Age 53 and Needed Additional Help to Get Rid of Muffin Top - Hot Springs, AR

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I exercise and am in reasonable good shape. My...

I exercise and am in reasonable good shape. My weight is 129 and I'm 5'4". As I've aged the muffin top has increased around my middle making me extremely self conscious so I decided to try liposonix while the clinic was running a "special". I am totally honest with my review......... it is an uncomfortable procedure. The side/ back areas are the most tender and it felt like hot needles going in; however the pain dissipates quickly. I was in for a little over an hour - but I felt fine afterwards. Your belly will swell and you will definitely bruise but I found excising to be tolerable 2 days afterwards. The soreness is manageable without any pain meds. Tomorrow will be one week and my biggest complaint right now is that none of my jeans or pants fit due to the swelling. As with any procedure there is a recovery time so I am still hopeful to lose the inches and fatty area around my middle and under bra strap. I do a lot of core work so I'm hoping all combined will produce nice results :) It is still too soon to tell. Just expect a lot of bruising, swelling and be sure to prepare to wear pants with a comfortable waist for a while.

Slow results

Week 3 no change. I go to the doctor for my 4 week measurement next week. I'll let you know what he says.
Dermatology Clinic

Awesome clinic and staff performed the procedure but I had rather not use their names just yet.

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