Worth the Hideous Peeling Process :) - Houston, TX

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I had mine done at a dermatology clinic by an RN...

I had mine done at a dermatology clinic by an RN and the application process was a breeze. Of course, the burning sensation upon application was uncomfortable but I was given a mini handheld fan to help with that. Definitely nothing unbearable plus I knew what to expect since I'd had a peel before.

Moving on, I left the peel on the rest of the day and washed my face the next morning, no peeling only a shiny, tanned appearance. The peeling began on the 3rd day and MAJORLY peeling by the 4th day. I looked hideous, I didn't want to be seen! I didn't mess with it even when I had yucky looking loose pieces of dry skin hanging off my face.

The peeling was complete by the 7th day and I was very pleased with the results. The post acne marks I had have diminished to the slightest spots and my skin is a lot brighter and healthier looking. I have no wrinkles (I'm 30) so I can't say whether it helps with that or not but it cleaned up my post acne damage very well. Overall, I'm very happy and I'd gladly do it again :)

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