30 Year Old 3 Kids Much Need Tummy Tuck an Lipo - Houston, TX

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I want a hourglass tummy tuck with lipo, I have...

I want a hourglass tummy tuck with lipo, I have been following dr. Wilberto Cortes for about three years now. Searching his credentials and work. I love most of his work .i reach out to him for a consultation regarding what I want and am looking for but he respond back to me via email since I am in Akron Ohio an he is in Houston Texas . Really didn't give me too much information just said I needed to weight 160 surgery an right now I am 180 5 1 an I plateau at 174-179 an have been for the pass year . My goal weight is to be 155-160 no smaller so me having to weight 160 before surgery when I get surgery I be smaller an I really don't want that. Just honestly wish he can give me more information . I feel that the price alittle pricey so I'm looking closer to home for another surgeon. An hope for more information an see if my goals can be blimey

Mom of three want a tummy tuck an BBL

Is it possible to get both done at the same time . Haven't found any surgeon that would do both they say 6mths out but really would like both look into The DR. But seems like people on here been having problems going there

Recovery house Houston tx

So I am putting my deposit down finally on my tt with dr Cortez in Houston texts I'm searching for a good recovery house any suggestions
Name not provided

Threw email so really haven't had an interaction still looking for a surgeon

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