Patrick hsu next week and hopefully I get good vibes and can see more before and after photos. I might do my breast lift first and wait on the bbl, I'm not 100% sure yet. I've even thought about going to D.R and seeing dra Duran, but I'm wanting something more natural looking and I think her results might be too drastic for me..

Wish pics ????

Do NOT want pics

These are examples of what I don't want!
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