26yr Woman W/1 Child. Wanting Breast Lift and Bbl - Houston, TX

Im wanting a breast lift, a Brazilian butt lift,...

Im wanting a breast lift, a Brazilian butt lift, labiaplasty, buccal fat pad removal, and fat transfer to breast and lips(mouth). I'm pretty sure I want to go with dr. Hsu for my breast lift. I'm going to have a consultation on the 25 to decide if I want him to do my bbl and the rest. I'm 4'10, 135lbs

Doctors in mind

I would really love dr Miami to do my bbl, but he's booked until May 2018. I met with dr Cortes and he came off as rude and wasn't interested in what I wanted to look like. I'll be meeting with dr Patrick hsu next week and hopefully I get good vibes and can see more before and after photos. I might do my breast lift first and wait on the bbl, I'm not 100% sure yet. I've even thought about going to D.R and seeing dra Duran, but I'm wanting something more natural looking and I think her results might be too drastic for me..

Wish pics ????

Do NOT want pics

These are examples of what I don't want!

Consultation complete!

So, I finally met with Dr. Hsu today! Everyone in the office seemed to be professional and caring. His main assistant Yajaira, was very helpful and beautiful herself. Everyone was attractive, from the doctor to the staff members... now I'm not superficial in any way, but if I'm going to pay someone to beautify me, then I'm going to need everyone to look right. Lol! The office was very well kept and clean.. until my friend (sx buddy) and I showed up with our 2 one year olds! Sorry!! - anyways back to the doctor - I got really good vibes from dr.hsu (unlike dr.cortes). He was very knowledgeable and listened to my thoughts and concerns. I kept trying to add procedures to my list, and he told me what i do and don't need.. unlike some doctors who push you to do everything just to make a buck. I'm about 100% sure I'm going to schedule with him for my breast lift and bbl. Now I just have to decide if I want to do the procedures together or separate. It's about $9,900 for bbl (lipo back, stomach, arms) including fat transfer to lips.. and it's about $15,700 if I add a breast lift. I'm currently breast feeding, and my boobs have to be completely dry before I can have them lifted.. so surgery for my boobs wouldn't be until sometime next year. I know if I do both together, it will be really uncomfortable to sleep since I won't be able to lay on my chest, and I really shouldn't lay on my butt... I should probably do them separate, but I'm really inpatient and I want to wake up and have a bad ass body all at once! My boobs are already large and they look fine with a bra/shirt on, so really nobody would even be able to tell I had work done on them, so in his opinion, he thinks I should do the bbl first. He said no to buccal fat pad removal, and no to the labiaplasty if I plan on having more kids... but I think I'm going to do the labiaplasty regardless. I honestly don't want any more kids (as of now, 1 is enough), but if it happens and my vagina gets messed up, then I'll just fix it again! It's only $3,000 and they do it in the office. - so I guess I just have to decide when I want to do these procedures, and try to stop breast feeding *tear*.. my baby is 14 months so it's time for her to stop anyways, but I'm going to be so sad and she's going to be so mad!!
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